Written by Its_all_gravy

20 Nov 2012

When I was 20 I was working for a small sales company and became very close friends with my superior, she was the same age as me and we became really good friends during our time there, even moving in with each other - seperate bedrooms and purely just as friends (although I had always secretly wanted more). She had blonde hair, not the biggest breasts but what looked to be a nice handfull and a plump bottom.

I had heard rumours that she had a bit of a ruputation in her past for finding herself rather easily bedded by different members of the sales team but I didnt see that at all.

After living with each other for pushing a year, I had since moved on to different employment finding out that sales was absolutely not my expertise, we ended up having a few too many drinks one night and she confessed that she liked me more than just friends, I admitted I felt the same and from then on it was no longer seperate beds.

Our sex life was very good and it was instantly a very loving relationship as we knew everything about each other anyway, there was no taking it slow, it just felt so right imediately.

During this time she got a more secure and better paid job as a secretary at a large office much closer to where we were living, everything was going absolutely perfect, at night when she was asleep in my arms I'd just look at her and couldnt believe how lucky I was.

Her job as a secretary was going very well and she was quickly given more responsibilities and as such, more money.

One particular day I told her I would be late home the next day as I was going round a mates house to watch football. No problems, I thought, until I got home that next day. I got into bed with her and having had a few beers was feeling rather horny, I was pleased to see she was still awake so moved to kiss her and noticed she pulled away, I asked what the problem was and she said she didnt like kissing when I'd been drinking. I'd only had a few and thought it was a bit harsh, but she was clearly not wanting to be close with me. I left it at that and feeling a bit pissed off went to sleep.

The next day everything was back to normal.

The following week I again went from work to my mates and when I got in I tried my luck again and although she seemed reluctant she ended up wanking me off saying she was too tired for anything else.

The following morning I was cleaning up in the kitchen when i saw a receipt, I glanced at it to see if it was to be kept or could be binned and it was for a small amount but what struck me was it was from the small chemist near to her work. I wondered what she'd brought as it seemed a bit odd, all of a sudden I felt wary, it was the price of a packet of condoms, a few things started going through my mind which was making me concerned, it all kind of added up, but then I told myself I was being crazy, it could be anything. I knew I couldn't mention it as it'd make me look over the top, so I pushed it to the back of my mind. The seed of doubt had been sown though.

All morning at work it was going through my mind, so I decided to put my mind at ease, I'd test her out. I rang her and told her I'd be late home from work. I finished early and parked a safe distance from her work. At the time she was due to finish, the building emptied, leaving just the bosses car there, as we lived near she always walked and I had definately not seen her leave. My heart was pounding but I kept telling myself it is perfectly innocent. After about 10 mins I saw the boss come out and get in his car, he then drove it into the delivery bay of the building with the doors closing down behind him. My heart was pounding now as I suddenly realised I was probably right to be concerned.I just sat there, stareing at the building wondering what on earth my pretty girlfriend was doing in there with her boss. He was 40 and to be honest, looked it.

After some time, probably an hour, his car appeared out of the delivery doors and drove to the main doors, then, out of the doors stepped my girlfriend, she locked the doors and got into the passenger seat and then they drove off, I followed just looking at the figure in the passenger seat the whole time not really sure what to think, I felt cold and my heart was still thumping. They pulled up at our house and I stopped a little behind, my girlfriend jumped out and went in as he drove off. I almost felt dissapointed he didnt follow her in as I also knew I still hadn't actually seen anything so didnt know anything for sure. I got out the car and went in, she was shocked to see me thinking I'd be much later, but I didnt pick up any guilt or concern from her. I was stuck what to think.

She said she was going to have a shower and I noticed she'd left her phone on the side so the moment I heard her get in the shower I was straight into her phone going through all her messages but there was absolutely nothing. After she'd done in the bathroom I said I was going to have a wash (and try and get my head together), as I put my clothes in washing basket I saw her underwear there, I looked at the knickers and there was no sign of cum but they did seem very wet. I knew if I confronted her she'd just deny, I felt I had to know for sure and I had to trap her to get an admission.

That night I didnt sleep I just lay there with it ticking over my mind. I told her I was going to my mums the next day so would definately be late home.

I took the next day off work and parked up by her work place just watching the building, not sure what I expected to see, at lunch time I saw her go out and walk down to the row of shops and go into the chemist, she came out with nothing, obviously if she'd got anything it was in her handbag, she went in a few other shops and then headed back. At her finishing time once again everybody left except her and her boss. This time his car stayed outside. Again it was a good hour or so until they came out. They got in his car, he dropped her home and off he went.

I still had nothing concrete to go on but I felt certain she was fucking around. I knew I needed to get this sorted as it was messing my head and life up. I went for a drink and decided, just to go for a confrontation. I felt if I just burst in and told he I knew what she was doing then she might confess. So I did.

Straight away she was furious, told me I was wrong and how dare I, so for some reason I lied and said 'well how come a mate of mine told me he saw you buying condoms from the chemist at lunch time?' I blagged it and the shock on her face told me everything. I'd got her, she then said it was bullshit, but the look on her face had given her away, so I stuck with it, "he was teasing me kept saying I was in for a good time tonight as he saw you buy them" I could see the fear in her eyes and the look of trying to work out what to say, "I did buy them for us, you fucking idiot" "so where are they? Just admit this, I just need this sorted, stop fucking my head up" This went on, very heated, tears from me, anger from her, until she quietly whispered "I cant do this to you, I'm so sorry, I never wanted to hurt you" The admission I wanted, I felt relieved but so hurt, "fuck off" I stormed out. Having walked for a bit the hurt turned to anger, I needed to know what had happened and how often.

I went back she was sat in the dark, red eyed, she just looked at me. "I need to know everything, you need to tell me what happened", she looked almost pitiful as she said "what happened was a mistake, I love you and dont want to lose you, I'll do whatever it takes, anything you want", "Just tell me what happened, was it your boss?" She looked down and barely whispered "yeah". How many times? "I don't know, a few" How many I demanded, "I dont know, a fair bit" "Full sex?" She nodded. "Oral?" She nodded, always looking down, "by you, him or both?" "Both" "Did you ever just give him a blowjob?" "yeah" My mouth was bone dry, my heart was thumping, I was shivering, I felt so cold.

"Did he finish in your mouth?" "Why do you need to know all this, it's just making it worse, I'm so sorry, I love you, please lets not talk about it, I'll never go back there, just me and you, I'll make it up to you, please"

"I need to know, did he cum in your mouth?" She swallowed hard "yeah"

"more than once" "yeah" How many times? "5 or 6" Did you wank him off? "Yeah" Often? she nodded, "during the day, he'd say he needed a hand and he'd take me to a hidden part of the warehouse and I'd toss him off, please, leave it now, Ive fucked up on a major scale but I'll do anything"

I told her I needed to be alone, I told her she needed to sleep in the spare room so I could get my head round it all. I went to bed, thousands of thoughts going through my head. As I lay there I realised I was feeling a bit turned on. I called through the wall to her " I need to know more or else I'm not going to get through this, I need to know how it started and what happened otherwise I may as well leave now, I need it cleared up in my mind" Reluctantly she said ok. "How did it start then?" "can I come in with you?" I told her I needed to be alone but I needed these questions answered.

She told me how he had flirted with her a lot from her first day and she'd ignored it but felt flattered, he would compliment her when she had a short skirt or a low cut top and she started to like his comments but it was all just a laugh to her, she admitted that she sometimes wore things purposely to get a reaction from him.

One friday afternoon, most people had gone home when he buzzed through to her and asked her to go into the warehouse for a stock check, there was nothing unusual in this.

As they were alone doing this he stepped up the flirting and complimenting her, saying he'd love to pinch her round arse, she said she jokingly turned round and bent forward not expecting him to do anything, she was surprised when she felt his hand firmly squeeze her arse cheek which made her stand up straight quickly, only he didnt stop, he pulled her closer to him with his other hand and they just stood there for a moment or two with him squeezind her bum. He then turned her round to face him and lent in to kiss her, she immediately returned the kiss and it quickly became very passionate as his tongue slipped into her readily accepting mouth. He pulled her top up and pulled her tits out of her top, squeezing and caressing them, he moved her hand onto his crotch and she said she straight away started groping his hard cock through his trousers, he then slid his hnd into the slit of her skirt and straight into her knickers.

By now she said she was totally caught up in the moment and forgot all about me.

She was stood in her work place, tits out, skirt hitched up and her bosses fingers sliding in and out of her.He then got himself out and she straight away started wanking him, it was all very frantic and passionate, she was wanking him hard and fast and he was fingering her, he then asked her to suck him, she said she suddenly realised quite the situation she was in and become slighty reluctant, she carried on wanking him, but then he stopped fingering her and pushed down on her shoulders, at this point she said she just slid down to her knees and he pushed his hard cock into her welcoming mouth, she said she sucked and licked his cock hungrily until she could feel his whole body tense and then he let all he had shoot into her mouth hitting the back of her throat as she swallowed, he was holding her head tightly making sure she swallowed it all.

Whilst she was telling me all of this I was becoming very turned on, my heart was still pounding and I still felt so cold but I was wierdly enjoying it despite the hurt it was also causing. I was feeling so confused. I was having to constantly tell her I needed to hear everything, I needed to hear all of the truth no matter how bad, so I could get my head round it.

Over the coming weeks, there was many ups and downs, many arguements and it was a very tough time, not helped by my confused feeling about it all. We had big problems as when she went to quit her job they made it very difficult, we agreed she didnt need to tell them that I knew about any affair as he was married and it was best she just leave, quickly and quietly, they were insistent if she left she would have to pay money for trainig she had recieved. Foolishly I let her persuade me she should go back and she would keep out of trouble. Before long, I suspected she was up to no good again (rightly so as it happened) we had more rows and I gave her the ultimatum, me or the job.

She never went back, we are married with kids, she has confessed to everything, I admitted getting off on it and we have been visitors to swing clubs on rare occasions. She has also fucked about a bit more with others and then told me all about it. She did join a few sites like this but didnt like the constant messaging which usually never got anywhere so she prefers to just have her fun meeting naturally in a pub or night club etc so it doesnt happen as much as I'd like anymore. Sometimes I regret forcing her to leave her job, as now I'm more comfortable with it I could have got a lot of enjoyment from it all.

Ive just seen how much this has dragged on, I do apologise, If anyone wants to hear more then let me know, obviously there wouldnt be the need for the background so could just get on with the point a bit more.

I'm not a writer so my grammar is probably not what it should be but critism is never a bad thing.