Written by martin

27 Oct 2009

This all started on the day my lifelong friend of 30 years was released from prison after serving 5 years.It Was

all arranged that I was going to pick him up and bring him back to our place for a few days untill he gets himself

sorted because his wife left him while he was inside and so he has to start all over again. I return to our home

with him and tell him he can stay on the sofa for a few days untill he finds his own accomodation. My wife who is

32 Years old with brown hair blue eyes and after having 2 kids has a size 12 figure and is in good shape makes him

feel welcome and offers to make us all a nice family dinner we didnt ask him to much about what 5 years in prison

was like but he did say he missed women and missed sex and he said it was very lonely. Later that evening i gave him

a sleeping bag and said watch abit of tv if you like or you can use my laptop computer just make yourself at home

because me and hayley are off to bed. He said cool about half hour later hayley went downstairs to get a drink

and she caught my friend looking at some porn on the internet and she could see he had a hard on. She raced

up stairs to tell me what she just saw and i laughed then i said why dont you give him a nice surprise what do

you mean she said well he is a lifelong friend of mine and he has not had sex for at least 5 years and I feel

sorry for him. Hayley says im not sure its a good idea you might get upset I said look anyone else then yes but he

my best friend then she agrees I tell hayley to strip down to her bra and knickers and get into bed and i will call

him to come up. Ok she says 5 mins later i call him to come upstairs I tell him i have a nice surprise for him

he opens the door and hayley is lying on the bed in her underwear with her legs apart with her hand under her

knickers rubbing her pussy . Matey says sorry mate and leaves the room then I call him back in and tell him this

is the surprise he looks at me in shock and says are you sure mate and I say yes feel your boots shes yours for

tonight and tonight only. He gets on the bed and I get off and sit in the corner and she starts kissing him

passionately rubbing his cock through his jeans then she starts undoing his belt and jean button and pulls his

trousers down then she pulls his boxers down and reveals this big hard throbbing cock she wanks him off for a few

minutes then she puts his cock in her mouth and starts to suck it hard taking it all the way to the back of her

throat why this is going on he has taken his shirt off and taken off hayleys bra and is playing with her tits he

tells hayley if she dont stop sucking on his cock soon hes gonna cum she says thats ok as long as you can cum again

after and with that he cums shoots his load down hayleys throat she swallows the lot and suck his cock clean.

Then she takes her knickers off and exposes her neatly trimmed pussy and demands he licks it which he does

he sticks 3 fingers up her and sucks and licks her clit till she explodes into a massive climax his face is soaking

wet with her juices.Then she bends over into a doggie position and says fuck me hard from behind he licks her ass

and pussy and then he shoves his cock inside her and starts to fuck her hard she is moaning with pleasure as he

pounds her pussy she says stick your finger up my ass so he sticks one finger then two fingers up her ass

and finger fucks her ass then she says stick your cock up my ass so he slowly eases his cock in her ass

and starts to fuck her hard in her ass by this time she is screaming with pleasure then he pulls out

and she turns round and sucks her pussy and ass juice off his cock then she lays him down and sits on his cock

starts to ride him her tits bounce up and down while she is riding his cock then she get off his cock and lies back

on the bed and tells him to get on top and fuck her hard till you cum in my pussy. So he gets to work fucking her

hard for about 10 mins then he moans and groans as he shoots his load in her pussy he pulls out sweating

and trying to get his breath with a big smile on his face and says mate i fucking needed that your a star we look

round at her wet pussy and she is sticking her fingers in and scrapeing the cum out with her fingers and licks it

off.My mate stayed for a further 3 days then he got his own place we have never done it since but we are

seriously thinking of doing abit of swinging.