Written by Carolyn B

15 Aug 2015

My name is Carolyn, i'm 29 slim, blond and quite attractive I think, and have been married to Paul who is ten years older than me for eight years now. Paul is steady reliable, and to be frank a little dull, and I have sometimes wondered whether I married him primarily for the security he provides. We both work for the same company and in January the firm put on a belated Christmas party with entertainment and a free bar at a local club. Paul isn't much of a conversationalist and not normally much of a drinker, but because the drink was free the tight bastard was chucking it down his neck as if there was no tomorrow. Inevitably he got paralytic very quickly and collapsed. We rung a taxi but they wouldn't take him because of the state he was in then just as the taxi was driving away, one of Paul's colleagues called Mick saw I was upset and offered to drive us home. Mick had only started at the company a couple of months previously and is tall, fortyish, very handsome and black. We put Paul in the back of the car and drove home. Mick then lifted Paul out of the car, carried him upstairs and dumped him on our bed before coming downstairs. I thanked him for his help and he said no problem but can I ask what a beautiful sexy lady like you is doing married to a sad deadbeat like Paul. I stammered that it was none of his business and that I was very happily married to which he replied "I don't believe you" before kissing me hard on the lips and sliding his tongue inside my mouth. He then asked whether i'd like to fuck and I said I couldn't while Paul was upstairs so he suggested we go to his place where he'd love to fuck me all night long. I groaned with pleasure at the thought of this and Mick began to undress me, when I was naked he began to finger my cunt which has never felt so wet before, carrying me still naked to his car. The rest of the night was a blur, Mick fucked me all night long with his beautiful,black cock stretching me like never before. In the morning we had a shower together then Mick fucked my virgin arsehole for the first time telling me I was now his sexy anal slut. After reaming my tight ring out for what seemed like hours I was desperate to pee but when I told him he encouraged me to piss while his cock was still wedged tight in my arse, I felt so wanton and such a slut. When he'd spunked what seemed like gallons of spunk inside my arse the kinky bastard told me that he needed to piss now and how did I fancy being his piss slut as well as his arse slut. I found myself saying you piss anywhere you want you kinky bastard and he proceeded to first of all hose my tonsils with his hot, salty piss before wedging his cock inside my arsehole and hosing my stinging back passage . Later that day he took me to have my cunt shaved and my nipples pierced and the word arse slut tattooed on my back. We then went back to my house and in front of my wimp of a husband Mick buggered me relentlessly and pissed in my mouth telling Paul that I was now his bitch. Needless to say my virile black lover soon tubbed me up and I spent most of my pregnancy making anal porn movies with Mick and his big dicked friends. The moral of the story has to be, be careful how much you drink at the works Christmas party!