Written by Alex Bl

27 May 2017

See entry on 3 May for first part

“I’m not a tart” said Linda “I've adopted a Bohemian lifestyle. Now fuck me harder”. I did as commanded and fucked her tight arse as hard as I could.

"If you're not a tart” l said. “How come this is the second cock that has been up your arse today; in the past year you have enjoyed fifteen different hard dicks in you - all but one up your bum, which you will rectify the next time you see him - and you are probably going to be involved in a gangbang?”

“As I said. I've adopted a Bohemian lifestyle. Now fuck my arse as hard as you can!” I duly obliged.

Let me explain how this conversation came about. I had been working in Bristol for a couple of weeks, staying with an old girlfriend Sally and had returned to London. I had gone down to Kent to see Linda and to help her with some decorating with the promise of dinner (and hopefully a shag). When I got there she had not long got back from dropping her son round her ex’s for the weekend. “Dirty fucker has just took me up the bum again. That's why I was a bit late.”

“Lucky bastard, I haven't had any in a long time.” I moaned. “Sally not give you any then?” she said. “Naw. She has a new man and until she finds out if he is ok with her playing around she won't do anything. All I got was a feel of her tits and a snog.”

"When I tell you what I said to get Peter (her ex) going you'll be up for a bit too.” She went on to tell me that when she got round there to drop her son John off, one of his friends who lived next door had asked if he wanted to check out the latest game he had got. They disappeared next door and probably wouldn't see anything of him till late that night. “I haven't had any in weeks” Peter said. “Sarah has been working extra shifts at the care home and when I do see her, she is too tired to do anything.”

“Not had much myself recently” said Linda “except for last Tuesday. Though I hope to get a good seeing to when is see Ronnie on Sunday.”

“What happened on Tuesday?” asked Peter. Linda replied “You know Julie has just had a hip replacement and there are some things she can't do for a while and I've been helping her out.” Julie is a friend of Linda’s, a few years older, divorced and has been making her way through the male population of the Medway towns for the last ten years. She has a way to go but has a stable of studs, mostly in thirties or forties, who she services on a regular basis. Julie is a size 12, 44DD tits and a lovely big bum I'd love to get my hands on. The first time I met her it was a warm summer day and she had on a tight low cut top, really tight jeans which emphasised her fantastic arse and a cigarette lighter stuffed down her cleavage which I could not take my eyes off even after I told her about the lighter and she had removed it.

Anyway, Julie had rang Linda to say she needed a bit of help as there was something she couldn't do herself. Since the operation penetrative sex was too painful but a couple of ‘'her boys’ had come to see her and though she had given them a blow job she wondered if Linda could take care of them. A few years ago she wouldn't have dreamt of asking but as Linda had kept her informed about the changes in her lifestyle she thought Linda might be up for it. “Ok, I’ll be right round.” As she only lives just up the street Linda was there in a couple of minutes and let herself in.

She was greeted with the sight of Julie naked in her armchair recliner, one of the guys was kneeling in front of her licking her pussy and she had hold of the others cock giving him a good sucking. “This is Jimmy” pointing to the one whose cock that had been down her throat “and this is Reg”.

“Hi. You must be Linda” said Jimmy. “Julie said you were a bit of alright and she wasn't wrong.” All she got from Reg was a grunt as he kept slurping on the juicy twat his face was buried in. Linda pulled the dress she was wearing over her head, got on her knees and, as he wasn't getting any attention at that moment, unzipped Reg’s jeans pulled them down along with his boxers, got hold of his nice fat cock and began giving it a lick. She soon had most of it down her neck and then felt a hand push her knickers to the side and a couple of fingers slipping into her already moist fanny. “Oh! That feels nice!” Said Reg. “What? My cunt or my tongue?” “Both are fantastic!” Linda then felt a finger stroking her bum hole and soon it slid inside and was getting finger fucked in cunt and arse at the same time, which from personal experience I know she loved.

“I want that cock up my cunt right now!” she demanded. “Anything to oblige.” replied Reg, whereupon he laid her on her back, took her knickers off, put her ankles on his shoulders and guided his cock into her tight wet pussy and then began to pound her hard. “Yes! Give it to me hard! I like it like that! Tweak my nipples!” He had scooped her pert little titties out of her bra and was playing with them. “You can be rougher than that! Really squeeze them, bite them! Yes just like that!” Reg slowed his pace a bit and pulled his dick out of her twat and was rubbing the head on her tight brown hole. “Want to take me up the arse?” “Yes please” he responded.

"You might want some of this." said Julie handing him a tube of lubricant. “Take it easy at first until you are all the way in." said Linda. "Oh yes I like that. Now slowly at first give it all to me. Now harder and faster! Harder! Faster! Harder! Harder! Oh! I'm coming! I'm coming!” she squealed as she came, then felt Reg’s cum squirt up her arse as he came too.

When she came round a few moments later she saw Jimmy kneeling by her head wanking his cock. It was a reasonable size, around eight inches and a reasonable thickness. She reached over and began stroking it for him. “Want me to take care of that for you?” And she leaned over and took it in her mouth and began running her tongue around the helmet. He began playing with her boobs and squeezing her nipples then moved his hand down over her stomach into the trimmed hair on her fanny and stroked her clit, gently at first then a little firmer. Then a finger, then two into her cunt and arse which by now was leaking Reg’s cum.

“Can I fuck your bum too?” She smiled and nodded. “Yes, but cunt first to get it lubed up a bit.” He then rolled her over onto her hands and knees. “I like it doggy.” She looked back over her shoulder at him smiled and said “Me too.” He pushed his cock slowly into her until the full length was there then slowly out and in again several times. At the same time one hand was playing with her left boob and with the other he was gently fingering her bum. He gradually picked up the pace until he was pounding her really hard and had got a finger, then two, then three in her arse. His other hand by now was stroking her clit and she felt another orgasm coming. The fingers came out of her arse and we're replaced with his dick, which he slammed right up her in one go and then kept up the pace he had been using on her cunt, if anything it was getting quicker and her clit was throbbing. Then she was overwhelmed by a massive climax and collapsed on the floor.

When she came round the boys had gone and Julie had got her clothes back on. “Looked like you enjoyed that.” Linda grinned and said “One of the best I ever had. I want to do that again.”

“Well” said Julie. “When I can fuck without it hurting again - which I think that might be another three or four months - I'm going to have a few of the boys round for a good session to make up for lost time; about half a dozen seems right. Fancy joining us?” Linda said she didn't hesitate before saying “Count me in!”

She told me that while she had been telling Peter all this he had been playing with her tits and had slipped a hand into her knickers to play with her fanny and bum hole. “Just like you are doing now. I told him it would have to be a quickie as you were coming down from London. Cunt or arse?” She asked him. "Arse please.”

“I take you want arse too?” she said. “No! Both! And when you and Julie have your gangbang I want to hear all about it. That is if I can't be there. I've wanted to fuck Julie for a long time."

“I know, you dirty fucker. Now give me that cock!”

"I love it that you have become a right tart."

More to come if she goes ahead with the gangbang.