Written by shocked hubby

22 Dec 2009

You may have read my first post dated 16/12/2009. This is what happened the week after.

A few days after my wife allowed herself to be fucked by my mate, i received a call at work from Lisa. She told me she had just got off the phone to my mate and he had asked her to do him a favour. He told her that it was his works christmas party this weekend and they were having a big do in London, normal thing free food free booze and is normally a really good night. problem is it will be the first year he would be going on his own and wondered if firstly she would come with him and whether she thought i would let him.

After Lisa had told me this she asked me what i thought. I replied the decision was hers if she wanted to go then that would be fine. She replied rather coyley "you do realise that it would mean staying over so he would probably expect to fuck me again". I again said that if she wanted to go and wanted to fuck him again it was ok with me as long as she told me all about it when she got home on sunday. She agreed she would like to go and would call him to tell him. It was at this point that i realised the thought of Lisa being fucked my my mate again was giving me a hard on(she makes me so hard when she acts like a slut)

when i got home from work i asked her what he said. she said he was looking forward to it and she admitted she was too. needless to say we fucked most of the night.Did not say in the first post but we do have a great sex life but just like to push the bounderies now and again!

Saturday morning arrived and my mate picked up Lisa as arranged and drove off. Watching the car drive away knowing that Lisa was going away to be well a trully fucked had me hard for most of the weekend. Again the feeling of arousal and jealousy was intense yet unbelievably exciting.

I finally heard a car pull up and saw Lisa walk through the door mid afternoon on the sunday(20th). She greeted me with a glowing smile, hug and kiss. Took me by the hand and said "come to bed so i can tell you what fun i had!".

She told me that as when they arrived at the hotel they chucked there stuff into the room and went down to the bar to have a drink and a bite to eat. They got chatting to a few people who my mate worked with and he introduced Lisa to them as a close friend.They spent most of the time talking to a guy called Steve who is the same age as us( early thirties) and works with my mate but is also a mate so we also both know him socially. She did say steve pulled her to one side at one point to ask how come i was here with my mate,but she managed to fob him off by saying she was just being a mate as he was dreading coming on his own and i knew all about it.

Time came to return to the room to get ready. Lisa was wearing a lovely black dress that was backless, very classy yet very sexy. I helped choose this for her to wear, mainly becuase i knew it meant she would go bra less (cut of the front supports her tits- well kind of!) and she normally did not bother with knickers as she did not want any vpl.

My mate commented on how stunning she looked and she said she knew he meant it because of the bulge in his trousers. The night was great fun as the wine and champagne flowed. They enjoyed a few close dances where my mate took every opportunity to copp a feel of lisa`s arse and tits and lisa rubbed his cock and also enjoyed a few passionate embraces.Lisa commented that she enjoyed the male attention she was getting as quite a few of my mates work colleagues were eyeing her up and she said my mate also enjoyed the attention knowing that she was his for the night.

As the night was drawing to an end they decided they would retire to there room so lisa could again feel my mates big cock in her pussy again(her words)as she had been looking forward to it all night.

she told me a soon as they were in the room they were all over each other. pulling each other clothes off until they were both naked. She pushed him onto the bed(which was infront of the window) and proceeded to take his big cock in her mouth. Lisa said she loved the fact that anyone could be watching as the room was overlooked by a number of other rooms. Soon they were in a 69 both enjoying each other bodies until she could take no more and demanded he stick his cock up her and fuck her like the slut she is.

for the next hour this is what they did until they both came with my mate filling her cunt full of cum. As they lay there cuddling trying to catch their breath there was a knock at the door. My mate grabbed a gown and answered it, there at the door with a big smile on his face was steve who said he had just watched the whole thing from his room and asked what was going on?

My mate ushered him into the room as Lisa explained what the score was and explained that i knew she was there and also knew that she was getting fucked. Lisa said his jaw nearly hit the floor, but that didn`t stop him saying " well if he likes you getting fucked by other men he won`t mind me having a go and proceeded to strip off. Lisa was stunned but thought why not!.

In no time he had shoved his cock up her used pussy and was fucking her. After a while he ordered her on to all fours and fucked her from behind. My mate took the opportunity to stick his now hard again cock in her mouth so she was being spit roasted both calling her a dirty slut and whore for allowing two of her husbands mates to fuck her(which she loved). they both tensed and came in her, one in her pussy and one in her mouth which she swallowed.

She said steve stayed with them of the rest of the night and they both woke her during the night to fuck her again.

i could not believe what she had just told me. I could not believe that she had let herself go so much that she had allowed two mates to have her. She just smiled and said she is really enjoying being so unhibited and thanked me for letting her adding just how much she loved me.

This has really took our love life to a new level as we can`t get enough of each other......long may it continue!