16 Mar 2018

I got there really early, Cheryl opened the door invited me in and we went to the kitchen , she made coffee and we sat at the table. I told her I had something she would enjoy, her eyes lit up....''Ohhhh...I like the sound of that she purred. I handed her the book, it was just a plain blue cover until you opened it up. She opened it and smirked, ''Oh yes, this is good'' she giggled as she turned each page she smirked and giggled, I got up and stood by the side of her, the page she was on showed a close up of a girl taking a huge load of spunk over her face, ''Mmmmm,lovely'' Cheryl purred, my cock was rock hardand I thought no matter what I was going to make a pass no matter what. The next page showed a woman on a table, her legs wide apart holding her blonde hairy cunt open and a guys tongue licking her....''Oh yes, I ike that' purred Cheryl, I thought now's my chance.....''I said do you''? '''Mmmmm, yes, I love it'' she replied, I took a deep breath and said...''I'd love to do that to you''....there was a short silence, and i thought, Fuck it, i've blown it now, then she said ''Would you really?, tell me what you'd like to do to me Phil?....I said get you on the table, take your panties off and bury my face in your cunt and give you a good licking''...Cheryl turned and looked up at me smirking, then stood up.....''Do it then'', she sat on the table and raised her legs, I slid my hands up her skirt, found the waistband of her panties and slid them down, she then hoisted her skirt right up and spread her legs giving me a glorious view of her cunt, she had whispy blonde hair round it and I could see she was already wet. I lent forward and pushed my face into her, my tongue slipping into her moist hole, she let out a deep moan as I began to lick and suck on her, her hips were gyrating grinding her cunt on my face......''Oh fuck yes, go on Phil don't stop'' . Her cunt lips were puffy and her labia hung out, her clit was erect and swollen, the more I sucked on her clit and labia the more wild and turned on she became. She held my head and let out a deep moan and I felt her cum squirt out over my face, she tasted delicious, her legs were trembling as she came down from her orgasm. I look up at her, my face wet with her juice,...''Kiss me'' she said, I kissed her, tongue in her mouth and she was moaning , ''Fuck me Phil, fuck me hard''. I dropped my jeans and boxers, my cock sprang out, Cheryl shuffled to the edge of the table, I took her legs and placed them on my shoulders and sslid my rock hard cock deep in her cunt....''Oh fuck yes'' she moaned ''Fuck me Phil, fuck me deep and hard. I pounded her, the table was shaking, Cheryl was moaning loudly with each thrust, her cunt squealching, I was soon feeling the need to shoot my load. ''Oh God I'm going to cum Cheryl''.. ''Oh yeah, pull out and spunk over my face I want to see how excited I got you. I pulled out and Cheryl got off the table and knelt on the floor, I was wanking my cock inches from her face......''Oh yes, wank that cock, give me your spunk'' she moaned, Cheryl got my balls in her hand and massaged them and squeezed them, she was licking her lips, her glance went from my eyes to my cock.....I let out a loud moan and watched a long jet of spunk shoot out hitting Cheryl right on her forehead, then another over her nose and mouth and another over her mouth and a final one over her chin, Cheryl moaned, ''Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, lovely''. She scooped up my spunk with her fingers and sucked them clean, swallowing every drop. When we'd finished, I cleaned up and before I left to pick up Kim, Cheryl said ''Next time I want you to fuck me in bed, then went to her bag and got out a house key. ''Here, take this spare key, when I'm off and your off, let yourself in I'll be waiting for you, giving me a dirty smirk. I kissed her, squeezing her arse, I said to her, ''Next time I want your gorgeous arse right on my face'' she looked at me and grinned, ''Oh I'll definately do that, I'll smother you, grind it on your face'' ''Oh god I can't wait'' I replied I can't wait. Cheryl laughed , ''Gone on, you better go before I drag you upstairs, but keep that thought of my arse on your face'' Oh hell, how could I forget that thought. I left and picked Kim up, drove her home before leaving to go to a gig.