Written by shergarsback

11 Nov 2017

......I love your big hard Fucking cock, she whispered, love choking on it, love the feeling of your big hard length, deep inside my pussy,.......but most of all I love the feeling of your big, thick, hard muscle throbbing deep inside my tight Fucking arse, soooo fucking good, so fucking sexy, can't wait for that, can't wait til you make me climax again, Sooo good......still cupping my balls, her tongue ran up and down the length of my pulsating shaft, my swollen head, fit to burst with the pressure, the toilet flushed upstairs, there wasn't much time, I grabbed my rigid cock and started wanking hard and fast, Kelly's tongue vigorously licking over my swollen dancing head, driving me Fucking wild, we heard my wife go into Kellys bedroom above us, I wanked, she licked, all the while her eyes looking up at me, that sexy, dirrrty look, urging me to empty my heavy laden sack, then I could feel it, my breathing deepened, quickened, Kelly whispered yeah, come on baby, come on, give me that load, give me your seed, stroking my swollen balls, and shaft, ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhh FUCK yeah I whispered, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, FUCK Fuck Fuck Fuck yes yes yes, my bulging cock started to spasm, the head throbbing, my shaft pulsating, Kelly put her hand over up to my mouth and I bit on her palm, gasping, as My cock exploded, and fired stream after stream after stream of my hot thick load straight down Kellys throat, mmmmmmm she said mmmmmmmm, with each stream filling her mouth, mmmmmmmmmmmm, Your cum tastes Sooo good, soooooo fucking good she whispered, I heard the wife coming down the stairs, quickly got dressed and tried to control my breathing, Kelly moved quickly over to the sink and pretended to wash up, she turned to me opening her mouth, showing me some cum still resting on her tongue, then swallowed it......mmmmmmmmmm she said.......cant wait til later.