Written by Lucky Colin

3 Jul 2012

Since Pam retired and we moved to a new area, down sized, she has met up with a couple of other 60+ who have intrduced her to a new sex life.

She now tells me when they meet and what they get up to, which turns me on and we have great sex sessions.

Anyway last Friday we went to see a sixties show in local hotel and Carol one of her freinds came along. Both of them looked fantastic the place was full and the three of us were were in a corner where we could see the group but out of main view.

I was at the back, Pam was infront of me and she started to rub herself against me giving me an instant hard on then Pams hand came back and started wanking me, she quicly unzipped me to feel mycock . I had worked my hand into her bra to tease her nipples which she loves. Could then try to get my other hand inside her wrap over skirt. I then felt Carols hand had beatn me her smooth softer hand was deftly working Pams clit. I pulled back but pam whisperd theres room for both. Pam was breathing heavy as she climaxed, in a room full of people who did not notice. Feeling another female hand caressing your wife clit whist you fingered her and feel her come was too much, I quickly recued a hanky from my pocket to catch my cum. The people in front never realised a thing.

What happened at home is another story