Written by Happy old guy

28 Apr 2007

Yes once again I thought it was my birthday.

My previous story told of this womans visit and she came again last night, in fact she has only been gone about an hour and I can still taste her plus my prick is still sticky with her juices.

She came rather late just after she got home from her night out in town about midnight.

I was suprised she came that late but she wanted a chat and coffee.

She was telling me about her night out and the guys who had tried pulling herwith out success as she didn't fancy any of them.

So having had no luck down town she thought she would come and see me instead.

Coffee finished we went upstairs and again with the lights out, although there was plenty of residual light from street lights ect we stripped and went into the shower room.

We spent a good 20 to 30 minutes just soaping and washing each other gently and relaxed.

I was solid in minutes and she was wet from the start having been waiting for a shag all night.

Took nice warm towels from the radiator and wrapped ourselves in them before going into the bedroom.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I asked what she wanted me to do for her.

Again she opted for me to give her an oral treet as she called it, saying she had been waiting all week to get back.

I gave her the option of straddling me or laying back and letting me do the work.

"Work" If that was work I would never have bloody retired.

She dropped the towel and lay back on the bed spreading her legs as wide as she could.

I knelt at the foot of the bed and drew her towards me with her ankles so she was laying with her knees bent over the foot of the bed.

Her shaved slit was now withing an inch of my mouth.

I spread the lips with my fingers and saw the pink flesh inner labia glistening an the soft lights fom the window.

Slipping a finger in I pushed until I knew I would be near her g spot and then wriggled it about.

She gasped, writhed and moaned pushing down at my finger so I slipped a second one in to join it.

I soon had all 4 in then wriggled my thumb widening her at each push until suddenly my hand slid in easily to the wrist.

By now she was beyon anything just writhhing and moaning load with an occasional little cry.

I kept this up until she had had at least three climax and then slowly began to fist fuck her.

Slowly at first then faster and garder as she jerked and bucked pushing hard at my hand crying for me to keep going, keep going, keep going.

Eventually she stilled her whole body and lay gasping.

I stopped and slid my hand out

Immediatly I dropped my mouth onto he slit and sucked madly at the juices that were soaking her thights and cunt.

Sucking hard, pulling her labia with my lips, drawing every last drop I could get.

Standing up then I put my 75% solid prick to her and slid into her in one.

By now I was so near I just fucked madly, hard, deep and fast cumming within 10 - 15 strokes and falling exhausted on top of her.

When my prick slid out I rolled off and we lay side by side gasping, my heart pounding madly.

She reached round pulled me so my head was on her breasts and we fell asleep.

I awoke later to find my prick in her mouth sucking hard.

Again she took only a minute before she had me solid and another minute I jerked as my cum was sucked hard from me.

She came up and put her lips to mine and we shared my cum back and forth.

Again we slept until daybreak when I woke pushed the bedding back and looked at her fabulous body.

I spread her legs rolled over onto her put my flacid prick ont o her pubic moun and felt it respond quickly

As it rose to erection I pushed and entered her easily.

I couldn't wait so I just fucked hard and fast, she was awake now wrapped her legs round my waist locking me in until she climaxed than wriggled madly until I shot my cum into her.

A few minutes relaxing kissing and feeling then it was time for her to shower for work.

I couldn't get another erection in the shower so all we can do is wait until she can get round again.

She went to work a very happy girl.