Written by Cara T

20 Dec 2016

Hi, thank you so much for the really nice and helpful comments. I thought about trying to get my husband involved in someway but have put that put of my mind. He would be horrified and anyway this is my secret life not his and he had his chance. I still love him very much but there is less and less sexual chemistry between us as my new life takes on a new meaning.

I went to see my 'friends' last night. Didn't expect anything to happen except maybe a bit of touching and kissing becouse we usually arrange these visits in advance but as you would expect things progressed.

We are just having coffee sat on the settee when the conversation turns to my last visit and how they found it so hot. She's asking me where I think it will move next. I asked her to clarify what she meant and she asked if I was happy with the men just wanking on me and letting the girls do what they want to me.

I told her it was nice and I'm happy with that. The next thing is she's opening my blouse with no protest from me and lifting my breast out of my bra and starts playing with my nipple.

Of course, that's all it takes to send me into my happy place. We don't talk for ages as she sucks me very gently then takes me by the hand upstairs and starts to kiss me very passionately, our tongues exploring each other mouth.

He follows us up and they start touching each other. She gets on her knees and pulls me down and undoes my bra so my breasts are let free. She squeezes my chest and looks like a child in a toy store. But then her husband moves in front of us and her attention moves to his cock.

I hand't realised that he was so long and thick and she takes it in her hand and rubs it and licks the bell end with her tongue. Then, giggling she puts it all in her mouth for a few seconds then withdraws, puts her hand on the back of my head taking hold of my hair and still holding his cock pushes my head closer to it and guides it into my mouth.

Its so thick I thought I was going to choke and started to pull back but she moves behind me. I can feel her hard nipples on my bare back, her breasts pressed against me and one hand caressing my painfully hard nipple before moving to the other breasts.

She's gently squeezing me whilst she reaches for his backside and pulls him forward. I didn't' quite catch what she said but I'm sure she encouraged him, I think, telling him to 'fuck my face'.

I'm in the middle with her pressing against my back with both her hands squeezing my chest, and as he's thrusting, his cock exploring my mouth and my tongue exploring his cock she's kissing my neck and my cheek then back to my neck and I'm in another place.

I so wanted him inside me but that would be too far. I felt the muscles in my body tighten and convulse and I had a deep but silent orgasm. I think she felt it becouse she pushed him away which left a little pre-cum on my lips which tasted very faintly of salt.

Then I was led onto the bed and laid on my back. As I lay there the two of them fucked with the occasional hand grabbing and touching me, then she stopped, reached down the side of the bed and got out a large vibrator and climbed over me, her breasts pressing against mine, her wet pussy against mine. Then I was full of thick rubber, sliding in so deep stretching my pussy lips and he lay there watching gently rubbing himself, his thick cock even larger now.

But she was whispering to me, telling me that she wanted her husbands cock inside me and how good it looked , she wanted to watch as he filled me with cum. I said I can't but she kept going. They both sucked my ridiculously sensitive breast and I kept having little quivers, mini orgasms she he on one side and her on the other sucked me hard whilst sliding the rubber cock into me. I was holding on to the bed for dear life worried that I would explode, pushing my hips forward to get as much of this 'cock' into me as possible.

She would stop to tell me how much better it would be if he was inside me up to his balls his cock punishing my pussy for making him wait so long.

It was all I could do to control myself. I just wanted to get him inside me to give me a good fucking but I couldn't. I was devastated and at that moment I hated my husband and craved another man's , another woman's husbands thick long cock. I said I was sorry and hoped they wouldn't be mad with me. They weren't, they are so kind to me, she told me that it was all right. He knelt over my chest, his manly body leaning over me and he poured cum onto my breasts and face then kissed me before moving away and letting her take over.

She rubbed his cum onto my chest and my tummy then started to lick it off stopping only long enough to let him cum again this time on my face letting some drip into my mouth which she removed with her tongue.

We made love, her and I, her breasts in my mouth and her hand in my pussy and I had the deepest, strongest orgasm I have ever had, more than with any man. I lay there unable to move.

He came back and lay on top of me, his arms outstretched and his cock resting on my pussy his end pushing against my lips. They asked me to say yes and I was so close. The end of his cock slipped into me and I nearly thrust myself forward so it would be deep inside. She asked me to be a good girl and take it but I thought of my husband and pulled back.

They weren't mad in fact we just lay there and caressed each other, explored each others bodies with our hands before I had to leave.

She and I had a shower, she washed all the cum from me and then we just hugged and gently kissed.

I have really good friends in these two and my life is so much more exciting. I dream every night of a strangers cock deep inside me.

My husband and I made love which is so rare especially as he initiated it but it was awful and boring.

He slipped inside me and I didn't really notice and then two or three minutes later it was over as his cum dribbled into me.

I'm going on the pill becouse I realised I didn't wan't any more children with my husband or anyone and I'm telling myself that's its nothing to do with other men's cocks and semen.