Written by Milf lover

10 Jan 2008

I've fancied my mother in law for the past 15 years & finally had my wicked way on new years day.

She's 61 now but still looks great,6ft tall,long slim legs & beautiful arse which she shows

off by always wearing tight pants & lycra shorts.Also she has magnificent,full,38DD tits.

(looked in her underwear drawer once or twice)she's basically an older version of my wife

with dark hair instead of blonde,bigger tits & ever so slightly fatter arse.

Her hubby is a lorry driver & spends a lot of time away.As she only lives round the corner she

spends quite a bit of time at ours.I'm not 1 to brag but i have a fit & toned body & every time

i was shirtless she was there.I could see her looking out of the corner of my eye & when i looked

at her she'd look away.Everytime i did a job on the house she came to watch,especially when it was hot.

This went on for the first few years & i wanked myself silly thinking about her.I usually wear shorts

around the house & when i knew the mother in law was coming i wore my shortest shorts with no under wear

then positioned myself on the chair with my leg over the arm.I knew where she was going to sit & she'd have

the perfect view of my shaved balls & 7" cock. Sure enough,in she came,followed by my wife.I had to move

my leg cause i didn't want the wife to see me flashing her mother.They both sat down,her mum in her usual

seat & chatted for a few minutes. My wife went upstairs to get changed & i innocently changed position in

my seat,draping my leg over the arm again exposing my cock & balls.I didn't look in her direction but saw

her face in the mirror's reflection.Her eye's were out on stalks.She even slid up the settee a little to get

a better view. I could see her big nipples poking through her lacy bra & thin blouse & felt my cock begin to

go hard. This went on for years & still does.The odd time she'd come round in a skirt,on 4 occasions with

stockings on!! Trouble is she always came when the wife was in.If i called at her house,hubby was always home.

I'd then go & have a wank in their loo & rub some of my cum into her pink toothbrush.I have also given her a

cup of tea with some cum stirred in.I've also pee'd in her tea & strangley when i do she say's"That's the

best brew i've had in ages." She leaves her keys here when she goes away.I went round & found her vibrator.

It was quite small & chrome coloured.

I found a used pair of lacy nickers on top of the wash pile.I could smell her juices on them.I stripped naked,

lubed up her robocock & lay back on her bed.I gently pushed her dildo up my arse,draped her used panties on my face

& started to wank.I lay there for about an hour & it's the best wank i've had in ages.

She came round on new years day.I heard her come in a say to my wife,"can i use your loo?" "yes,there's no-one

in there,i'm just popping next door." she said. At this point i was outside the bathroom door.All i had on was tracksuit

bottoms & a T-shirt. Quick as a flash i was in the bathroom stripped off. I could hear her mum coming up the

stairs which made my cock start to twitch. I turned to face the door & reached into the shower as though i was

just about to turn it on. As the door opened i looked into the shower pretending i hadn't seen her.I then

turned & walked away from her to the sink so she could see my arse. I then splashed my face with water & dried

my face as i walked back toward the door.I lowered the towel from face level to see her still standing there.

I lowered the towel quite quickly & i thought i saw her hand rubbing her pussy through her pants.I acted

shocked & said something like "Sorry,didn't see you there.Would you like to use the bathroom?" She was Speechless

& just nodded. " go ahead,i'll wait" i Said. "thanks" she said. I had no intention of leaving the room.She'd seen

plenty of me so i wanted to see more of her.

She walked over to the loo,stood there ready to drop her pants & looked at me expecting me to go.I just shook my

head,pushed the door closed & said "Go on then." She paused,the shrugged her shoulders & pulled down her tight

jogging bottoms to reveal a sexy white thong.Then down came the thong to show off her neatly trimmed pussy.

Just a triangle of black pubes at the top. I could see her 61yr old clit poking out from between her pussy lips.

Without realising i had started to stroke my cock & Only knew when her mum said "you shouldn't really be doing that!"

"I probably shouldn't do this either then" i said. I walked over & stopped with my cock about 2 inches from her face.

Then i lifted up her sweatshirt to look at her tits.I slipped my left hand into her right bra cup & tweaked her hard

nipple. I could feel her hot breath on my cock.As i tweaked her nipple she moaned quietly.I decided to go further &

let my other hand travel down to feel her soft pussy.She didn't seem to object.I stroked her pussy then reached further

& Stroked her tight ass hole with my index finger while my middle finger found its way into her wet pussy.All of a sudden

she clamped my hand with her legs,looked at me,smiled & then pissed all over my hand.I thought "yes,she's as dirty as her daughter."

My wife & i have tried & loved just about everything over the years including W/S.My first thought was "i hope she

takes it up the arse" as my missus loves it.She finished her piss then released her grip.I stood upright,massive hard on

pointing right at her face.She stuck out her tongue & licked my shaft from the base to the tip & back down again.She sucked

both my balls into her mouth in turn,then she licked back up to the top & took just my bell end into her mouth at first,

she slowly went down on my cock til i could feel her throat on my bell end & my balls on her chin.I held her soft face in my

hands & gently fucked her face.After a few minutes a said i'm gonna cum.she stuck out her tongue & wanked me Til i covered her

tongue in cum.It was the horniest thing i've ever seen.My gorgeous mother in law with a mouthful of my cum."We should really

stop & get dressed" She said.She's gonna be back in a minute."fair enough" i said."Can you move i need a piss?" "NO.I want you to

do it between my legs & i want to hold it" "No worries." i said. She held my semi hard cock & i started to pee.She altered her

aim so i was pissing on her pussy.Then she said"can you stop midstream?" I did,to answer her question.She aimed my cock at her

mouth & said "can you squirt just a little in my mouth without wetting my jumper?" I did as she asked & she swilled round in her

mouth before she swallowed & said "1 more please." By now i was running out of pee.There was just a few drops left which she

sucked out with joy.Just then we heard the sound of the back door,I grabbed my clothes & legged it to the bedroom.

When i went downstairs they were both chatting as normal.My wife turned & smiled,as she did her mum looked at me & licked her

lips.I'm off work for a day or 2 this week & told this to her mum as i saw her to the door.She just said "Friday?" & i nodded.

I can't fucking wait.I'll tell you all about it when she's been...