Written by sarah

26 May 2014

my friend and I have known each other for 20 odd years, we have been thru so much together, boyfriends, weddings kids, she is more like a sister to me, I know her family and she knows mine, she has 2 brothers and a sister all older than her, the eldest brother has always lived away so I only see him occasionally, tho Ive always thought he was the best looking in the family. Hubby knew I was attracted to him so when we found out his relationship had ended and he was moving closer to the family hubby said if I get the chance I could have him, this had always been a fantasy of ours. my friends mum and dad had a family party and we was invited I dressed very sexy with the hope of living out our fantasy, we got there and the drink started flowing, there was a massive marquee in the garden and the port a loos where outside, I went outside to go to the toilet and Joe was waiting as well so we was chatting away, he kept looking at my tits in my low cut dress. he said how good I looked and how lucky my hubby was, with that a toilet become free I walked up the stairs went to shut the door but joe was behind me he pushed me in and shut the door on us both. I shouted what are you doing? he leant down and kissed me, telling me he knew I fancied him as his sister had told him, I kissed him back suddenly his hands where all over me, he pressed into me and I could feel his massive cock against my leg, his hand found its way to the bottom of my dress and pulled my hem up, he found my silk knickers and pushed them to one side and started to finger me, I moaned out loud. I undid his zip and his rock hard cock sprung out I started wanking him off, he pushed me down to the toilet seat and put his cock into my mouth, I could taste his precum, he stood me up put me on the toilet basin and started to fuck me, it didn't last long but it was amazing. we have arranged to meet up another day so part 2 will follow.............