Written by Helen

22 Nov 2017

I wrote about my experiences thanks to a female friend of my husband's and was now being pushed down a particular road I didn't want to go, simply because a Chinese guy took some very compromising photos of me enjoying myself with 2 young Chinese men. I had to agree to work part time at a Chinese restaurant as payback.

The text eventually came telling no me where and when I had to report for work. I replied agreeing and asked what time I would be finished. The reply was 'when we say'. I arrived at the restaurant at 8.00 and was shown up a back stair to the first floor by an east European woman. We walked down a corridor and into what one could only describe as a bedroom. The woman told me to take off all my clothes and she would return with my uniform. True to her word she did just that, but you certainly couldn't call it a uniform. It consisted of a skimpy bra, which was one size to small and saying it enhanced by boobs was an understatement. Stockings, suspenders and a minute thong followed. She had also brought 3 or 4 pairs of black high shoes, as no one new my size. I felt like a hooker, but there was also a bit if excitment at the back of my mind.

Dressed to kill, I was led into a large room set out with probably a dozen tables with 6 chairs at each one. I was introduced to my fellow hostesses all kitted out in similar attire. I chatted away for about 15 minutes and learned that they all got paid for doing this and were surprised that I was unaware of what I could potentially earn. There were 2 other newbies in the group, so the manager set out exactly what was expected and what the rewards could be. I would be given a table to look after and there would be 6 men at the table. My role was to keep their glasses filled as they played cards, because the more they drank, the more they would gamble. Then the bombshell. The man with the most winnings fucked the hostess- me. There was very little I could do about this now, as the men filtered in. Each girl stood at their allocated table and the men would basically chose the hostess rather than the table. Only enough men arrived for 5 of the tables, which apparently was quite normal.

Drinks supplied, my 6 guys had started to play cards, with what seemed to be quite high stakes. As the night wore on the guys were getting quite drunk and as I refilled their glasses their hands were wondering. By 12 midnight the table was down to just 4 players and by 2.00 it was down to 2. I hoped at this stage it wouldn't last much longer, but it went on for another hour and a half, eventually finishing with a winner, who was about 40 with a large belly and not that tall. Mine was the last table to finish, as I lead the winner through to the 'bedroom'. My winner was only too aware that I was the prize and as we walked trough his hand was already on my bum, inching under the back of the thong. He stood in front of the bed and told me to strip him. I took his shirt and tie of first, followed by his sock and shoes and finally his trousers, leaving him standing in front of me in his boxers. He then told me to strip completely and lay on the bed. He finally took off his boxers to reveal a really thick cock. There was no foreplay, he just pushed that monster into me. It was really quite painful, but thank goodness it was all over in just a few minutes. He stood up, got dressed saidvthanks and off he went. I lay there clutching my aching pussy, when the boss lady came with my day clothes. She said, ' you proved very good tonight and did a good job. Here are your clothes and your wage". I put on my clothes and went downstairs into the dark restaurant. The doorman told me my cab had just arrived.

I sat in the cab, my oussy still full of another mans semen, as I wondered what I was going to say to my husband. How could I explain me returning home at nearly 6 in the morning. I decided to open the envelope to see what my pay was. The envelope wasn't very thick so thought maybe £40 or £50 if I was lucky. I was shocked when I took out 4 notes, all £100. There was a note in the envelope explaining how it was arrived at. It was a percentage of the winnings.

I went straight to the bathroom and washed thoroughly and then crept into the bedroom. Hubby was sound asleep thank goodness, so didn't have to explain myself. The big question is what do I do now. Money, pain or marriage. I'll sleep on it