Written by Ruthie

10 Feb 2013

I have now been having an affair with John for four months, having told earlier of my exploits (The Hunky Dad).

I have fallen in love with him, and we click in every way, and he has opened my eyes sexually, having had him go down on me in the cinema and me returning the favour in a changing cubicle in NEXT!

After making love one afternoon, I was getting dressed, having to make the 3:30 school run, I could feel John's eyes looking at me. This always makes me self concious, with my big heavy breasts and tummy, but John insists he loves my body.

He said that he would like me to surprise him by dressing like a slut for him and waiting for him when he came home. I laughed and said "Not gonna happen unless we meet at a hotel".

We are both married with kids and we only meet at his, as his wife works long hours in the city. However, later that evening, I decided that dressing like a slut for him, would be such a turn on. I went online and found a crotchless fishnet body stocking. I immediately ordered it, admittedly on a whim and when it arrived a few days later, I laughed at myself thinking about wearing it.

I knew John wanted me to be dressed slutty for him, but I had no way of wearing under my clothes all morning at wotk then seeing him iin the afternoon. I took the plunge and told him to come to mine. The next day, I rushed home from work, knowing he would be there in 45 minutes. I quickly got changed, slipping on my body stocking, then tying my hair back into a single long pony tail, and putting on a dark eye liner.

He texted me when he was outside, asking if the coast was clear (we have some very nosey neighbours) and I told him to come quickly inside. I had on black heels and I walked downstairs in my stocking, opening the door on the latch and sitting on the stairs, opposite the front door with my legs wide open.

John walked in and gasped when he saw me, immediately slamming the door and coming over to the stairs and kneeling between my legs. I said "do you want this pussy? I wanna be your filthy slut".

He immediately started lapping at my pussy whilst undressing at the same time, slipping two fingers inside me immediately. I groaned and leant back on the stairs as he licked and fingered me. I said "This slut wants that big cock of yours". John stood up, pulled his trousers and boxers to his ankles, and his cock stood hard in front of me.

He grabbed my pony tail and pushed his cock into my mouth and said "you are my slut Ruth and I'm gonna fuck your mouth hard". I moaned as I played with my pussy. He told me to spit on his cock, something I have never done before, and it felt really naughty doing this. He said that he could not take much more.

I told him to take the rest of his clothes off and when he had done this, I turned on all fours on the stairs, my bare bum in my body stocking, which drove him crazy. He immediately stood the step where I was kneeling, his feet either side of my my knees, and squatted behind me, ramming his cock into me hard and fucking me for all that it was worth. He had never been this aggressive before but I was enjoying it.

He was pulling my ponytail and whispering in my ear "Ruth, you filthy slut, you love my cock in you don't you?" I replied "John, just fuck me, don't stop, never stop, I love your cock. This carried on for around ten minutes before John said "I wanna fuck you in your bed for once".

I wasn't sure but hr had already pulled out of me and was pulling me upstairs into the bedroom, where he pushed me onto my front, entering me from behind and yelling, "take it, take all of it you slut". Having been fucking him for several months now, I knew from his body language that he was close to cumming, so I urged him on saying "Mmmmmm I am your filthy slut, and I want all your spunk in me".

John said "No, I wanna cum on you". He pulled out, turned me over and knelt between my legs on the edge of the bed. He ripped down my stocking, exposing my heavy breasts and I held one as he knelt down to suck my big nipples in turn. He sat up again, wanking and said "Ruth, I'm cumming!" He momentarily stopped wanking as a blast of spunk hit my chest and neck and I was hit several times with his hot semen all running down me.

He then apologised after saying that he got a bit carried away and came too quickly. I just looked at him and kissed him hungrily, saying that next time we are going to have a night together. If we ever get the chance, I will happily relive it on here for you!