Written by BlackLiam1

30 Aug 2016

I was at my ex girlfriends house for a barbecue and drinks one sunny August about 7 years ago. It was getting late and a lot of her extended family and friends had left the house by this point so all that was left in the house was my ex, her mum and dad and her 3 younger siblings.

My ex girlfriends mum went into the kitchen and asked me if I would like to have a shot of sambucca with her. I replied and said "yes please" so she went into the glass cabinet and picked out 2 shot glasses and poured us a shot each.

After we had downed our shots we then had a few more and then she asked me if I would like to join her on the trampoline outside in the garden. I was feeling a bit tipsy by this point and I replied with a "yes" and went outside and joined her. After a few jumps on the trampoline I lost my balance and fell over an my ex girlfriends mum fell on top of me and whilst she was laying on me she rubbed her hand over my cock and I was in a bit of shock because her husband of 25 years was outside in the garden and my ex girlfriend too but luckily neither of them had seen this. I was thinking that maybe she has had a few too many drinks and this was an accident.

About an hour later the kids had gone up to bed, my ex girlfriend was fast asleep in the spare room and her dad had gone up to bed as well so me and my ex's mum carried on doing shots of sambucca in the kitchen. The more drunk I was getting the more I was thinking about how I could take advantage of this situation but on the other hand I was also mindful of the consequences of being caught by my then girlfriend of her family members. I looked straight at her realised how stunning she really was, she is a petit blonde, blue eyes and a real MILF and she is. After another few more shots of sambucca she came up to me and kissed me on the lips. Again I was stunned but this time I really knew that she was interested and being a bit drunk I didn't want to let this situation go to waste. I went to the toilet upstairs and checked in all of the bedrooms to see if the rest of my ex girfriends family were all asleep and they were all fast asleep. I came downstairs and said to my ex's mum that "I'm tired" and asked if I crashed on the sofa, she replied and said yes that's fine! I told her that everyone else is asleep and then she said that she will chill out downstairs with me.

I sat down on the sofa and to my amazement she sat down next to me and asked if I would like the duvet to keep me warm, I said yes please and she then put her hands under the duvet started rubbing my cock. By this point my cock was getting hard very quickly. She said to me "just to let you know, I've never been with a black man before". I said to her that I've never been with any of my girlfriends mums before. She winked and smiled at me and then undone my belt, put her hands down my Jeans started wanking my cock. She lent towards me and then we were kissing for a few minutes and she was still stroking my cock. When we stopped kissing I wanted to please her as she had been pleasing me with her stroking my cock so I got down on my knees, opened up her legs and pulled her knickers down and fingered her pussy, she was really enjoying herself. After a few moans of pleasure from her I put my head up her skirt and sucked her pussy. She was rubbing my head and saying my name was so much pleasure and enjoyment. I felt her cum all over my tongue. At this point my black cock was very hard and I wanted to fuck her. She said "do you have any condoms" I replied with a no, she said that's a shame because I want to feel all of your black cock in my pussy. I said to her that we can still fuck if you want but I will pull out before I cum. She said lets just fuck but I want you to cum in my mouth. I sat on the sofa and she took her knickers off and rode my cock, she was enjoying every second and trying not to scream, a few times I had to put my hand over her mouth so that she didn't wake anyone up with her moans of pleasure. After 5 mins of her riding my black cock I could feel the pre-cum ready to shoot out, I whispered to her, "I'm gonna cum. She got on her knees and took every bit of cum in her mouth and said to me "I wish my husband could fuck like you."

I was feeling guilty because my girfriend is in bed upstairs, but at the sametime I knew that this moment would never happen again so I this is my best sexual experience for me and hope you enjoyed my story!