Written by Mrniceguy2009

29 Jun 2010

This all started 5 years ago when I was in my late 30s, a friend phoned me up to see if I was interested in converting a garage into a bedroom and kitchenette for a lady who he had worked for before as he was to busy. I agreed and said I would go straight down and price it. When I arrived I was greeted by a lady in her mid forties very good looking and nice frame, we agreed a price and I said I would return in 2 weeks to start the job.

When the start date arrived I was greeted by the lady (Anne) and asked if I would like a cupper before I commenced work, so I followed her to the kitchen and we had our cupper and a nice chit chat to break the ice (as I am sometimes told I talk to much) any way I said I will get on and ill speak to her later. All day I never stopped and she kept coming with the coffee every few hours and more talk telling me how she had two grown up boys and a little boy nearly 2 but after giving birth the father didn’t want to know so had left. I then went on to tell her about myself and family etc. and then with that I left for home and said I would be back the next day around 8 again.

The next day I arrived as promised and the same routine was waiting, cupper and some talk before commencing work. Now this went on for weeks and she started opening up telling me nearly anything I wanted to know, so me being a man I started getting the talk onto sex which she openly talked about like one of the lads I thought great. Now some mornings I would be supporting a real hard on before starting work after our talks (whether she had noticed I do not know) but if she went out shopping or anything I would be straight to her bathroom to knock one out.

Another Monday arrived and this day she told me that she had been out over the weekend and had brought an 18 year old back for a drink, so I asked if out had happened and she smiled so I says come-on tell me so she went on to say that they ended up kissing on the sofa and ended up groping so she got his cock out and started of wanking him before taking it in her mouth, by this time I was hard and she new as I had put a cushion over my trousers to cover the embarrassment, so I asked had she swallowed which she replied yes as he more or less had come straight away, so I said did he do anything for you which she said he had only licked her pussy for a short while before getting dressed and going, so I turned round and said that’s the trouble with young lads, if it had been me you would have had to drag me off as I loved licking pussy at which she laughed, so once again I said I must make a start so off I went.

Two minutes later I heard the door open and hear she was at the door to which she spoke my nipples are rock hard do you want a feel, I whish someone could have seen my face as I have only ever read about this in old fiesta books and always thought this was fantasy, but it was actually happening to me. Well I dropped my tools and went over to her at the door and started kissing each other with tongues down throat etc. taking my hand inside her top feeling them lovely hard nipple ends before lifting her top of and taking each one in turn in my mouth. Now this went on for a few minutes before I took her over to a unit and lifted her up removing her trousers and knickers and slowly going down on her neatly trimmed socken pussy making sure I licked every bit, it wasn’t long before she had come and I made sure I got every bit before she got dressed again to get back to her boy, I can tell you this was the start of something good as I still had a few long drawn out weeks to go but I will tell about these later if you want