Written by maxblythe

5 Dec 2010

I was awakened by Jen around 9 ,she was already dressed and had apparently eaten breakfast ,"me ,Mel and Lyn are off to a spa for the day ,Gwen will meet you for breakfast at 9.30 so get your skates on ,I'll see you back end of the afternoon " a quick kiss and she was gone .I had a quick shower and was just about to leave for my own room when Gwen let herself back into her room ,"hi ,thanks for last night ,I had a real good time " she smiled when I replied I was the lucky one ,"go get your clothes and come back to dress, you can keep me company while I get ready ".Quickly wrapping a towel around my waist I retrieved my cloths and returned to their room ,just in time to watch Gwen drying herself after a quick shower ,totally unconcerned that she was naked .To my embarrassment however she noticed the bulge growing in my boxers ,"you will have to keep that until later young man ,I need some food ,and you need to build your energy levels for later " ,smiling I quickly dressed and followed her from the room .We found a quiet table overlooking the sea and enjoyed a pleasant breakfast ,during the meal she chatted constantly and I was surprised how wrong I had been about her .All the time we were chatting her foot was constantly brushing against my leg ,I could tell she had something on her mind and finally she asked the question "was I OK last night ?" ,blushing as she spoke ,assuring her that I loved it I asked when we could repeat the performance ,for some strange reason she looked shocked !! .Finally she replied "well I want to do some shopping then if you want we could go back to the room " ,again she blushed ,going an even brighter shade of red when I said only if she was going to fuck my brains out ,reminding her of yesterdays threat .

As we walked to the shops I asked about her husband ,apparently he had a high powered job in the banking world and lived to work ,leaving her with lots of money but very little company . The first stop was at a very exclusive dress shop ,before we entered she asked me what I would like her to wear tonight ,so entering the shop I helped her choose a couple of outfits ,my favourite being a black pencil skirt ,and a white silk shirt .When she came from the changing room she looked stunning ,the skirt hugged her hips and backside ,and the slit up the back showed of her shapely legs to perfection .The shirt whilst not transparent just offered a hint of her fantastic tits beneath ,"this is the one " looking as I nodded my approval ,before paying she picked up two pairs of sheer stockings ,hopefully to wear this evening .As we left the shop she asked what type of shoes I liked, when I replied very high heels she just laughed "bloody men all the same " ,however when we entered the shoe shop she purchased a pair of black patent ,with the highest heels I'd ever seen ,never looking for any others !! I reckoned that she spent more than I earned in a month just on three items ,"I suppose you want me to buy some sexy undies as well ?" smiling as I confirmed it was essential ,when asked to accompany her into the shop I declined ,suggesting she should choose something that I would enjoy .When she returned I suggested we should go for a drink as I thought the shopping was finished "what about your clothes " I explained quickly I had no intention of paying these daft prices ,"I'm buying them to say thanks for last night " hard as I tried to refuse she insisted so I ended up the proud owner of a very smart black suit ,white swiss cotton shirt and silk tie all chosen by her .Now we were able to wander back to the hotel for drinks and lunch ,before going back to the room .During lunch I asked if Jen knew we were going to fuck this afternoon ,and as I expected she confirmed they had discussed the possibility this morning ,I just said that's good and taking her hand lead her upstairs .

Unlike last night this time I took my time ,kissing her before slowly removing her cloths ,then allowing her to remove mine ,then laying beside her I started to explore her body with hands ,fingers and mouth .As we had all afternoon why rush,I licked her body for ages before attempting to penetrate any part of her ,but as I teased her nipples with my lips she placed my hand to her pussy " put your fingers inside me ,please " her voice imploring ,fingers finding an already moist slit ,moving inside to rub her clit .Very slowly I worked on it ,her hands now caressing my balls and cock ,obviously enjoying its hardness ,ignoring her ministrations I worked on her pleasure until I felt the first signs of success ,as she neared her goal her grip on my cock increased .Her back arched slightly off the bed and I could feel her thighs starting to tremble ,releasing her nipple I kissed her neck ,then whispered I wanted to feel her come "I'm coming now " she gasped "it's welling up inside me .oh god I'm coming "as she came I could feel it through my finger ,she was shaking and could not keep a limb still ,seemingly gasping for breath .As it subsided I removed my fingers ,she grabbed me to her kissing me deeply "that was fucking marvelous ,I can't remember the last time I came like that " ,sliding down her body my tongue replaced fingers ,and within seconds she climaxed again ,actually sobbing at the intensity of her pleasure .Her fingers locked onto my hair and roughly pulled my head from between her thighs "for god sake fuck me " her voice urgent and demanding ,climbing from the bed I slid her body around so her legs hung over the side of the mattress.Positioning myself directly between her legs I reached down and grasped her ankles opening her legs wide ,ensuring the lips of her pussy opened, spread to welcome my throbbing tool. Edging forward the tip slid between her swollen ,moist fanny ,her head was rolling on the bed anticipating the first thrust ,"for fucks sake push it in " ,ignoring her pleas my hips only introduced an inch before pulling back to the very tip ,each motion just barely touching her clit.By controlling carefully the speed I entered her, together with opening her legs wider or slightly closing them it was possible to drive her wild without putting more than a couple of inches inside her .Now her whole body was squirming ,now was the time to remind her of her fuck your brains out comment ,her response immediate "fuck off ,just do it ,please shag me ,please " .Sliding in the full length and at the same time opening her legs wide,did the trick ,five or six prods at full depth brought her off ,as she moaned her pleasure I increased my speed ,going deep my balls slapping against her arse ,her juices covering our thighs .Without question she was completely gone ,to a place only sex can take you oblivious to everything except your own pleasure,in her case it seemed as if she was definitely going without and was intent on getting as much as she could .The bedroom door opened slowly ,Jen entered quietly and quickly closed it again ,clearly not intending to let her sister know she was watching ,she made no effort to move ,stood behind Gwen just watching as I continued to slide my prick home .If she was going to watch then I would slow down and show her the results of her training over the last 3 years,reverting to teasing Gwen with slow half strokes which only resulted in her voicing her displeasure ,"for fucks sake stick it all inside me ,I want all of it " .Opening her legs wider I slammed it home and started to fuck Gwen hard "that's better ,fucking hell you're splitting me in half ,god it's coming again !!" ,At this Jen lifted her skirt and slid a hand inside her knickers burying her fingers in her pussy ,frigging herself as I continued to ram her sister .Incredibly because I was watching Jen play with herself I seemed to be able to fuck her sister hard without coming ,Gwen on the other hand seemed now to be having constant orgasm's,Jen's fingers were moving frantically ,vanishing ever deeper inside her pussy and she was obviously very near .With a final couple of thrusts I removed my prick from Gwen and released her ankles telling her to watch while I wanked myself to a finish ,Jen's jaw dropping as I wrapped my hand around the glistening shaft ,Gwen still unaware of her presence raised herself on her elbows to watch.Gwen just groaned each time the deep red knob appeared from my hand ,Jen was rubbing her clit for all she was worth ,I knew I was ready to shoot and pushed my hips forwards as the first jet splashed onto Gwen's tits and neck ,subsequent spurts landing lower on her belly,the last one across her thigh ,just below her swollen pussy .Examining the quantity of spunk covering her body Gwen licked her lips and sitting up took me into her mouth ,very carefully using her tongue to lap the last dregs from me ,as my slackening prick slipped from her sisters lips Jen spoke ,"you dirty pair of bastards " . Far from being surprised Gwen laughed "you thought I hadn't heard you come in ,well I did ,so was the show OK ,I thought your boy did ever so well ,best fuck I've had in years ,sorry but I think he'll need a rest before you can have any " ,still laughing she went to the bathroom ,and then to rub it in shouted "Jen get some drinks brought up I feel really thirsty !!"