Written by aliobaby

26 Apr 2012

Well its Thursday the day after our last meet.

The last time i gave details of the run up to yesterdays met and here is how it went down.

We checked into the hotel and i slipped down to meet my master, He had brought a bottle of champagne for Michelle. He was texting all day and had arranged to get a room in the same hotel as he was working and was too tired to head home late.

Any way as instructed Michelle prepared herself for her Lover and put on sexy red heels and sexy red dress.

She was to meet him down in the bar and as agreed with my master he would sit in a place where i could spy from the top floor balcony down onto them. I watched as he stroked her, kissed her and treated her as his property right down in the middle of the hotel bar. She loved it all

As agreed Terry told her to take off her panties in the toilet and give them to him, she did , i saw her hand them over before he started kissing her again.

After that i went to my room to wait and it was 90 minutes before she returned.

She tied me up and changed into the out fit she had gotten for her lover.

Shortly after that he let himself into the room with the key she had given him.

I heard them kissing and playing before he pulled down my blind fold to show me my wife lying on the bed. PINK stockings, pink basque and pink shoes to please her lover. He had asked for pink and never told me and she got it all for him.

He was going to give her a massage and ordered me over to remove her stockings as he kissed her. Then he told me to remove her pink knickers and basque until she was naked.

Terry massaged her for ages and i could hear her moan as he teased her all over.

Telling her to move to the side of the bed he told me to get down between her legs and make her wet for his cock. I at once obeyed and she was soaking wet. I kicked and ate her until she came while holding my head and sucking his cock.

Once she came he stood up and told her to get onto her knees and suck him. He pulled me me over beside her and i watched her suck him deep. She never ever does that for me..

I was kneeling beside her and she turned to me and french kissed me deeply making me taste his cock from her tongue.

After a few minutes he told her get on the bed and he put his cock at the entrance to her pussy and held it there.

Looking at me he said now cucky get the fuck out of here so i can fuck your wife, yes she shouted get out i need cock and i need it now.

I moved to the door but stopped to look back, she shouted get the fuck out cucky.

Seems she had been looking up the sites he told her to look up.

I left them for 1 hour as i was told to do.

When i got back he was still fucking her and she was cumming and cumming. i sat down but he told me get up and let her suck me for a bit. Not too long and he laughed as he carried on fucking her.

He then said here it is baby and shot his load deep up inside my wife.

Quick as a flash he jumped up and pinned down her shoulders, pushing me down he said now cucky clean that pussy. She tried to squirm away but he was having none of it and made sure i got it all.

Then we had a break before she sucked him hard and he fucked her from the back making her cum again and again.

she met him at 8.30 in the bar and came up at 10. He was fucking her from around 11 until 1am and left to go to his room.

WE SAT AND CHATTED FOR ABOUT 1 HOUR as she cleaned herself up. mostly i just listened and agreed. she stood up and slipped back on the red dress and shoes. What is up i asked as she picked up her bag and smiled.

now she said i am off to Terry's room and to his bed , you will wait here for me until i get back cucky and she left.

She has told me today that as soon as she was in the door he stripped her naked and took her in every way. they did 69 with her on top and he took her from behind while spanking her hard. She came and came.

I tried to text his phone but he would not respond so i rang it and it rang out.

I was frantic with desire, fear, sexual tension so much i nearly cried.

1 hour later she came back in the door wearing nothing but a towel and carrying her shoes and clothes in her hands.

She just smiled at me climbed onto the bed, opened her legs and said do it cucky,

I did as she bid and licked hr clean from all their juices until she came 1 last time.

I swear she was asleep before i even wiped my chin.

She looked great and my cock was hard so i eased it into her and shot my load in seconds.

She did not stir or seem to even feel it, I looked down and saw it leaking from her pussy knowing it would make her sticky in the morning.

Will i risk it and leave it i thought, No i feared her reaction and his too as i had been told it was not mine to fuck so i ever so gently sucked and licked my sleeping wife clean.

Next morning she woke up late and he had left so she was cross at me for allowing her sleep.

He texted me and said nice one cucky really enjoyed her in my bed.

I asked him why he did nor answer his phone to me and he said she threw it on the floor, He said she told him he fucking wanted this and now he can have it. Said she wanted to be held, kissed and stroked by him and she told him she was in his bed to do as he wanted in any way and he did.

He told me he fucked her tight little arse hole and it was i knew a virgin hole but not any longer.

It was the best night ever and she is asleep now but i am sure she will soon arrange more time with Terry.

He told me he knows i am off in June for 1 week fishing and she has mentioned it to him tha maybe just maybe they can have more time together.

Finally he texted me again this evenibg thanking me for the use of his lover and telling me that she is my wife and always will be.

Dear god i want this to continue but so does she and she seems to want more and more.]

I can not wait till next time.