Written by Doctor Dan

6 Mar 2016

I have read many stories here about men who want to watch their wives being fucked or share them with others. Well our situation is different but it’s still amazing.

My wife and I are very open minded and have always been honest with one another. Our sex life is very hot and full but it never stops either one of us looking at someone else of the opposite sex and admiring the view.

Then about 2 years ago I ran into a friend that I knew at university. Taylor is his name and he had married as had I and we agreed to get together so our wives could meet.

When we met up I was immediately attracted to his wife. Her name was Kate. To me she just oozed sex appeal. I was very respectful but we flirted as soon as we met. My wife was aware of this straight away but my friend seemed to miss it.

When my wife and I went home she told me she had witnessed my attraction to the other woman and we talked more about it before going to bed and fucking ourselves to near exhaustion. My wife was not jealous and it was good for both of us.

This went on for about 6 months and we would met often and often with a wider group of friends. After every gathering I would fuck my wife almost senseless.

Even though this was good, I admitted to her that it also added to my frustration. I was getting plenty of sex with my wife but I desperately wanted to fuck our friend’s wife. I knew it would not be better sex but I just longed for it.

My wife is a confident woman and it was her that suggested that I follow through with Kate and instead of just flirting simply ask her if she wanted to take it further.

I could not bring myself to do it.

It was probably for a couple of reasons. One being I was scared of rejection and the other was that she was a friend’s wife.

I had actually thought about maybe swinging and swapping wives and suggested that but my wife, Sue felt no attraction to Taylor at all.

Then I started to avoid seeing Kate and Taylor simply to avoid the frustration and my aching balls.

Then one evening my wife said that she had spoken to Kate and had asked her on my behalf that I could have sex with her. Kate had quickly agreed and had been waiting for me to take it further. Kate was very relieved that my wife Sue understood and was ok with the idea as well.

Sue had arranged for Kate to visit us on the coming Saturday afternoon as Taylor would be away and we would also have our house to ourselves.

What a wife. I grabbed her and dragged her to our bedroom where I stripped her and licked her till she came and then fucked her. When I had come and rolled off her she took my wet cock in her mouth and sucked me till I was hard again and I rode her again.

Saturday could not come quickly enough and just after lunch Kate arrived.

Knowing she wanted it made it easy. Once we were in our lounge I soon had my hands all over her and made sure I included my wife as well. We were soon all naked and I played with both woman and they took turns off massaging my cock and taking it in their mouths. I licked Kate and then Sue until they both came.

It was my wife that said “give her your cock”. I pulled myself up between my legs and feed myself into her. I pumped in and out of her for a good twenty minutes. Sue came a few times and I finally let myself go and I came inside of her. It was a tremendous relief.

I could have rolled over and rested but as soon as I pulled out of Kate my wife took me in her mouth and licked me clean and massaged my balls.

I became very hard again and pushed into my wife. She came very quickly. Kate was still lying beside us and I pulled her legs open and buried my face between them. It was amazing fucking my wife and licking Kate’s pussy that I had just cum in all at the same time.

My wife kept cuming and I licked Kate to a couple more orgasms before I let go into my wife.

After that we rested and lay about in the lounge. We had never made it to the bedroom.

I opened a bottle of champagne and we had a nice refreshing drink. We remained naked and talked openly about what we had just done.

Kate told Sue and I that she loved her husband but he was not very inventive regarding sex and had been so glad that Sue had asked her to let me fuck her.

It was just after that my wife Sue said that I had better take Kate to our bedroom and see if I could do it again.

I led Kate to our bed and I was once again all over her. We were in the 69 position when my wife said she was having a shower and to carry on.

When Sue my wife was in the shower it was only then that I realised that I had not kissed Kate on the lips. Subconsciously I probably did not what to do that in front of my wife.

I was fucking her by this stage and I actually stopped thrusting into her and explored her beautiful mouth with my tongue. She realised the moment and kissed right back. We resumed fucking and I shot into Kate just as my wife turned off the shower.

Kate then showered while Sue and I talked. I lay on the bed still naked and when Kate returned all squeaky clean I watched as both women got dressed in front of me. That made me hard again but they both grabbed me a sent me to the shower.

That was the first time. We have all done that many times since. Usually it’s about once a week sometimes my wife lets Kate and I do it alone. It is only then that we freely kiss on the lips. My wife Sue has never said not too but it’s a sort of respectful thing to do and Kate feels the same way.

Taylor has never caught on to what is happening. Kate assures us of that.

Between both women my balls are kept drained.

I have an amazing wife.