Written by sexy anne

7 Aug 2007

Im a little nervous writing this but also quite excited in case any of the people involved ever read it so please bear with me...

My first marriage was to a nice man called Gareth.We were both 19 when we walked down the ailse together.In hindsight we were both too young,but we battled on regardless for the next 4 years or so before we finally seperated and eventually divorced.

During the 4 years of our marriage Gareth was a kind lover but certainly not a great lover,i can count on my hands the number or orgasms he actually gave me.

He was also extremly close with his dad and his dads mate Gerry.They would go to play snooker at least twice a week then walk back to our house and ask me to take his dad and Gerry home.

Gerry was about mid forties during the time and a real womaniser and divorced.Many times he would try and have a sneaky feel of my boobs/ass if he thought he could get away with it.H e would also make sexual comments in a joking way but i knew if i ever gave him an oppurtunity he would jump at it.

Gareth woudl always tell me about the things Gerry would get up to with other women,which made part of me intrigued as to just how good a lover he really was.

These thought started to overwhelm me and i began playing up to Gerrys dirty remarks/comments and found myself begining to dress more sexy every time i took him home after snooker.

Eventually it happened.......Gareth was in hospital for a minor knee operation and as usual Gerry and his dad called in to ask me to take them home.

I was expecting this and made sure i was dressed to impress.

I was wearing a short denuim skirt with a tight silk top which clung to my boobs.I had no bra on and the outline of my firm breasts were eveident.To top it off i slipped my kneed high black leather boots on while they were waiting,Gerry face was a picture his eyes glued to my boots.

I dropped of Gareths dad within ten mins and made out i needed to drive back to my house on the pretence that id forgotten something very important.As we pulled into the drive i made sure my skirt rose up to reveal some leg.

Immediatly Gerry got out and followed me into the house.He asked me if i needed any help,to which i replied \"maybe\" he smiled and said \"he knew what help he would love to give me\" and walked over to me. I was bent over and pretending to look for something when he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him.

I made a token gesture of resistance,saying no we musnt its wrong etc to which he kissed me really hard and i simply melted into his powerful arms.

His kisses were very hard and extremly passionat taking my breath away with the sheer passion of the man.I simply wasnt used to this and it took me a few seconds to come to terms with it.

By then Gerrys hands were up my skirt and rubbing my sticky pussy over my silk panties.My gasps were struggling to get free cos Gerrys mouth was locked to mine his tounge forcing its way into my wanting mouth.

I felt him pulling my damp panties to one side followed by his first finger penetrating me.It felt so diffrent from Gareths smaller thiner fingers and i began orgasming almost immediatly.He carried on finger fucking through 3 orgasms until i begged him to stop.

when he eventually stopped, he simply stripped us both off and opened my legs and proceeded to lick my very wet pussy.I have never felt pleasure like it in my life i must have screamed the house down as he again licked me through orgasm after orgasm too many to recall.

I was a jibbering wreck when he eventually came up for air!!! I was shaking with the sheer intensity of it all but Gerry hadnt finished.....he kissed me and asked me if i was enjoying him.Before i could answer i felt his large stiff prick at my entrance and with one motion he was inside me....aaarrrrrrrrrrr i cried out has he slowly began fucking me

H ewas calling me a \"good girl\" and telling me to \"take it all\" i didnt think i could orgasm anymore but Gerry made me come at least another 3 times on his prick before he finally came himself absolutly flooding my womb and pussy with his warm sticky milk.I could feel him pumping and pumping his juice into me it felt like he wasnt going to stop.

Finally Gerry collapsed by my side and we lay there for a few minutes unsure of what to say to each other a few akward mins of silence was broken when Gerry slipped down the bed and began licking his river of sperm from my extremly swollen pussy.

I couldnt believe what he was doing but it felt so right and simply amazing.i felt myself pushing against his face making him clean my pussy completly,i came once more as Gerry eat his sperm from me.

Finally i could take no more and told him i was completly spent.

We had a drink and i took him home a little later.We never actually repeated the experience but did have a few kisses and touches from time to time and he did finger me once when Gareth was upstairs!!!

I finally lost contact with Gerry after me and Gareth got divorced but i will never forget what a fantastic experience it was to have him!!

Thank you Gerry xx