Written by Mixmatch

6 Aug 2010

Carly has always been up for a challenge and this is a recent ‘event’ in Cap d’Agde that she will share:

Inspired by another couples example on SH Dave set me a (relatively tame) challenge when we went to Cap this year (July 2010). I wasn’t overly sure I wanted to try it out as I don’t usually like going out without him but after a beer I decided to give it a go just for fun.

My challenge was to go out and sit at one of the tables in one of the club/bars. I could only take enough money for one drink so had to have any more either bought for me or earn it! BUT I had to put myself in a compromising position. Having been out a number of times to the various bars I knew that at the very least there was one where I could jump onto the bar counter, dance and strip off a little. I dressed provocatively with this in mind. I have a very nice short and fairly revealing blue, sparkly dress with many panels missing except two covering my tits and one covering my pussy. I wore nothing else under it. (If you have been to Cap its too hot wear more). I told Dave that I would be back in an hour!

As you may appreciate I was apprehensive but excited at the same time. I went to one bar that was heaving and managed to get a drink and stand by a wooden ledge at the back of the bar. As expected there were two girls stripping off to the music on the bar top and getting a very good response. I stood for a short time smiling and acknowledging people wanting to pass. After 20 minutes enjoying the music I was beginning to feel more relaxed and just building up the courage to carry out my ‘performance’. Before I could move a tall Frenchman in his late twenties/early thirties came over to me, smiled and offered me a drink. It took me back a little but I said thanks and we begun talking (in a very broken English/French way). I told him that I was on holiday with my partner and we were enjoying the sun, sea and atmosphere. After chatting a little more I then told him about my challenge and what I was about to do.

He then surprised me by suggesting that there was another way I could fulfil it.

When I asked him how he took my hand and placed it over his jeans I could immediately feel that he was very hard and as I moved my hand further I realised that he was also very big. My heart was racing at this point and I looked up at him. He smiled and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go further as this hadn’t been part of my thinking but as soon as I felt his hand move up my dress and touched my pussy lips I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I was so wet. At his point I must have made an audible noise as a few heads turned to look at us. I giggled a little but then let him carry on fingering me as I continued to play with his cock.

When he suggested going into one of the clubs I didn’t hesitate. He paid for my entrance to a really nice couples club nearby and we found an alcove where we didn’t speak but feverously explored each other’s bodies. He pulled down the top of my dress revealing my tits and very hard nipples and he sucked them urgently. This time my groaning was very much part of what people expected. He stood up and slowly pulled down his jeans. His cock sprung out...oh my god! I couldn’t believe that I had let myself come this far but without any hesitation I took his cock into my mouth and licked it and teased him with my tongue. (Dave always says I’m good at this). At this point I was heady with excitement and relaxed with the alcohol I just laid back, took off my dress and pulled his cock towards my very wet pussy. He didn’t need any further encouragement as he pushed deep into me and fucked me very well indeed. My orgasm was amazingly intense...and long. Just before he came I asked him to cum in my mouth (this is a big turn on for me) and moments later he exploded into my mouth as I sucked him.

We both just laid there together for about an hour or so, with him gently stoking me. Eventually we both gave each other a kiss and hugged before we dressed and I went back to the hotel where Dave was asleep, having given up on a quick return. I snuggled into bed beside him. As he stirred I told him that I a great time and would tell him in the morning about how I had fulfilled my challenge.

Now I’m looking forward to my next challenge and adventure!