Written by D

2 Apr 2013


This is a true story about my wife and myself, it all started some years ago my wife who is 20 years younger than me was a firm believer in god and the sanctity of marriage and belonged to a certain group who visit you on Saturday mornings if you know what I mean, anyway she had left me a couple of times after finding out I was looking at porn etc, id never had an affair or cheated but I was looking at porn online including chat rooms, sex wasn't great between us me preferring to wank she was always willing to fuck but it was me the problem I didn't realise what it was at the time and was really jealous if she talked to anyone else we hit a real bad period and one morning during a row she said she wanted to live her life to go out with people her own age I asked if she meant sleep with others and she blurted out she already had then she went off out I was gutted when she came back I asked her for details of who, did I know him etc she told me it was a lorry driver who had fucked her and it was over I was jealous hurt but felt really strange and pushed her on the bed and fucked her myself, she was really wet which I thought was excitement I latter found out she was seeing another guy and he had fucked her that morning and I was eating his cum and didn't know it. the cheating carried on me not knowing for a few weeks and then I found some texts between them I was gutted again and thought it was over the group she was with disowned her when they found out anyway after a big row she said she loved me and she was sorry so we carried on it was difficult at first but the sex was great but I was asking her what she'd done to the others it really excited me I started asking her if she fancied anyone else and she said the lorry driver who fucked first she thought was gorgeous and if he hadn't been married she would have left me for him I was hurt but strangely turned on by this and I encouraged her during our sex to think of him and eventually told her to contact him which she did on the Friday and they arranged a meet on the Monday I was so excited I wanted to fuck but she said no she wanted to keep her cunt clean for him I had wank after wank on Sunday night I helped her choose the underwear for him stockings sussies open crotch panties etc she was so excited the next day came I was so excited but as the time got near they had arranged I started to wish I hadn't agreed to let her I phoned her later and she was so upset he hadn't turned up so that was the end of that, I tried to console her but for a time she was gutted so I asked if there was anyone else she fancied she told me there was a guy another driver who she said made her knickers wet just by talking to her I said ask him she said no he wouldn't be interested but about 2 months later they passed each other on the road so he stopped and chatted her up and she said she'd meet him in his lorry later you can guess he fucked her after she had given him a blow job in his sleeper cab, when she got home she came to me and kissed me and said lick me out I dropped to my knees lifted her dress and pulled her wet panties down and tasted his cum in her cunt I went to pull away but she held me there making me lick her out, she told about how she sucked his cock and it tasted nicer than my cock does, then how she sat on it sliding down his length it was heaven she said, she told me he was bigger than me so it did hurt at first but it was a nice hurt, I could taste him in her cunt which was a strange and humiliating taste but I couldn't stop eating her cunt it made her cum on my tongue, she then told me he wants me to spend the night with him at an hotel, I said I wasn't sure that was right but she said it's going to happen.