Written by benwickham

9 Nov 2007

it was just a couple of weeks ago the last of the nice weather and i went down down to studland beach , sorted myself out and was in my speedos which i like to wear cos it shows my cock bulge off

anyway i was watching this girl in her 20s in a bikini running about when one of her tits fell out laugh !! now i prefer a nice shaven haven but this girl had a real bush on her her black pubes were sticking out at the sides and also at the top it really turned me on so im lying there with an enormous hard on .

then this couple in there 40s walked by she stopped and was messing around in her bag but i could see she was eyeing my bulge up then i also noticed her hubby doing the same , they spoke to each other then she said mind if we join you ! i said be my guest and with that she took off her summer dress and stood in front of me in a white bikini her dark nipple stood out and her nipples were well hard loking at her crotch there also seemed to be a damp patch !

now he took off his jeans and shirt and stood there in a pair of boxers , she said i told you to put yer shorts on at home , then he took a pair out of her bag and then whipped his boxers off and put them on . but when he took his boxers off you could see he had an erection ! nice cut cock about 6 in long

we chatted about this and that then she said you are as bad as my hubby it looks like you have a stiffy on as well !

i said well who wouldent when such a sexy lady is lying between us

well it looks like it needs freeing from its confines she says !!

i laughed then she said it looks fucking huge id love to see it !

i looked at him and he nodded and said its ok with me pal

so i said are you sure and she said yes id love to see it in all its glory

it was now harder than you could imagine so i pushed my speedos down and my 8.5 inch cock stood proud its a thick fucker as well with a good girth of about 5.5 inches

wow she said thats a beauty it looks like it needs my lips round it and with that she bent over and started to lick my shaven balls then up the shaft then she licked all round my bell end then she took it all in her mouth and sucked for england !!!!!!!!!!

he got his cock out and was wanking like mad ! god she said i wanna be fucked by this meaty thing, well who could i argue with god !

i ripped off her bikini bottoms and buried my head in the most delicious cunt ever it was as juicy as hell i give her a good licking then i got her doggie and slipped the full lentgh up her she let out a moan and said fuck me good n proper

well we fucked and fucked then she got me to lay on my back and started to ride me at this point her hubby was knealt in front of me with his cock now i like cock as well so i started to suck him well she went ape ! fucking hell she shouted thats horny me fucking you whilst you suck him off

i could tell he was close to cumming and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot loads of spunk all over her tits and my chest and i mean loads ! gosh this guy must have not realeasd any for months we were both covered in it

well i got back on top of her and the creamy spunk was rubbing on her tits and my chest i then said im gonna cum fill me up she said

well i burst my own balls and i didnt let the side down

after i pulled out she soon was sucking and licking my knob clean whilst her hubby was licking all my spunk out of her pussy!!

wot an experiance well ive met them 3 tims since at ther house and he sure is cuckholded she tells him to watch whilst a real cock fucks her but he always gets to lick the cream after

gotta go meeting them this morning for another horny session .....