Written by Toni

24 Mar 2009

My boyfriend Steve is lovely but at times too nice and boring,take Sunday last he was playing on the computer while I cleaned the bathroom, shaven my legs and trimmed my minge, well nearly totally shaved it actually. Which never fails to turn me on. Having done that I walked through to the bedroom naked, he didn’t even look up. I put on my tiny forrest green bikini bottoms and green bikini top, a really old frayed blue denim mini skirt and a old sweatshirt , and went out to my car with the intention of cleaning it properly but I got bored… but as it was so nice and sunny there was no way I was going to spend it indoors. Steve would be watching the rugby later so I decided id go for a walk down by the river on my own and do the 5 mile circular walk. I swapped my old blue denim for my favourite little white denim one and put a smart black polo on in place of my old scruffy thing and put my hair up in a big butterfly clip. I decided trainers were safer and more comfy for my walk. It was beautiful, probably the first day of spring and a few others were out with dogs as I crossed the field and on down to the boat-dyke. Once past this there was no one in sight for a mile or two , so I took off my polo top and felt my nipples swell in the cool breeze, then pulled the bikini bottoms high out of my skirt until they were really tight across my puss and untied both sides and pulled them gently forward up and out of my skirt. Folding them into a small square and tied the up and put them into my polo top. The air around my vagina always turns me on and it was extra rude today because I was turned on and newly shaven.the sun then went in and I put my polo top back on and walked the next mile or so, when suddenly realized id dropped my bikini bottoms. And I was also busting for the loo too. Up ahead was the Bridge pub where I had worked about ten years ago, but I hadn’t brought any money with me. But I only really wanted the loo.Once in the door I was greeted by my old boss Graham, bit of a letch but nice with it. He used to employ good looking girls and didn’t provide a uniform as he said he hoped we would wear something more revealing than he ought to supply, which in the main was true! In fact he used to say the more flesh the greater the tips!! And that was true too.Anyway he gave me a big hug and a peck on my cheek and unclipped my butterfly hair clip and dropped it to the floor , oops he said and picked it up.He got me a drink but he and the two girls were really busy. Suddenly about 15 lads came in and I felt crowded and I could feel my crossed legs getting tighter as the surrounded me.I didn’t want to go and sit outside as the bench would mark my skirt and I couldn’t sit on the bar stool for obvious reasons. Graham shouted give me a hand for a few mins Toni I will make it right with you. So I went behind the bar and helped pull the pints for Graham.Id forgotten how hot it is behind the bar, with the lights and fridges, they actually blow hot air. We girls installed a cooling fan by the tills and I was glad to see it was still there. After about 20 mins Graham went off to the cellar to change and move a couple of barrels. When he returned he thanked me and gave me another hug and a grope of my bum. Oy that’s cheeky I said., and he gave me 30quid. And said you are a star ands worth every penny. He is such a bad boy the pub is just a toy to him, he’s made his money and just eats and drinks for free and sleeps with as many bar staff as he can. But he’d never had me! Let me show you how things have changed since you left he said, so off we went to the kitchens and restaurant and eventually to the door marked private up to the rest rooms, after you he said, no after you I replied, spoil sport he retorted! Hows the job and that useless boyfriend of yours? Both ok thanks I replied. Once upstairs he showed me how much tidier everywhere looked and he just came out with it. Toni I must have you, name your price!! Now way I replied, for a start that has conitations!! Look on it as a gift, was it Demi Moore in indecent proposal wasn’t it. Just a kiss then, I had fancied him but never let him know it, so basically we had a kiss then another then a snog, he started mawling my boobs and mumbled 50 quid, NO, 100, don’t be silly I replied. By now he had his hands inside my top fumbling away, with one hand and the other was in my hair whilst he went for my neck with his kissing.There was no turning back now. He unbuttoned my skirt and it just fell to the floor, and my pride and joy was there on display. Im really proud of my pussy , I have a defined pubic bone and puffly long droopy outer labia, with dark long inner lips, and my clitoris swells and pouts bright red when im really randy. Graham dropped his shorts and calvins in one movement and steered me to the settee and said hold the arm as he guided himself in deep from behind, not my favourite position but it was good enough. My un-held boobs were flying in all directions under my polo top. It was all over quite quickly and Graham said so great to see you at last, that was excellent, another drink? Such a charmer. I cant go back down there leaking fany juice everywhere I replied. Oh you want these back then and produced my bikini bottoms. Where did they come from I asked? They were in the butterfly clip as you came in. I see. So that was why you knocked it off my head, yep, so you guessed I was without!! I knew you were, he replied. I can see from the cellar, lots of holes in the floor for the pipes you see. You bastard I replied, he just laughed. I refused anymore money, but left with a big smile……