Written by Mr H

11 Oct 2017

It all started in May last year as we lay in bed late on a Sunday night discussing my 40th birthday, my wife who I have been seeing in total for just over 2 years was asking me what I would like. I always fantasied about the idea of having some boudoir pictures of my wife taken especially as she has had her breasts enlarged to a 32dd and loves keeping in shape.

I was looking on the internet at photographers and I asked her if she knew anyone, slightly quietly at first she said well I have an ex who had a studio in the bottom of his garden? I enquired who and it was a guy from work that she was seeing for a few months. Initially my first thoughts was NO WAY, but then she started trying to justify why him and she said she never liked him that much but the sex was great so it was the only reason she was with him ( a previous conversation she mentioned he had the biggest knob she has ever seen, I had already heard that rumour elsewhere at work).

I was slightly jealous when she mentioned him and was surprised but slightly hard too, I mentioned she should text him which she done straight away and he instantly replied within a few texts it was arranged for 2 weeks time, I was so turned on that we had sex straight away. She had arranged to go to his house to look at the new studio after work on the Wednesday by herself and to clear the air before the photo shoot. Again I was strangely aroused all day thinking about it, when she came home I was tidying up the bedroom and I asked her how she got on and she replied good and that he had bought a basque for the shoot which she tried on in front of him for his opinion which I was surprised about, I asked to see it and it was sexy as hell... the thing is she couldn’t do it up by herself so I helped and her boobs were popping out!! I then thought about her trying it on in front of him which made me so hard it started to hurt.. within mins I bent her over and Fucked her hard but couldn’t hold on for to long.

The morning of the shoot came and even though I have seen him before I had never had a conversation with him, he seemed a nice guy... my wife came out behind the curtain wearing the basque which she asked me to help her with and knee high boots and black knickers, I was sitting there instantly hard and slightly shaking, she was a natural and he kept Saying wow you look super hot after about 15 mins he asked if I wanted any topless pics which I agreed.

I helped her with removing the basque to reveal her pert breasts and she laid on the day bed and he took more and more pics saying he forgot how hot her body was, he then asked if we both wanted any pics of her nude just in her boots or high heels? My wife said it’s up to you it’s your birthday and I was in a slight dilemma but agreed, she then slowly peeled her knickers off and exposed her freshly trimmed pussy which looked amazing he then asked her to make various poses which looked hott, he looked at me and said u ok with a few close ups and I just nodded as he was only a few feet away constantly complimenting her on her arse etc. When he said that’s a wrap my wife stood up still completely naked half cupping her arms and was thanking him for what he done and was asking how much - the fact that she was so happy being naked and chatting turned me on covertly I started to record on my phone them chatting with her naked turned me on further and I felt So so hard.

He then said that he doesn’t want any money for it at which point she just hugged him and kissed him on his cheek (still naked), he then started to show the pics to us that he had taken from the display on his Fuji camera after a few pics she said she was getting cold and huddled between me and her ex, he said to be careful as he doesn’t think that me or him could handle much more and started to rub his knob through his jeans, we all laughed and he mentioned we should catch up socially one day and asked for my tel no. I went home and done the obvious and my wife was happy that I was so excited.

She absolutely loved the fact that the next day I was still mega turned on and the that night during sex I spoke about a threesome and if it turned her on? she said she had never done one but would be interested if it was the right person and I asked who would be the right person? she then mentioned about going on holiday and a stranger, I then asked her about her ex and with a smile on her face she said well he would definitely be up for it for sure as he is highly sexed and great with what he has got and that a lot... still turned on I said she should text him and she turned over grabbed her phone and again after just a few social texts she just asked him straight would you be up for a threesome? He didn’t reply straight away but when he did he asked if are relationship was strong enough and are we sure, without asking me she just replied yes and with that it was agreed.

A few days later he text me to say the pics were ready on a disc and to say he was looking forward to all catching up, I could have picked the pics up myself but instead told my wife too as the thought of her going round there turned me on, to my surprise she had gone home first to get changed before going to see him in a tight short skirt and a very deep plunge top normally reserved for going out in.

Before she came home he messaged me saying how hot she looked and hoping I didn’t mind he had rubbed her leg and her pussy through her knickers. Which I text back I was ok with, when she returned I asked her she got on and she said fine but nothing about the leg rubbing - when we did go out it was better than I imagined - we have now been out 3 times in total, I have a few questions to ask if you are reading this


1) we have now spoke about just them two either meeting in a car or a hotel by themselves and taking pics for me when I am at home, little bit unsure but turned on what you think ?? 2) plus I ended up going to the attic a nearby sex cinema by myself one day when she was away for a girls holiday and showed the pics to a couple of older gentlemen men and we all sat and just stroked over her pics and again I was surprisingly turned on I was is that normal plus I’m heading down to work in central London and was wondering best place to meet gentlemen to show the pics too, if you want to hear more about any particular story just let us know below which ones