Written by ourunity

3 Aug 2010

Over the past year I have been training my fuck buddie to become submissive and to do what ever she is told, recently I have encouaged her the fuck other guys as long as she gets my permission and tells me about it after wards here is last nights event as she reported to me.

Good morning,

Went to bikers' for 6.30, went straight out on the bike a long way round up to Hartlepool. He wanted to fuck me outside he said, but it was too busy, so he said 'Come on, I'm taking you back home to fuck ya'. He pulled into a hidden lay-by on the way back though and although it was risky, he got me to suck his cock, him just stood there at the side of the pull-in, while I kneeled and obliged. He didn't come, just enjoyed it for a while.

Back at the house, he pulled onto the drive and we went into the hall, taking off our hats and gloves, but before I could take off my jacket or trousers, he pushed me through to the kitchen saying 'You get in there' and then he reached around me from behind and put his hands up my tee shirt under my bra and squeezed and fondled my breasts. He said 'I have been thinking of this all the way back, I couldn't concentrate to go any faster for thinking of you bent over in here'. Then he pulled my jeans and bike trousers down to my kness, still with my jacket on, and bent me over the worktop and fucked me from behind. Then he bent me over a bar stool so I was bent more forward and fucked me like that for a while asking me if it was good and did I like that? There is a mirror in there and we could both see him fucking me, that was good.

Then he said 'I'm gonna put the bike away and we'll go upstairs and you can do what you want with me', so I took my jacket and trousers off and we both went upstairs, me hoping he wouldn't notice my stripes!! Luckily, he didn't! Once in the bedroom, he lay on his back and I sucked his cock for some time and he wanted to come, but said he knew I wanted him to put his cock in my hot, wet pussy. So I got on top of him and fucked him like that, sometimes down, rubbing hard against him, or on my flat feet riding up and down his cock. He pulled and pinched my nipples very hard. I stopped to suck him again for a while, then I lay on my back and he got on top of me and fucked me like that. He had my legs right up and wide and fucked me deep and hard until he cum, saying he was going to fill me right up with hot cum. And he did. We lay there for a while before going downstairs for coffee and I left around 10 pm.