Written by Appycam

22 Dec 2007

Unusually for me I had been working in Town on a project, it was one of those gorgeous late spring days with the sun shining hot and bright. Not at all like the bleak cold of our current December dirge.

There was an unexpected knock at the door, when upon answering it I found Jo standing there. “Hello” she said, “I saw your car parked outside and thought I’d see how you are?” I explained that I was fine and invited her in to see what I was up to. She came and I said that I was surprised to see her as I had expected her to be at the Wedding.

I should maybe explain here that Jo was my best mate Jon’s Fiancé. It was Friday and the day of Jon’s brothers Wedding. Why was Jo not at the Wedding? Well it turned out that Jon’s Parents did not approve of Jon’s choice in Fiancé’, Thus she was not welcome to the Wedding!! Needless to say Jo was not a happy bunny. She talked about this for some time then said that some friends of hers had invited her out to a club. However she did not have any transport, so would I mind giving her a lift later? Well not one to turn away a damsel in distress I readily agreed to take her.

I had a little more work to do so Jo went home to get changed while I finished up. Jo re-emerged about an hour later in a lovely cotton dress she looked stunning; with her she had two portions of fish and chips. We eat these and chatted, she seemed a lot happier than earlier. When we got to the car she said that she didn’t fancy going to the Club and would I like to do something different? We agreed to go for a drive over Exmoor and have a pint in the Pub in Lynmouth.

I bought a large white wine for Jo and I had a pint of Exmoor Ale. If ever anyone is in this area I strongly recommend this pint. We sat on the wall outside the pub watching the holiday makers amble around the town, and watched the boats swinging idly at there moorings.

Then Jo started talking about Jon. How well they get on, what they were planning to do together Jon this Jon that! etc. etc. I have had this happen before enjoying the company of a good Woman then suddenly the conversation turns to there current partner, how well they get on……

The first time this happened I was sat on a park bench in Minehead when Amy having gone through the ‘my partner this, my partner that’ speech sat on my lap with her arms around my neck she then laid out the length of the park bench with her bum on my lap. I looked her in the eyes she then gave me the most wicked smile she clenched her buttocks pushing her fanny towards my face. I tentatively placed my hand on her mound; She pushed up to meat my hand. Her breathing increased and she pushed harder. She rolled off the bench and then stood behind me with her hands massaging my shoulders. Nice. I then tried to kiss her but she was not having that. This I considered to be something of a shame and not a little confusing! My dick at the time was near as can be bursting through my trousers. But it was not to be. I later discovered that Amy was quite happy to shag any normal healthy male, as long as they accepted that she was ‘committed’ to her partner back home! The reason that I missed out on such delights was, not that I was not normal or healthy, but that I met her at the beginning of our year at Collage and she had not as yet sorted out the ground rules in her head. Bummer!

Anyway back to Lynmouth. We finished off our drinks and wandered back to the car. I gently placed my hand around her waist to guide her around this person or that person, avoid this or that obstacle, a touch hear, a touch there you get the general idea. For me there is something very erotic about feeling a lady’s body through a thin cotton summer dress, Yummy. Added to which she didn’t seem to mind at all. Jon was still the topic of conversation, but the world has never claimed to be a perfect place ? For her, for example, there was a Wedding reception taking place at that very moment that she should by rights have been invited to. Alas.

We arrived back at the car; it was still early the sun had not lost its heat so we decided to drive out past Watersmeet on to Exford. Another pint and large glass of White Wine were consumed in. Following this I suggested we drive out to Landacre and go for a walk by the river seeing as it was such a nice evening. Jo seemed happy with this idea so we went back to the car.

When we got back in the car Jo sat in the passenger seat and hitched her dress up well above her knees. The sight of her legs sent my hart pounding, she seemed more than happy for me to touch her in the pub and I had felt her lean into me and brush against me. Very nice, my Dick was very happy about this situation. We drove along with all the windows open, an occasional draft caught her dress and more of her legs were visible. We drove down a farm track and parked the car overlooking the river. We were the only car parked there, always nice.

We walked down to the river. I took my shoes off and paddled about a bit. Jo sat on the river bank. The foot path ran down the other side of the bank so I asked her if she fancied a piggy-back to the other side. “Hum that sounds like fun” she said. I told her to pull the skirt of her dress up as we didn’t want it to get wet. She did this and jumped on my back. I grabbed the bare flesh of her legs and we started our trip across the river. My God was it slippery and a lot deeper than I imagined it to be. There was much laughter and screaming as we inched our way across. Eventually we made it; I kept her on my back and went running down the bank, her shouting and screaming as we went. I let her down slowly allowing my hands to keep in contact with her legs all the time. Finally with her hands still around my neck my hands had made there way up to her naked buttocks! There we stayed for some seconds longer than was really necessary. Jo let go of my neck then instead of moving straight backwards she twisted her body around sideways letting my hand slide gently from her buttock to her closely shaven pussy! “Well that’s interesting” I said. She giggled and ran off down the river bank. “Catch me if you can” she said so off I went in HOT pursuit.

We spent a good while chasing each other around, rolling around in the grass, jumping on each other, and shouting, laughing etc. we found our hands wandering into increasingly inappropriate places! She was rolling around without a care in the world. I caught sight of her pussy on several occasions. But did she care? Not a bit of it.

We eventually ran out of energy and sat side by side on the river bank dangling our feet in the river. Eventually we caught our breath and she said “How do you fancy a swim?” “But I don’t have my costume!” She smiled and said “well neither do I” Bloody Hell! Is she asking me to go skinny dipping with her? My dick stood instantly to attention, I could feel my hart pounding, and I did not know what to do for a minute. It then crossed my mind that we may not be alone, so I stood up and scanned the hills for other sings of life. Still the car park was empty; the foot paths were free of other human activity as far as I could tell. Then I heard a huge splash followed by “Bloody Hell it’s Cold!” I spun around to see that Jo had slipped out of her dress hung it on a gorse bush and jumped naked into the water. She was gasping for air saying its ok it’s not that bad!! As for myself I just couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous Tit’s bobbing joyously about as she treaded water.

The river at this point is around eight foot deep and a popular spot for swimming in pretty much any state of undress.

The expression on her face was something to behold. She had a huge smile her eyes were large and shinning. “Come on get in” she was saying. She swung around splashing great quantities of water over me. “Ok ok give me a chance” I scrambled out of my clothes and bombed her. I washed a tidal wave of water over her then it was my turn “My God it’s Cold” I shouted gasping for air I was given no mercy. Wave after wave of water came crashing over me. I could hardly breathe. I swam away down river to where it was about three feet deep. I stood there stark naked gasping for air with my dick at half mast “That’s nice” she said and swam up stream away from me. I stood there watching her naked body glistening in the sun. She looked gorgeous. I swam after her my body now used to the water temperature, It felt quite warm now. I caught up with her and grabbed for her feet pulling her under the water. She spun around and splashed me. We played around for some time allowing our naked bodies come into contact more and more. Each connection causing my whole body to fizz with excitement.

We found ourselves in the shallower water about four feet deep. I stood up and she jumped piggy-back stile on my back. I could feel every inch of her body against mine. I fell backwards pushing her into deeper water, I spun around and stood up. Her legs were still wrapped around me; She pulled herself into me with her legs her fanny connecting with my chest she lay back in the water. I looked up the length of her body, her tits playing gently in the ever moving river. She looked fantastic!

I placed my hands under her back and slowly moved her into the river bank where the water was shallow. When her back was supported by the shingle of the river bed I moved my arms under her legs. I was now laying with my body resting on the river bed, her legs on top of my shoulders. Placing my hands under her buttocks I started to caress her buttocks with my hands, She was breathing heavily now. I started to caress her inner thighs with my tong, She pushed her hips up to meat me. I moved my tong slowly to meat with her lips. Her juices were flowing now; I moved to tickle her clit. “I love it, I love it“she moaned. Her whole body then stiffened and she let out a huge groan…….

It didn’t feel at all bad for me either I have to say. While Jo was rocking and rolling I could feel the bed of the river cold against my body. I pushed my painfully hard dick into the river bed, this anchored me so to speak, and being that it was fresh water, I was happy in the knowledge that there was little chance of any problems with crabs! The many sensations reaching my body all at the same time were nearly too much to cope with. What with the water, river bed, the heat of the evening sun on my naked body not to mention my best mates Fiancé’s naked body. Well it has to be tried to be believed.

She had a huge orgasm. Her body stiffened and she let out an “Oh My God that was good” We then relaxed taking in deep breaths of fresh air. We laid there for some time. Jo stretched out on the riverbed, She had her knees in the air, my arms raped around her legs and resting on her hips stroking her gently. My head was resting on her fanny. A very happy moment.

The Sun was starting to dip behind the hills and a chill began to affect us, We swam into deeper water, It was warmer in the water than out now. We had stopped splashing and larking around now. We spent our time touching and caressing each other wrapping our legs around each others bodies.

Jo then started to caress my now released ‘anchor’. The member in question was very soon upstanding again. God it felt good! Eventually we found ourselves standing in neck high water. Jo placed her arms around me and we kissed, pushing our tongs into each others mouths. I could feel the full length of her body against mine. I wrapped my arms around her and we pushed our crouches into each other. I then slipped my hands around her ass and pulled her fanny into my dick. She wriggled her fanny into my about to explode dick, I thought this is no good I am about to impregnate a whole river full of fish way to early! So I lifted her up off my dick and crushed the head with a hand, I pulled it down and let Jo rest her fanny down on top of my shaft. Slowly she started to move her hips backward and forward on my shaft. God it felt good. Very slowly at first we moved our hips in unison, Using more and more o of the length of my shaft. I could start to feel my dick head move up and down her crack, then bump over the entrance to her anus. I pushed hard moving my head over her anus and fanny. We kissed passionately. Then her pussy lips were open ready for me. I felt her lift her whole body and lower herself down onto my dick. I could feel the warmth of her fanny wrapped around my dick. My whole body was alive to the many sensations stimulating my body. We were moving our bodies in rhythm to each other, grabbing hold of each other, keeping our genitals together and also preventing ourselves from drowning! (but what a way to go?) The tempo of our bodies increased I pumped for all I was worth. Then Jo went ridged as I shot my load into her body. We held onto each other, Breathing deeply. Slowly we disentangled our limbs from each other and had one last swim before we got out.

It would have taken some explaining had Jo gone home with a wet dress so we stood naked on the river bank while I dried Jo with my T-shirt. She dried her hair the best we could and we went back to the car and home. A beautiful evening.

Jon eventually decided that his parents were not going to dictate whom he was to marry decided to move with his Fiancé to Birmingham! Bummer!!