Written by bitch boy

8 Oct 2009

My Birthday what happened next:

As a cuckold hubby my birthday treat had been to watch my wife Lynne and her bull Sean

Fuck all night in various positions in different sexy lingerie , whilst I was made to watch and wank my smaller than average penis over them whilst viewing through the garden window, Sean had fucked Lynne stupid and spunked deep in to his condom whilst imbedded in Lynne .

Lynne had taken off the condom and left the room for a while whilst Sean had beckoned me in

Here’s what happened next.

I was sitting on the settee with Sean being told to drink copious amounts of wine on top of what I had already drank ,to add to my humiliation Lynne earlier had made me dress in Hold up black stockings

6” black patent high heels a frilly blouse and a black chiffon pleated skirt I looked a right slut ,as I sat there getting more pissed the door opened and Lynne entered ,Lynne looked dynamic dressed once more all in black ,a black push up bra ,black lacy suspenders ,black lace top glossy stockings and now thigh length patent black boots.

\\Lynne also had strapped to her a 9” black dildo covered in the condom her bull had just fucked her with full of his fertile spunk she was laughing and taunting me ,we had played with this before but

She had never entered me with it, it was normally for her satisfaction when my small cock was not up to the job of satisfying her ,.

Her bull told me to bend over ,even drunk I was apprehensive to what was going to happen next I bent over our piano stool Sean tied my arms to the stools legs to restrain me Lynne approached from behind me hitching up my skirt revealing my undies and stroking my stockinged legs ,saying I am now your bull.

Lynne eased my panties to one side ,Sean stood mocking me his huge cock inches from my face ,

I felt the large tip of the dildo push against my virgin hole ,it was not going to open easy .

Lynne commanded relax you drunken slut and take it. I tried to relax she pushed harder I felt the head of the dildo enter my arse one push the helmet was in two pushes it was against my sphincter Lynne thrust I screamed out no it went in all the way nine inches up to the hilt ,I squirmed and shouted in burning pain Lynne and her Bull laughed as she slowly started to fuck me with long deep thrusts

Lynne told Sean feed him more wine which he did I gulped it down fast ,Lynne commanded I relax and enjoy ,I started to get use to the strokes and Lynne could feel this so she quickened her pace and her deepness so the dildos black balls were touching my arse.

Lynne indicated to Sean that I was relaxing now and I was pushing back, strange thing I was my head swimming I was moaning the words fuck me out loud they were both laughing, Lynne fucked me harder over and over pounding me.

Lynne them reached around and found my small cock rock hard .

He is fucking hard she shouted ,you’re a fucking poof aren’t you she shouted as she rubbed my small cock ,yes mistress I groaned fuck your little poof please.

Sean rounded on Lynne and from the side his big cock stiff he slipped his big cock in Lynne’s mouth and started to mouth fuck her.

what a sight ,me on my knees in stockings my Mistress wife Lynne embedded in my arse also in taut stockings suspenders and thigh length boots and her bull balls deep down her throat , I started to shake Lynnes hand reaching round pounding my small cock .

I shot my load all over the floor ,Sean pulled out of Lynne’s hot wet mouth and shot his load all over the back of my head laughing whilst he directed his spurts .I turned my head and he shot me right in the eye and covered my hair ,

I thought that was the end Lynne was having none of it she kept pounding my arse over and over Thrusting shouting at me telling me I was not worthy of her pussy ,how small and insignificant my cock was and she needed bigger cock to satisfy her she kept pulling my hips back pulling out the dildo and pushing it back in over and over

I was exhausted ,Sean had a look of concern on his face as Lynne seemed possessed fucking like stallion.

Lynne suddenly stopped and without pulling the dildo out she un strapped it pushed it in deep with her hand laughing left it up my arse.

Lynne laid down on the floor next to me and asked her bull to lick her wet dripping pussy all her juices had ran down her legs soaking her stocking tops , Sean licked and sucked her sopping wet cunt it didn’t take long for Lynne to come screaming yes , yes. As the juices ran in to Sean’s mouth.

It was time for my final humiliation Lynne stood up rounding on me standing next to me slowly pulled out the 9” black strap on ,my arse felt so wet as she removed it inch by inch she was laughing feel wet deer yes I replied , that’s because the condom has split and Sean’s spunk is running out of your arse they were both laughing calling me names ,cum slut ,bare back cum dump, I was used and exhausted it felt so surreal I was drunk yet sober ,sore but satisfied a feeling I had never felt like before .the best thing is I have it all on film and have been made to watch it over and over whilst Lynne fucks me I roles have seemed to reversed and we love each other very much but I can‘t wait for my Christmas present.