Written by HornyCpl

1 Jun 2017

My cousin called that morning and said he would be in our area overnight on his way by car to a conference, and asked if he could stay with us. I hadn't seen him in about ten years, but said we would be happy to have him. My wife asked what he was like and I told her he was in his early 30s by now, but when he was at university, he was fit and charming, and had been known as a 'cocks man'. Her eyes lit up at that, but before she could ask, I confirmed I would enjoy watching her indulge with him.

Tom had eaten dinner on the way and arrived about 8. We sat in the lounge catching up with my wife enjoying listening to our stories and joining in with some mild flirting. Tom definitely noticed, but looked like he wasn't sure how serious she was nor my reaction. When she went to the kitchen to refill our wine glasses for the second time, he lowered his voice and asked if she was flirting with him. When I confirmed it, he then asked my reaction. He gave me a knowing smile when I told him I was the understanding sort and accepted that wives from time to time needed confirmation of their allure as a woman from a man other than her husband,

When she returned with full glasses for each of us, he turned his attention to her and they soon were in full flirting mode. The wine in their glasses seemed to vanish quickly. He then looked at me and said he was tired from the long drive and needed to get to bed. As we all stood, he looked at my wife and asked her to show him to his room. They went up while I cleaned up and closed up the house for the night.

When I walked into our bedroom, she was nowhere to be seen - as I had expected; so I stripped down to my boxers, brushed my teeth, and then walked down the hallway to the guest room. By that time, they had had about 15 minutes alone, enough time, as I noticed when I peaked into the guest room, for them to get totally naked with she on her back, knees raised, legs spread, and clutching the back of his head as he lay between her legs eating her cunt with great gusto.

I sat in the small easy chair near the lower corner of the bed which gave me a perfect angled view. By now she was moaning quite steadily as he ravished her with his mouth. She was rapidly approaching a climax for she had now transitioned into panting and grunting, pushing her groin hard against his mouth. Another few moments and her hips started jerking as she gave out several squeals and hammered his shoulders with her clenched hands. To his credit, even though her jerking hips made it difficult to keep his mouth in place, he managed to do and ate her through an intense orgasm.

When he raised his head whilst she recovered her composure, he noticed me sat there watching. He gave me a smile of acknowledgement, then ignored me. When he asked if she was ready for him, I heard say, "Yes, but me on top." He rolled onto his back. She straddled his hips and slowly impaled herself on his hard cock. When she had his cock seated up her to her satisfaction, she proceeded to fuck him holding herself up on her arms with her hands on either side of his head.

She fucked him with slow and powerful circular movements of her hips. He caressed her hanging breasts and tweaked her nipples. She was staring straight ahead with her head upright, intent on her approaching climax. She fucked him like that, slowly increasing the power of her movements, which I knew so well from her fucking him the same way when she's on top.

Then, after five or six minutes, her hip movements speeded up and she started breathing heavily. Another minute and she started panting. He head rolled more upright and she went into the female equivalent of the 'short strokes' by rapidly moving her hips fore and aft. She announced her orgasm with short wails and hip jerks. He accommodated her by fucking his hips up into her, trying to shove his cock further up.

The long fucking by her on top must have gotten him very close for he came right after her, jerking his hips and grunting his own come. They continued fucking each other for a short while, then their movement gradually subsided. When she was finished, she dropped her upper body onto his chest, and they lay there breathing hard.

By now, my cock was like steel and I needed to come. When they rolled apart to lie next to each other as they finished recovering, I knelt at the foot of the bed and started up between her legs. She raised her head and smiled at me, then turned to him as she parted her legs and told him it was my turn, but he should remain where he was.

He smiled in anticipation as he moved to the edge of the bed to give us more room. I quickly got between her legs, quickly slid my cock up her all the way, and enjoying the feel of another man's hot cum around my cock before proceeding to fast fuck her. I came in less than a minute, not even attempting to give her a come as this was purely for my own relief. We cuddled briefly before pulling out. I kissed her good night and told them to enjoy themselves.

I went to bed and about a half hour later, she slipped naked under the bedcovers and draped her body half over mine as I lay on my back, which is my favourite post-sex position. She rubbed her cunt against my upper thigh and I could feel the slippery wetness of male cum smearing my skin. She reeked of sex and I loved it, sniffing in deeply as we cuddled. I asked her if she enjoyed herself, and she just purred with contentment.

A few hours later I awoke needing to pee, and she was not in bed - at least not ours. I walked down the hallway and used that loo. and afterward, I looked into the guest room and saw her in his bed on her back being aggressively fucked. From her noises, I could tell she was close, so I watched from the doorway. As I watched, they exploded in an almost simultaneous climax. I returned to bed and was about to fall asleep when she slipped in next to me. I said to her I expected she would remain in his bed for the rest of the night, but she said she didn't want to spoil him on his first visit.

We awoke to the alarm since I needed to go to work and he needed to continue his drive. We had breakfast together, Tom and I dressed for the day, and she still in her dressing gown. I was late and left them at table finishing their breakfast. When I returned that afternoon, she greeted me at the door with a wicked smile, thanked me for letting her indulge with Tom, then took me to bed.

As we enfolded each other in bed naked in a legs entwined embrace, she told me how he fucked her again upstairs, this time in our bed, and then took her for a 'quickie' with her bent over the arm of the sofa on his way out the door. She knew the effect of telling that to me and I didn't disappoint. We had a nice pre-dinner fuck, and talked about all of it whilst eating and afterward with wine in our lounge.