1 Sep 2015

Wanted to share an experience I was lucky enough to encounter.

It was a May bank holiday when I was 19 years old, I'm 40 now, I went out for the day with my sad and his friend. After several drinks we madde our way to our local pub which attracts all sorts of people. We where sat on bar stools chatting to the bar staff when an older woman stood next to us and began flirting with all of us. I wasn't thinking much about it until I returned from the toiket, I offered her my stool which she accepted, as we chatted I put my hand on the stool, she slid her arse over my hand and smiled, I was turned on by this and began to move my hand seductively on her arse. After a while she suggested we move on. I whispered for her to leave then I'd follow as I didn't want my dad to know what our intentions where.

She left the pub, I followed her out shortly.

I met up by the local taxi office where we ordered a cab to the door, with time on our hands she invited me round there side where it was more private. Once round there we began to kiss, this got very passionate very quickly, we then started fondling and groping eachother, I was so aroused and my pressing my hard cock against her pants.

Our cab arrived shortly, we hopped in and made our way back to her flat, we kissed in the back of the cab and she put her hands down my pants and gave me one hell of a horny look.

Once in hers we went to the living room, snogging the faces off eachother, she sat on the chair in front of my and began to undo my pants, before I knew it she had mt rock hard cock in her mouth....I'm thinking wow this is amazing. As she sucked me I put my hand down her top and groped her massive tits, squeezing her erect nipples with my fingers. I got her to stand up whilst I undone her pants, slid them down reavealing her nice white knickers. I started kissing her stomach heading towards the top of her knickers, she was moaning like hell, I pulled them down revealing her greyed mature pussy, which was wet and her labia was all puffed up. Mmmmmmm, as I slid my tongue onto her clit she pulled my head hard into her. You could tell she hadn't had this for a long time and was enjoying this. I stepped back for a moment to take it all in, I was admiring her maturity beyond belief, the stretch marks, the cellulite on the her thighs and stomach totally turned me on. She beconned me to her bedroom, I went in she lay on her back with her legs spread and asked me to fuck her, I mounted her and slid my cock right up her gorgeous wet pussy. I fucked her this way for an hour where she came several times, I turned her over and fucked her doggy style, she wanted my cock in her mouth, she licked my cock and worked down my shaft before slipping it over my arse......I nearly cum rite then, I lay back whilst I enjoyed her rimming my arse....my first.

After this I was gagging to lick her arse and got the on her back where she pulled her legs apart and up high. She so wanted my tongue up her arse, I licked around her arse before pressing my tongue as far into her as possible, my fingers entered her arse, two up her arse, two up her pussy. I bent her back into the doggy position where I rubbed my cock on her pussy for lubrication, I the rubbed it around her arse hole.....enticing her until she begged my to put it into her. I still remember that feeling of sliding my cock up her tight arse........loved it.

I pumped away before cumming my load into her arse.

As I was leaving she asked for my number, I didn't want to give it to her coz I was still living at home. I'm gutted I never gave it to her because I'd have loved to have seen her again, many times.

I never did see her again, but I still have the memory that is still the best night of sex I've ever had. That's why mature women turn me on so much. Mark