Written by James

12 Jul 2018

My name is James and I'm 32 and at this time i'm divorced, this is what happened a couple of weeks ago after a family party.

The party was for Linda my ex mother in law's it was her 65th birthday, I was invited because I'm still on good terms with the in laws.

The party went very well I spent most of the time with my ex's aunt "Jane" I've always got on well with her.

Let me describe her, she's 67 she doesn't act like it, and she is quite good fun, she is 5' tall and has natural grey hair and has been widowed for about six or seven years,and there has been no other men in her life.

As we were both at the party on our own, it seemed only natural that we danced together, so we did.

After the party finished my mother in law asked if I could make sure 'Jane' got home safely because she was a little worse for wear, I dutifully obliged thinking no more about it.

We arrived at Jane's house and she invited me in, Jane got us some drinks and put on some music, we started to smooch, I don't know why I did it (probably drink) but I found myself caressing her arse, then I put my leg between hers and she started to grind on my leg, I have never thought of Jane in a sexual way EVER but I found myself getting aroused by this little old grey haired lady and my first though was fucking hell I'm going to fuck her tonight.

Now Jane is not one of these women who try to look or dress any younger, but she is in good shape, she is a size 12 and has a fair size pair of tits. The smooching got very passionate very quickly and before we knew where we were Jane had my jeans undone and was playing with my cock she whispered take me to bed, I followed her up the stairs to her bedroom where she done a slow strip tease for me, my cock was now rock hard and although she was a little wrinkled here and there she had a good body, we were both naked at this point I couldn't wait to put my hard cock inside her, I started to lick her clit she was so receptive and arched her back after about ten minute of tongue action she said "make love to me" I slipped my aching cock inside her tight hole, she winched a little as it penetrated, we soon found a gentle rhythm as we fucked, I hadn't had a fuck for about a fortnight and soon shot my load inside her. After an hour or so when I got another hard on we fucked again this time I made sure Jane came first.

I did stay the night but we never fucked again in the morning, Jane wanted to make it regular so I do call around after work everyday and we fuck like hell, I think she has just realized what she was missing as she told me that she hadn't made love since she was in her forties, she is a marvelous fuck and I will keep going round for as long as she wants my cock.

I had never had an older woman before, and now I look at older women differently, although I'll keep fucking Jane for as long as I can, I think how many more older women are aching for a younger cock.

I get on fantastic with my ex mother in law and call around at least once a week for a cup of tea and to see how she is because she's on her own, (she is also a widow). and now I want to fuck her. I'll keep you posted if anything occurs.