Written by June

28 May 2012

I told recently about a holiday that I had with my daughter Jo where we met Mark and Ed, it was a holiday that was to change my life for good.

During the holiday after me having sex with lovely Mark and Jo pairing up with Ed and being told that Ed fancied me, I think that I was set up by the others to pair off with Ed. On the night in question we had all been to a show, I had probably had more to drink than was good for me, so ended up quite drunk, we walked back together but this time Ed walked with me, back at the hotel, the others disappeared leaving Ed and I together. Ed sat very close to me, pulling me to him he kissed me I of course responded, as his hands wandered over my body I started feeling very randy. Holding my arm he steered me to there room, once inside we fell on his bed cuddling and snogging we stopped briefly to strip off before continuing, he sucked on my nipples and I felt his fingers enter me, rubbing my tingling clit, by now I really wanted to feel his erection inside me, shortly he rolled on top of me pushing his hardness deep into me, his cock was bigger than Marks and felt it as he pumped my pussy felt so full of him that I think that I had multiple orgasms, after he filled me with his hot cum we fell asleep together, the following morning we had another session with him wanting to put his cock into my bum, although I let him try he really was too big, it hurt as he pushed hard into me so I asked him to stop.

On our return home, having had great sex on holiday I wanted more, so I went shopping, buying sets of sexy undies, a basque and stockings, thinking and hoping to get my husband Dave interested in me again, that night after a few drinks I dressed in my black basque stockings and split crotch panties, hoping that I looked sexy for him, he looked up from the book that he was reading, saying that I looked nice, I snuggled up to him kissing him finally we went to bed, I lay on the bed he parted my legs, pushing his now erect cock into me, it was probably the best sex that we had ever had together, but not as good as the nights that I had enjoyed with Mark and Ed, but at least I had mansged to get him interested, after that he wanted me dress sexily for him every night, he now appeared to have a semi permanent erection, which he now loved me to suck, something we had never done before.

one weekend he offered to take me to get more sexy undies, we went to an adult store where they had a vast array of sexxy undies and toys he bought me a red see though nightie some bra and pantie sets that covered very little and a large vibrator, he bought himself some erection tablets and stay hard cream, after we paid the manager asked us if we would like to go into the attached cinema, as it was free to couples we went in,

once inside we could see about a dozen men many with their erect cocks in their hands there was also a middle aged couple, most of the men seemed to have their eyes on the couple, we sat just in front of them, watching as the man was fondling the womans boobs which were clearly on display, we watched as his hand ventured up her skirt obviously by the look on her face he was bringing her off with his fingers, my husband was now playing with me, I found my skirt around my waist with his fingers working inside my now very wet hole, he pulled out his cock, wanking it till he came, looking at the other couple I could see the woman was now naked, she was on her knees sucking her partner. We then left but I'sure we will return if only for Dave to buy more stuff for our much improved sex life.