Written by sleepless1970

23 Jan 2012

I've been with my partner John for 15 years & sex has got better & better over the years, probably because we believe in telling each other exactly what we want especially during sex - talking dirty! We've had a fantasy for a while of me having sex with a stranger while he watches. I'd rather he was in on the action - I'd love to suck him off while I'm being shagged doggy-style, then he also gets what he's always wanted - sloppy seconds!

Almost a year ago, we needed to find a builder because we'd just bought a house which needed a lot of work. On the evening the builders were due to show up for a look around, he had to work so I had to deal with them alone. The 1st couple were boring bullshitters but the 3rd one soon had the juices flowing. Craig was my total fantasy long blond hair, strong muscular arms which were covered in tattoos & a real smooth talker. Well he could have given me a price double what the others quoted, he was gonna get the job. Luckily he was cheap so John agreed to give him the work. I regularly popped round to see how the work was going & feast my eyes on him, especially during the summer when the flesh was on show - both his & mine! I was gutted to learn he was only 29 - I thought he was older but nevermind, a girl can dream, & my dreams were especially wet & lurid. John guessed I fancied Craig (he knows the type I go for) & encouraged me to fantasize about him which resulted in fabulous sex becoming pretty much a nightly event, rather than just for weekends.

A couple of months later, John got a job which meant he had to work away for a month in Dubai then back home for a month. I warned him that there was no way now I was used to regular sex on tap, that I could do without but I managed to stay faithful mainly due to video-link sex which is fantastic - I recommend it totally - plenty of slutty clothing, several vibrators & filthy talk - wow cumming was no problem at all!

When John was away, I would meet Craig to see how the house was progressing (very slowly!) & then go to the local pub for a drink. Talk usually ended up being pretty smutty but neither of us made a move in case we'd read each other wrong & it could then be awkward. On weekends I would let Craig stay over in the spare room because we'd have a couple of beers in the pub then back to mine - drinking & talking sometimes til 4 in the morning. It would get racey at times but we'd only give each other an innocent goodnight kiss & go to our separate rooms.

One evening however, I was feeling pretty hyper because John had just told me he was coming home for good in 2 days time so no more long distance sex. I went out with Craig & had a glass or 2 more vinos than usual to celebrate. We had our usual goodnight peck but suddenly it turned into something more. I've no idea who made the first move but we were snogging like teenagers & dragging off our clothes in a total frenzy. We had sex up against the wall, both of us gasping & banging away - it was brilliant but surreal too. After a couple of minutes we realised that we could take our time - it was really happening so why the hell not make it last. We went to bed for the first time - spent all night sucking, licking & turning each other on, fucking slowly, then hard & fast. It was amazing. Neither of us had any thoughts of protection - there just wasn't time & it wasn't planned honest!

Now that John is back, we have all gone out together. I told John what I'd done & as I thought, he was totally turned on & we have sex & filthy talk almost every night!! Craig doesn't know that John knows - & he doesn't know that John filmed us having sex either! Last weekend when John went to bed & left me & Craig downstairs talking, I jumped him again. He was nervous about fucking me with John in the house, but I knew we wouldn't be disturbed. Once I'd taken his cock into my mouth, he soon came round to the idea & we spent an hour on the floor/settee/up against the wall!! Then next morning after I'd had sex with John, I persuaded him to pretend to go to work so I could surprise Craig. He was well up for it again & 2 hours & many positions later, I went back to my bed to wait for John to come back from work so he could have his sloppy seconds/thirds! Craig went back to his bed & told me later that he'd heard me shagging John both times that morning & thought I was a right dirty tart! Well what woman can pass up that sort of opportunity though I was a bit sore for work on Monday - I'd been fucked 8 times that weekend. I promised Craig & John there would be more to follow & there has been too. I'm a bit old for carpet burns but having the time of my life - loving it!