Written by maxi

9 Feb 2011

Hi I'mm 44 years old and have discovered my husband is a secret porn watcher. I'd love to watch it with him but I think he's shy we have a good sex life but I suppose its become a bit dull. So while doing some research I found this site and I'm so glad I did I have had many wanks over the storys and find myself fantasising all sorts. I've always fantasised about being with another woman and a man a couple maybe but have never had the courage to carry it through or how to go about finding a willing couple. My fantasy is to be spanked gently whilst still wearing my panties see through white ones with my arse sticking up in the air by another woman with her partner watching then she tells him to come and have a go too they are both getting really horny looking at the creamy patch seeping through my knickers. The man is begging to see the woman touch me so he puls my damp knickers to the side to expose my bulging wet clit which she starts gently rubbing while slipping her fingers inside my hot throbbing hole he is getting really hard now and can't help but wank himself off. She slides her head down and starts to lick my pussy whilst fingering my hole I am still on all fours with my knickers still around my ankles he gently eases them off and wraps them around his hard cock and starts wanking into them she says to him don't come in them I want you to fuck us both with that he slips his cock into her from behind I can feel her head pushing onto my clit with each thrust and I begin to cum real hard just at that moment she looks back at him and gives him Permission to fuck me as he is fucking me she sits herself on my face and moves her cunt lips all over my face as I lick I can't believe how good it tastes she is really getting wet and hot and he is getting more excited watching egging her on telling her to cum in my mouth all of a sudden she shudders and I get my first taste of cum from another woman god it tastes good just as I'm licking and sucking for all I'm worth I feel him start to come inside me. My god I'd love to be able to fulfill this fantasy but doubt I ever will get the chance. So I suppose I'll just have to keep on wanking and secretly watching my husbands dvds. If anyone else is excited by my story leave your comments for me to wank over xx