Written by Sara

27 Jul 2018

I bought a little MX5 a few weeks ago and with all this hot weather I have had a ball. As soon as I sat it, I felt extra sexy. Hubby said it suits me down to the ground, top down and the wind throwing my hair behind me. Of course being so exposed I need to keep all my bits well adorned with suncream. am driving around with nowhere on my mind, but naughty thoughts keep randomly flashing through my mind when I pass a vehicle which is higher than mine, and that is most vehicles. I have been noticing lorry drivers in particular taking extra looks at my legs and down my top. Admittedly I have been getting more and more carried away with this new pleasure and last night I went out intentionally dressed provocatively and drove into town. Thursday is not what it used to be, very few people walking around but as it was so clammy and threatening thunderstorms, I was probably over anticipating or something. Not to be defeated, I decided to park at the marina and watch the boaters doing their thing.

The sky was getting darker as I parked up and I thought I should take a stroll round some of the boats and down to where a rowing club was practising. I took the precaution of pulling the top closed just in case it rained. I was about a third of the way round the marina when the rain began without warning, and so heavy and loud I felt my breath being drawn from my body. I ran to a nearby tree and then a thunder crack reminded me the tree could conduct the lightning and I would be frazzled. So I ran into the open and felt really exhilarated. My top was now stuck to me as was the mini skirt I was wearing. I was drenched but elated. I suddenly got the urge to undress. this was irrational but very powerful. Too powerful.

Looking around I could see nobody about and the rain was lashing down. I undid my top and let the rain soak my breasts in my bra. I glistened with water and felt completely alive. I took off my top and bra and began to walk back towards my car. I was about three hundred yards away when I decided that topless was too pale, I needed to be naked. Peeling off my skirt and panties in the driving rain gave me a huge thrill almost as if I was meeting a lover behind my husband's back, which I wasn't, but it felt illicit, naughty and so good. My last lap was to my car, the keys in my hand, the rain easing very slightly, then teeming down once more. As I got to a bend where the path nears the road, a car caught me in its headlights, I waved to the driver and he blasted his horn. I stopped and realised I was a flasher and it felt brilliant. I now know that driving naked in my car is going to be a regular exercise for me but I have a whistle in my glove box in case of any problems.

When I got home I revealed my naughty exploits to my husband and he laughed and said he wished he had been driving the car that honked at me. My mind is working overtime, but I suspect things are going to be a bit different from now on.