Written by Susan

7 Nov 2011

My name is Susan, I'm forty four and I've been married to Rob for 22 years. There are two versions of how we met, the one we tell our friends and families and the true one. In the true one we met at a party where Rob walked in on me in a bedroom and found me in bed with two guys being spitroasted. I invited Rob to join us and the rest as they say is history. I was 20 at the time and had discovered, not long after losing my virginity about 3 years earlier, that I adored cock and liked nothing better than being fucked by two or three guys. Our initial meeting set the tone for our relationship, even after we became an item. I loved cock and he loved seeing me being fucked. We married when we were both twenty two. We moved to another part of the country and were soon swapping with two or three other couples, great fun. Rob got to fuck other women, though my preference was for being the only female in threesomes and foursomes. Liking nothing more that having a nice hard cock in my pussy, arse and mouth at the same time, I suppose you could say I was a bit of a slut.

We indulged in a bit of light bondage which led to my fantasy, involving being restrained and fucked by lots of blokes. Rob had been trying to arrange for me to fulfil it when I fell pregnant, despite being on the pill. We were certain the baby was his because for various reasons no one else had fucked me for about four months. That brought our fun and games to an almost immediate stop. The baby was we born, we moved to a different area losing contact with the people we swapped with. Looking after the baby and then with him growing up, curtailed our activities. I missed the sex, we even managed the occasional, weekend break at first, picking up guys to fuck me. We eventually decided to stop until he was older, then that was extended to when he left home. I settled into married life, though I would sometimes masturbate recalling some of the men who'd fucked me or we'd use toys to simulate someone joining me and Rob.

Finally last year our son left home. By then I don't think either of us had mentioned swapping etc for a few years. Anyway though we could start again neither of us said anything. It was some months after he moved out and we were on a city break. A guy had tried to chat me up before realising I was with Rob. Though nothing happened it rekindled our memories, the sort of “Do you remember when?” reminiscences, talking about the things we'd done, Rob suggesting that perhaps I should have had sex with the guy. I recalled the unfulfilled fantasy, reminding him he still owed me it. “Seriously?” he asked. “Once a Slut always a Slut. It's just been dormant for nearly twenty years” I replied. The result was that we started meeting people again, much easier now with the internet, going for a meal or drinks, building up slowly to swapping. Once we started, we met or were introduced to others, married couples and single guys. We both enjoyed it. I started shaving my pussy because most preferred me smooth and I think it looks and feels sexier. I've always felt confident with my body, tall and slim with a taut little bum. My tits are quite small, 32b, but that is a blessing as I've got older, they are still firm and pert with long upturned highly sensitive nipples. I was especially flattered that several young guys were keen to fuck me. Now and again I reminded Rob about my fantasy, still hopeful it would come true.

At the beginning of July it was my 44th birthday. Rob had been a bit evasive when I asked what he had planned, telling me he'd booked a table somewhere nice. We weren't going out until about 8.30pm, plenty of time to get ready. I had a nice hot shower, used my anal douche in case Rob intended to arse fuck me later. Shaved my legs and pussy silky smooth, washing my shoulder length hair. Afterwards I dried and straightened my hair, did my makeup and dressed. A string, matching half cup bra, barely black hold up stockings. Over the top he asked me to wear a dress I’d bought a year or so back. An inexpensive sexy LBD, about mid thigh, thin shoulder straps, scooped front showing plenty of cleavage. A dab of perfume and a pair of black patent 5 inch heeled court shoes and I was ready.

We drove out to the restaurant in the country, parking in the corner at the far end of the car park, telling me it was so he could admire my legs and bum while walking to the entrance. We had a pleasant meal, I drank several glasses of wine, Rob sticking to water. It was dark when we left walking back to the car, a van now parked close to the passenger side. Rob unlocked the car as I reached to open the door. My hand was on the handle when the side door of the van slid open. I started to turn then felt a hand on my shoulder, pulling me towards the van. I caught a glimpse of someone in black, wearing a balaclava. The van was blocking the view of anyone looking. I think I shrieked, before a hand was clamped over my mouth. A moment of panic, until I saw Rob grinning at me, “Happy birthday. Ready for your prezzy” and I realised what was going on. A blindfold was tied over my eyes, hands lifted me into the van. I struggled a bit, the shoulder strap slipped down my arm, one side of the dress falling open, revealing my skimpy bra. I felt a hand inside the cup on my tit, pinching the nipple as I was dumped on a mattress. The door slammed, the engine started and I was driven off in the back of the van. It was disorienting, almost frightening, but the idea of blindfolding me was inspired. I could feel my pussy moistening in anticipation of being tied and fucked, used as a slut, without knowing who was fucking me.

It seemed a short journey, 5 or 10 minutes, the van stopped, door opened. A car pulled up next to us, ours I think as I heard the window going down then Rob speaking to one of the men as I was dragged from the van. I felt my dress riding up around my waist, a hand on my thigh, above my stockings, fingers pulling my G-string to the side, touching my pussy, a comment about how wet my cunt was. I started to struggle. Someone hauled me to my feet and holding my wrists in one hand, a handful of my hair in the other frog marched me into a building, it smelt vaguely of oil, a workshop maybe. I couldn't see a thing through the blindfold, could hear men talking, I wasn't sure how many, certainly no less than ten. I thought I recognised some of the voices but couldn't be sure. I knew they’d be looking at me, could probably see my pussy and struggled more, getting into my fantasy. If I struggled the more they'd have to restrain me.

They dragged and carried me then stopped, someone buckled cuffs on my wrists, I could feel a cold chain between them, something being attached and my arms being raised above my head. I could hear rollers or pulleys turning, lifting my arms. My legs were pushed apart, fingers touching my pussy as they continued pulling my arms up until they were straight, my feet just touching the ground. I could hear breathing, all around me, close enough to feel the warmth. I felt a hand on my bum, another squeezed my right tit. Two hands holding the G-string, pulling it tight into my slit.

I gasped as he slid it back and fore against my clit, three or four times, then a sharp tug, the elastic snapped and my string was ripped off, followed instantly by someone grabbing the front of my dress and in one fluid movement tearing it with such force it ripped from neck to waist, at least it wasn't expensive. Another sharp tug followed tearing it open, snapping the shoulder straps. My dress fell to the floor, all I had on was my bra and stockings. The bra was unclipped, the cups fell away from my tits, hands were mauling my tits pinching my nipples. The bra pulled tight, the straps cut leaving me restrained, completely naked in some sort of workshop with an unknown number of men that my husband had arranged to fuck me. I could feel my pussy was soaking, juices wetting the tops of my legs I was so excited.

Someone crouched in front of me, pushed his fingers in my hole, pulling it open, pressed his head between my legs, his tongue lapping my juices. My pussy was dripping, juices soaking his face, my thighs as he probed my sex with his tongue. It was bliss. I moaned, the pleasure, heightened by the disorientation. I felt my buttocks being spread, someone holding my cheeks apart while another guy, pushed his hands between my legs, pushing his fingers into my cunt. A tongue lapping my hole, sucking my clit, fingers sliding in and out of my hole, I moaned again. My hips thrust involuntarily, trying to press his tongue harder against my clitoris, take the other guys fingers deeper inside me. I shivered, a guy either side of me, cupping a tit, taking a nipple each, sucking hard and greedily, pulling my erect nipples, nibbling, and biting. “Oh god don't stop” I cried. Five guys all playing with me, heaven and I was sure there lots more watching, waiting their turn. The fingers were pulled from my pussy, slippery with my juices, pushed in my mouth to suck. I sucked them for a minute before he moved his hand to my buttocks, then touched my bum hole. Gently at first, he pushed his finger against my arse, testing the resistance, his fingertip pushed trough, he slid more in, then his second finger, roughly finger fucking my arsehole. Sensations seemed to be flooding from all areas of my body my legs gave way, jolting my arms. Hanging by my arms, trying to regain my footing. The guy licking my cunt stopped, shoving three or four fingers in my slippery fuck hole, the other guy rammed his fingers in my arse, supporting me on their fingers. Taking some of my weight, my holes stretching on their fingers, thumb rubbing my clitoris I climaxed, begging them to take me down and fuck me.

Rob spoke, telling some one to fetch the chair. My arms were lowered relieving the tension, fingers withdrawn from my holes. “Bring her over here” Rob instructed. Hands grabbed me, five or six guys, lifting and dragging me across the floor. “Bend the slut over the chair back and spread her legs.” I was bent over the back of what felt like an old leather arm chair, the chain between the cuffs long enough to allow me to rest my hands on the chair arms. My legs were pushed further apart, leather straps buckled around my ankles a leg spreader bar between them. Mouth close to my ear Rob asked “Enjoying your birthday present?” “Ummm, wonderful so far. I hope I'm going to get plenty of cock, cos I need fucking. How many are there?” I asked. “Twenty one, twenty two including me” He claimed. “Nice. Fuck me twice each, that’s forty four times, once for each year” I challenged, far from sure I could take that much.

I was about to ask if he'd brought my anal lubrication when a hard prick was pushed against my lips, forcing me to open my mouth and suck. Some one else was rubbing their cock against my cunt, getting it slippery, then penetrated me, as I gave a sigh taking my first prick of the night. At least two guys were standing beside the chair, their cocks slapping my face. My hair was grabbed, pulling my mouth from the cock I'd been sucking, my head turned, another cock shoved in my mouth, fucking my face. The guy fucking me seemed to be getting close, ramming me harder. My mouth was pulled onto another cock I continued sucking, I felt someone cumming, spraying spunk on my back. The guy fucking me pulled out, he must have cum in me, a hard cock touched my cunt and slid up me just as I took a load in my mouth. I was in heaven, swallowing his cream. I was spoilt for choice, two trying to fuck my mouth, one was pushed into my mouth, the other guy attempting to shove his cock in with it. He succeeded, my lips stretched tightly around two pricks, an inch or two of their cocks forced into my mouth by the guy fucking me.

It was better than in my wildest fantasy, Rob must have put a great deal of thought and effort into planning the best fuck of my life. I felt the chair moving each time the guy fucking me thrust his cock in my cunt, one of the guys with his cock in my mouth fell off the chair, I sucked the remaining one deeper taking his spunk when he came. I'd taken another load in my pussy, could feel spunk running down my legs, soaking into my stockings. Someone else mounted me, easing his nice thick cock into my cunt, the walls stretched to take him, feeling tight in my fuck tube. He reached around rubbing my engorged clitty, arousing me more. He fucked me harder, I felt my orgasm nearing, moaning, snorting through my nose, the prick my mouth preventing me shouting out. I felt that glorious feeling I have when I cum spreading from my pussy, the warm flush spreading out. The guy fucking my mouth came, I almost choked on his spunk as I orgasmed, lifting my head off, feeling him ejaculate in my face and hair. Five or six thrusts in my pussy and I took yet more spunk. As one came and pulled out, another entered me, continuing to fuck me, ten, twelve, probably more,in succession. I'd lost count. I constantly had a cock in my cunt, frequently another in my mouth at the same time.

Momentarily I didn’t have a cock in mouth or pussy, I shouted “Don't stop. I want more cock. You haven't fucked my arse yet” Another stiff prick slide in to my pussy, fucking me. “Didn't you hear me? I want my arse fucked. One of you must be man enough” I taunted, before being silenced by my head being pulled back and a cock shoved in my mouth and down my throat. Despite the noise of me sucking cock, another slapping and slurping in and out of my cunt, I could hear snippets of conversation, “If she wants arse fucking get Bob the Knob to do her” some one suggested, another voice joined in suggesting that if Bob arse fucked me I wouldn't forget it. I'd heard mention of him, Rob had pointed him out to me when I asked about him in the Pub one night, remembering someone had told me he was hung like a donkey. They called him over, a voice spoke near my ear, Bob, “Reckon you can take this up your arse? he asked. He took my hand and placed it on his prick. He felt huge, not even fully erect I couldn't enclose it with my fingers. I moved my hand stroking him from base to tip. It felt nine, maybe ten inches long, almost as thick as a coke tin, the knob end as large as my fist. Whatever the exact size it seemed huge.

They guy fucking me came, I sucked harder on the cock wanting him to cum. I felt a hand slide into my pussy, being twisted from side to side, the thumb being pushed in, a fist being formed, my cunt stretched tight around his wrist. I felt him moving his arm, pumping his arm, fisting my hole covering his fist in spunk and cunt slime. At last the guy I was sucking came and I swallowed, turning my head, pulling Bob the Knobs cock to my mouth, trying to gauge how big he was. Big, I could barely take him between my lips. I began to have doubts over taking him in my arse but wanted to try. His cock felt fully erect, only slightly larger but rock hard. I shuddered, partly from being fisted, partly the desire to feel his cock in my arse, partly trepidation.

The guy fisting me, had his other hand on my bum, I felt him, pulling my left buttock to one side, his thumb, pressed against my anus, him asking who had the anal lube, then telling them to stick the nozzle in my arse. I felt some cold lube drip on my bum, the thumb spreading it on my arse hole, working it's way inside my back passage. He twisted his fist from my cunt, his wet slippery hand moved to my other buttock, spreading them, his other thumb opening me more. I felt the tip of the nozzle slid in my arse, the cold liquid being injected in my bum, some of it forced passed the thumbs, trickling down my thighs. I tried to relax, attempted to calculate how many times I'd been fucked, how many cocks I'd sucked. Each time I thought I'd got a total I was distracted as more lube was squirted in my bum, or someone touching my tits or pussy. I gave up trying, guessing I'd been fucked at least fifteen times perhaps one or two more and sucked about half that number I couldn't be sure, being fucked by one guy, blurring into the next one penetrating me.

The nozzle was removed from my bum, two thumbs working my arse open. Bob stepped away, his prick slipped from my hand as he moved behind me. One thumb was pulled from my arse, a finger replacing it, Bobs? Probably. The other thumb was pulled out, replaced by a finger. Someone tried to get his prick in my mouth, I turned my head away. Two more fingers were pushed in my arse. “Go on. Fuck her arse Bob” a voice called. He had four fingers in my anus, pulling and prising me open. His cock touched my bum, it felt wet and slippery, at least he'd lubricated it. His large hard prick touched my pussy, rubbing along my gash. I shuddered, almost hoping he was going to ram it in my pussy and fuck me. The tip touched my button, I gasped a tingle of excitement, then he moved back, his knob, parting my pussy lips, as he slid his cock along my slit. He didn't stop his prick moving over the sensitive area between cunt and arse. I felt his fingers, twist inside me then his prick between them, starting to enter me.

The same voice called “Fuck her arse Bob” another voice called “Fucking hell she'll never take that in her bum” Bob pushed harder, his fingers, still exerting pressure prising the sphincter open. He started to slip his fingers out as he pushed more of his girth up my arse. I bit my lip, it was hurting a little taking a little more of his prick. He pulled out slightly then pushed back in. I felt my arse hole stretching, a sudden pain “Stop!!!” I shrieked. My calf was starting to hurt, the result of the spreader forcing my legs apart. He started to withdraw his cock. “No. don't take it out. Someone undo the spreader it's just a bit of cramp” I felt the ankle cuffs being removed, the leg spreader pulled away, and got myself comfortable. Bob resumed, he pushed more cock in me. I shut my eyes tight under the blind fold. A loud “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! escaped from me as Bob began moving in and out, exerting a little more pressure each time, slowly forcing my arse hole open to accept more of his cock in my bum. I've taken many cocks in my arse, but felt nothing like Bob's before. I gasped “Oh fuck he's big. He's nearly in” Rob was sitting on the chair arm, holding my hand, stroking my back whispering encouragement. “You can do it Sue. Relax, take him in your arse” I wasn't sure I could take much more, it was getting painful. I was grinding my teeth together, holding my breath, trying not to cry out, then suddenly the pain began to subside. The thickest part of his cock was in my arse. I relaxed. He was slowly sliding his fat slippery cock up my arse. “I've taken him. He's in” I proudly announced “Don't stop. Fuck my arse” He held my hips holding me steady drawing me onto his cock. I pushed back, striving to take all his length in my arse. I took him all. He held me steady, impaled on his shaft. “Oh my god. I love it up the arse. Go on arse fuck me” I enthused.

He began to arse fuck me. I felt someone squeezing between the chair and my legs, licking and sucking my pussy, drinking the cum and juices leaking out adding to my pleasure by teasing my clitty with the tip of his tongue. Someone was fondling my tits, teasing my nipples. Bob fucked the arse off me. I came once. He continued, his cock sliding in and out of my arse, his balls banging against my pussy and the head between my legs. Between them the kept me simmering either just on the edge of cumming, or climaxing. I came twice more before I finally felt Bobs cock pulsating in my arse as he pumped his spunk inside me. He slowly withdrew, I was practically slumped over the chair back, still panting for breath. My bum hole must have been left gaping after the intrusion of Bobs prick, another cock sliding up me before I was even aware. I was arse fucked by him and three others before I could get to my feet very unsteadily.

I was guided around the chair, pushed back into it, my legs lifted over the arms, spreading me wide. My wrists were still chained but I could easily reach between my legs to touch myself. Someone climbed on top and fucked me, then another, I'd given up trying to keep tally, why bother I was fulfilling my fantasy and more. I took another load of cream in my cunt, a spunk lover lowered his mouth to my pussy sucking and licking me clean, an opportunity to recover a little and enjoy the delicious sensations spreading from my pussy, tingling through my clitoris. I could hear them talking quietly, deciding what to do with me next. Someone suggesting “Rob, she's your missus why don't you fuck her next”

I was lifted to my feet and someone got on the chair, they moved me forward, put my hands on the chair back, guided me on top of him. He lent forward sucking my nipples just how I liked, I knew it was Rob even before he guided his cock to my hole and plunged it inside of me. My legs either side of his I was able to ride his pole, sliding down to met his thrusts, rubbing my clit against his pubis. He fucked me doing all the things he knows I like, quickly bringing me to boiling point. Then taking me over the top. Moving his prick slowly inside me, waiting to continue. I felt a hand on my back, holding me still, two more hands spreading my bum cheeks. Some one crouching behind, his cock touching my arse hole, he pushed me down flat on top of Rob. Spreading my buttocks exposing my anus he pushed the cock end in. With two or three jerks he was in, sliding in and out of my still lubricated bum hole, Bob's spunk oozing out, dribbling on Robs prick and in my cunt. He and Rob began fucking me in unison, moving together inside me. I could feel their pricks almost touching through my cunt walls as I was DP'd for the first time in the best part of twenty years. It was even better than I remembered as I orgasmed, revelling in the wonderful sensation of feeling them both ejaculating inside me within moments of each other their cocks pulsating as they flooded both my arse and cunt holes with their spunk.

I lay on top of Rob sated, the guy withdrew his cock from my arse, as Robs prick softened, slipping from my pussy. Someone must have wanted to fuck me again. I heard Rob tell them he thought I'd had enough for one night, and though I could probably have taken another one or two was in no state to argue. I managed to drag myself to my feet, I could feel cum dripping from my gaping pussy, more spunk, lube and juices seeping from my sore arse. Spunk was in my hair, on my face and body, it seemed to have got everywhere. I reached to remove the blindfold, wanting to see who had been fucking me. Rob held my arm and prevented me, telling me to sit in the chair and wait. Several of them still wanted to fuck me, Rob told them they'd all fucked or been sucked and they could wank over me. I sat back opened my legs, reached down and while they tossed themselves off, I masturbated, encouraging them to aim for my cunt when they came. They shot their loads spraying my pussy and tits with spunk. I heard some leaving others dressing while Rob removed the cuffs then helped me to my feet. I wondered what I could wear for the drive home, my bra and string destroyed, dress ripped to shreds. Rob handed me the remains of the dress. The straps had both been snapped it was unwearable so I tied a strap from each side just above my tits, not that it hid anything the front open, my tits and pussy on display Rob lead me to the car and drove about a mile before allowing me to remove the blindfold.

To this day I have no idea who most of the men who fucked me were, which I found added to the eroticism of the whole evening. Regretfully I don't think I reached the total of being fucked forty four times which was a little disappointing but have more than made up for it in the weeks and months since. On the bright side our wedding anniversary is soon and I let slip to Rob another of my fantasies and suspect he is working on a suitable scenario for that night.

As I said near the beginning “Once a Slut. Always a Slut!!!!”