Written by clare

1 Feb 2014

This happened about 10 years ago at our daughters 21st birthday party.

I'm blonde, size 12 with very big firm tits 34DD I have been told I'm very attractive and have come to bed eyes. Pete always says how hot I look when I'm dressed up. celebrate our daughters birthday we hired a hotel ballroom and invited about 100 guests including our family. I wore a off the shoulder black dress which clung to my figure so I couldn't wear any underwear luckily the dress had a basque fitted into it so my tits where pushed in and up in all the right places. We got to the hotel in the afternoon, relaxed with Petes family and had a few drinks. we went to our room about 5ish and we started to get ready, I showered and shaved my pussy as I knew pete loved it bare. we got into the hall at 7pm and waited for the guests to arrive for a champagne reception. Petes brother Steve was one of the first to arrive he was alone as he had just split up from his wife, he looked and me and stood there opened mouthed, he then kissed me on the cheek and said how sexy I looked. as the party got into full flow, I was by then quite tipsy, steve asked me to dance as pete never dances, after our dance the song changed to a slow one, steve pulled me to him and we started swaying, he whispered how much he had fancied me which I knew already and asked if I felt the same, to which I replied it doesn't matter how I feel your my brother in law, he then pushed himself against me and I could feel his rock hard cock against my hip, I gasped and told him to calm down, he wouldn't he kept on that he knew I fancied him as I always flirted when he was around. we went to the bar and got a drink, steve said that he thought I had had enough to drink and I could do with some fresh air and he would take me outside as if I got drunk pete would go mad, he hates me getting drunk. steve left first and I followed, we went outside steve put his arm round me and started to walk round the back of the hotel, he stood me up against the wall and took my drink, he put it on the window ledge, and just stood staring at me, saying I was gorgeous and he wanted to kiss me, as I was quite tipsy I said go on then, with that he moved forward and put his mouth over mine and forced his tongue inside pushing his rock hard cock against my hip. his hands started to wander all over my body noticing that I had no underwear on he pulled at the hem of my dress, first of all stroking my thigh then pushing my legs apart he found my clit and started rubbing it until I started to groan, he then found my pussy which by now was soaking wet, he pushed two fingers inside me, I started to undo his belt and released his huge thick cock, he was so much bigger than his brothers, steve carried on finger fucking my pussy until I cum, he said do you really want to do this, by now I was so turned on I couldn't say no, so I nodded, steve turned me round and pulled my dress up to my waist, he spread my legs further and got on hin knees and started to lick my soaking wet pussy, when I cum again, he stood up smacked my arse, called me a cheap whore pulled my hair back and pushed his cock into my pussy.i screamed out as he was so big and thick he fucked me good and hard until we both exploded. we cleaned up and went back to the party, promising to do this again but in a hotel room where he could take his time with me