Written by Kelly

3 Jul 2009

Hello , Kelly here again , my my arent you an impatient bunch :-) lol. How are we all , horny i hope ? You will be by the time you have finished reading this i hope. One day my girlfriend `S`& I were out for some retail therapy so as we were having a good day out we decided to go into the pub & have a couple of drinks ,as you know i`m a dirty bitch but even more so when i`v been drinking.

After we had come out the pub i said to S i was going into the sex shop for a look , she said "ok i'll come in with you for look". I broused all the toys , outfits , dirty magz/dvds etc & was loving it as i was attracting quite a lot of attention from the 3 other women & 4 men in the shop , which i like doing in those kind of places it obvious how dirty i am. I noticed this huge rubber cock it was a display one out of the box & it was fucking massive. I waved it in front of S for a laugh & as i done so i noticed us getting some looks as she just stood there licking her lips while smiling & giving me her best slut look. Did this mean i would be having more pussy fun with `s` later ,this not only made really horny & wet but had me wondering if the women in the shop might flick one off later if our show of sluttyness had got them going mmm to be a fly on the wall eh ?

By this time i was bursting for the toilet after our drinking so told `S` i needed to go to the public toilets just round the corner , she said "ok i'll wait outside after i buy something". I walked out the shop now sure we were going to be fucking later so by then i was really horny & as i walked the short distance to the toilets i let stream of piss squirt out of my pussy while thinking of what might happen later on. It was a very hot day so i was just waring a very small wrapover skirt & tiny little low cut top so my golden stream was running down my legs fuck it felt so good & dirty i didnt care who noticed.

I walked into toilets & into a cubicle , sat on toilet & started flicking myself off quite hard as i was pissing then started really hard until i could feel quite a big orgasim building , there were footsteps outside but i didnt care as i moaned out loud as i came just before i had finished pissing, i then licked my fingers clean , stood up , pulled my skirt down & walked out. S was waiting outside with a big smile , was it her who had heard me i thought mmm. We then carried on shopping had another couple of drinks & then made our way home.

S was staying at mine that night & we were no sooner in the door when she had her tongue down my throat & her fingers up my pussy, it was not long before she dropped to her knees like a pussy hungry slut & started licking & sucking my wet & pissy slit for all she was worthdown , it was very sensual & horny. After doing this until i nearly came she stood up & said "do you want to see what i bought ? shut your eyes". I done as i was told until she told me "open now" well she was standing there with a strapon that she had bought & told me to put it on & fuck her hard as i had been teasing her all day , she was really really horny.

So as i put it on she went on her knees quickly spreading her pussy & ass for me. I went behind her but before fucking her with it i licked her out from behind for a few minutes then got up & slid it syraight into her soaking pussy , i fucked her really hard whil she reached back grabbibg my ass as i was banging her. I was obviously not getting any feeling up my cunt but with every thrust my cunt was hitting the rubber so it was not long until i was having quite a powerfull orgasm as `s` screamed she was coming & came as well squirting her juice all over the toy.

We then changed positions & she fucked me equally as hard with one hand on my hip & the other hand rubbing my clit really hard in fact so hard that my juice was just flowing down my legs , after about 4 or 5 minutes i came one of my hardest orgasms ever. We lay on the floor for a couple of minutes gathering our breath & giggling really still buzzing from what we`d just done , it was then we said that we were going to be regular fuck buddies. Unfortunetly not long after that S moved away but we managed a couple of more fucks before she left & one was a very quick but very horny fuck at our work , will fill you all in soon , need to go for now , keep reading , Kelly . X