Written by Barry

23 Aug 2016

Hi all. I'm Barry, I'm 32 and single. My best mate is married to Tina who's 27 and so fucking hot its not fair. She's only 5'2" ish, has long ginger hair and a body like a super model. Her tits are a nice DD which she love to flaunt. She knows I fancy her so when I'm round the butting get undone on her blouse so I get a good view or she wears a tight T shirt.

My mate thinks its funny bcos he knows I wouldn't try it on becouse we're mates.

The problem was that I couldn't get into a serious relationship when I fucked another girl I could only think of Tina so I concentrated on MILF's which is my thing anyway and who don't want a serious relationship just want to fuck.

But a while ago my mate and Tina went out with me and a girl I'd just wet. We got seriously pissed and ended up staying in a hotel in town for the night. We could only afford one room so him and Tina booked in and me and my girl sneaked in later.

All was well, the girls slept in the bed and my mate and I slept on the floor. It was warm so I just had my boxers on.

So that was that but I couldn't get the thought of Tina sleeping in her knickers next to my new girlfriend which gave me a hard on.

At some point in the night I must have got my cock out in my sleep out I woke due to someone moving. I could just make out Tina siting up on her elbow looking at me, I;m laying there with my boxers pulled down and my cock out. I was so embarrassed I covered myself up but she just giggles and slid down to the floor and told me now to be silly.

She sat on the floor next to me and bit her lip which she knows makes her look even more sexy with her huge tits swaying.

I pulled the blanket up to cover myself and she giggled again. I wanted to fuck her so hard despite still being pissed but she was my best mates wife but then my blanket get pulled away but not my her but by my mate. I look over at him and he's laying there with his eyes closed and whispers for me to 'fucking get on with it'

This was so surreal, I just lay there as Tina took my cock and gently massages it making it hard and when she succeeded but her sexy lips over my bell end and lets her tongue play with it until sliding it in as far as she could.

I looked at my mate who was awake by now and he just winks at me so I let her do her thing. But then my 'girlfriend' sits up and aks what the fucks going on.

Tina doesn't react at all but my mate tells her to grow the fuck up. She drops back onto the bed muttering about not fucking believing it.. So my mate gets up stark bollock naked stands at the bed and asks her why she has a problem if he doesn't.

Tina's head is bobbing up and down and its all I can do not to cum in her mouth so I pinch my balls to make sure I don't when my mate climbs onto the bed and is fucking my girlfriend. She's squealing and thrusting herself at him when Tina looks up mutters something about about fucking time and climbs onto my shaft.

This was amazing, by now my mates fucking my girl doggy style on the bed and his stunning Mrs is riding my cock on the floor her tits swinging like crazy until she leans forward and lets me have a good suck.

All this was too much and I shoot my load but Tina carries on. I still have a hard on and after a little while longer I'm cumming again this time so is Tina squealing and bouncing on my shaft.

My mates arrives at the same time but pulls out and spurts his stuff all over her.

My girlfriend and I split up not long after that but my mate lets me have Tina a few times a week as long as he gets to fuck whoever I'm with who at the moment is the 52 year old quite attractive wife of my manager.

So things are looking up