Written by Janine

17 Nov 2008

About this time last year my husband ans I went down to London for an awards ceremony.We took a room at the hotel where the event was happening so that we could enjoy the evening and not have to travel back early.We shared a table with several other couples and one chap Klaus from Germany.Being on his own my husband encouraged me to be friendly and we had a couple of dances together,during which I was sure I felt Klaus give my bottom a gentle squeeze through my evening gown.

As the evening wore on my husband who is not a great drinker got more and more intoxicated.I suggested to him before he made an ass of himself we should make our excuses and retire for the night.He was however more than a little unsteady on his feet and when Klaus offered to help me see him upto our room I was more than grateful.We had just got my husband into our room when he passed out.Klaus immediately pickeed him up and carried him through to the bedroom.Between us we were able to undress him and put him to bed.

I was showing Klaus to the door when I said to him he had taken a big risk caressing my bottom in full view of my husband.He replied if you thought that was risky how about this.Moving closer he pinned me up against the wall and began kissing me.I tried to resist but to no avail.Seeing my defencelessness Klaus promptly began to massage my right breast with one hand whilst his other began pulling up the hem of my gown.Soon I felt him rubbing my pussy mound through my panties,instinctively my legs parted.I could feel my pussy getting damp and so could Klaus as he deftly pushed my panties aside and sliped two fingers in to my pussy.Then as I was enjoying his finger fucking he broke off and lead me back into the room.He lead me over to the sofa where he bent me over the back.He lifted my gown and pulled down my panties.The next thing I heard was him unzipping and taking up a position behind me.Then he was inside me thrusting in and out,I thought I was going to scream out,he felt so big compared with my husband.Leaning over me he freed my breasts and played with them as he rode me.I hoped he wouldn`t stop but all good thing had to come to an end as I felt him stiffen and unload deep inside me.

Klaus withdrew and helped me up,I must have looked a sight both breasts hanging out over the top of my ballgown,the rest rucked up about my waist.Looking down I saw for the first time his cock which he had just used on me,he was still hard and glistening.I fell to my kness and took him into my mouth sucking for all I was worth.Klaus rewarded my actions with another load of his hot cum.

Then it was all over Klaus left the room.The next morning my husband awoke with a hang over and no recollection of the night before.We booked out and returned home.I put the night at the back of my mind till the end of the month when I realised I had`nt had my period.A pregnancy test proved I was expecting,my doctor confirmed when I was due and when I conceived.It could only have been Klaus who could have been the father.As my husband and I both wanted kids I decided to keep quiet and pass it off as my husbands.

Luckily when the baby boy was born he had my colouring so hopefully my secret is safe.