Written by Cara T

4 Jan 2017

Hi all. Hope you had a nice break, mine was quite nice. I had to hide my phone so no one would find it and read the texts from my 'friends' becouse they were so naughty. I had a nice time with my family and made the decision to end my other experiences in case it caught up with me. I told them and they went quiet for a few days then started again with the suggestive texts and reminding me of our experiences together.

On the Wednesday I had to go on a long journey to drop my parents off at they're home and all the way back my phone was pinging with messages so I pulled into a motorway services for a break. I was on my own so just sat in the car and read the naughty texts which was when I was nearly caught. They where telling me how beautiful I was and how they missed me but wouldn't want me to do anything I didn't want to do but how they wanted me.

She told me how her and her sister and brother in law fucked and her husband fucked his brothers wife and they where asking about me. They imagined that they where fucking me and that made the evening better and she told me that she missed my large hard nipples in her mouth.

I closed my eyes remembering our time together and my mind wandered and I honestly don't remember doing it but at some point I must have undone my bra becouse I opened my eyes and my breasts were out and I was pleasuring myself. That's when a police car passed and they looked in so I covered myself in a hurry and drove home.

My mind was driving me mad and so I agreed to meet them one last time to see if I still had the same feelings and to make a final decision.

I made an excuse about meeting friends for a drink and my poor husband said that I had worked hard over the break and deserved a night out. I felt awful and decided there and then that I would be going to say goodbye to my friends.

On the way my body was aching, remembering her skin on mine and his manhood on my face and in my mouth.

Because I was going 'out with the girls' I was dressed in a black sparkly very low cut dress that my husband bought me, It supported my breasts so I had no bra and I could't show more cleavage even if I wanted to without taking it off and I remember wishing I had brought something to change into that didn't' look so much like a 'come and fuck me' dress for my farewell meeting.

I knocked on the door trembling and my mouth was so dry, it was like I was on a first date or something. The door opened and He just looked at me, He led me in by the hand and called to his wife to come and look. She came into the living room and gasped telling her husband that I looked wonderful.

We had a glass of wine and I explained why I thought we should stop seeing each other and they where so nice. I did go on a bit and she came over and kissed me on the cheek and asked if I really wanted to stop or is I was just guilty. I told her I didn't know, the truth was I just wanted to get undressed and let them do what they wanted to me but I babbled on about something or other and she told me to hush, moved behind me and unzipped my dress. I told her she shouldn't and she said of course she shouldn't' but pulled the straps of my shoulders and pulled them down anyway.

I sat there on the tall seat in the kitchen and let him stroke my breasts. I hadn't realised that she had undressed until she put her arms around me from behind and I felt her breasts press against my back.

She cupped my chest and thoughts of leaving left my mind. She moved in front of me and cupped my face and kissed me, she told me they had missed me so much and then walked away.

I stood up, my dress fell to the floor and he led me by the hand to the living room. She and I knelt by the fire and kissed and touched whilst he switched the lights off. Her soft tongue exploring my lips. I was lost in her eyes until he was standing next to us and with just the light from the fire I saw his perfect body, his semi hard cock hanging there. He came closer and it brushed my cheek. She took it in her hand and gently massaged it before taking my hand to join her. It was so close to my face I could smell the cum and remembered the taste.

She knelt up and slid her lips around the tip before letting it all the way in and I found I was touching myself eager to take over.

It wasn't long before I did. She moved so she was behind me and pressed me forward whilst he placed his cock on my face moving it to my mouth and I let it in.

I remembered how wide I had to open my mouth to let its thickness in. She pressed her breasts against my back whilst leaning forward to take hold of his legs and pull him forward making him go deeper until I gagged. He pulled back slightly and started to gently rock his hips thrusting, letting his cock slide over my tongue and fill my mouth as his wife kissed my neck and squeezed my breasts. I was back where I should be !

She was whispering to me telling me how wonderful his cock felt in her pussy and I was missing so much. I started to imaging him inside me and that along with her hard nipples on my back and her kissing and whispering gave me a gentle orgasm. He just rocked backward and forward his cock filling my mouth but she must have felt it.

She gently pushed him back and pushed my shoulders until I was on my back in front of the roaring fire and lay besides me and kissed my cheek and stroked my body then kissed my slips so gently I could hardly feel them and whispered ' please, for me'.

He lay over me, his arms so strong and his stomach toned and hard and his cock, now very hard and long and thick on my tummy. He moved down so it slid passed my belly button and down to my pussy. They both looked at me and I know I shouldn't but I closed my eyes and opened my legs and let him in.

His cock filled my pussy and I came again. She took her breast and rubber her nipple against mine before taking mine in her mouth and sucking. He was gently thrusting and I could feel very ripple in his shaft stretch me. He lifted my legs round his neck and his thrusting became more urgent. She lay next to me stroking my body and put her face in mine and told me that she loved me so much before her tongue was deep inside my mouth.

The feeling of her husband deep inside me and her tongue in my mouth and her breasts pressing onto my chest brought me to an ever deeper and stronger orgasm.

She seemed to cum at the same time and rushed to her husbands cock and put her tongue into my pussy so she could taste her husbands cock as it slid out and back into me. She was now more urgent than either of us and begging him to cum inside me shouted to him to ' fill her with your fucking cum now!'

And he obliged. My back seemed to arch on its own accord and I swear I passed out for a brief second as I felt him pour into me becouse I opened my eyes and he was still fucking me and cumming for a second time.

Afterwards he gently lay beside me, all three of us exhausted. I couldn't move even if I wanted to so just let her eat me, taking her husbands cum back with her tongue before collapsing on top of me, her breasts and mine together, we moved ever so gently letting out bodies rub against each other.

It sounds silly but her and I fell asleep. I woke when she moved off me and by now what I had thought had been at most two hours turned out to be over four.

They offered me a shower which I took with them and I held them as they gently fucked. He turned her round and entered her backside. I had never considered anal sex and couldn't see how she could let such a big cock into her anally without it hurting and decided then that I would not like that. I kissed my best friend and let warm water dripping of my breasts onto her hand.

Eventually I had to go home defeated. I was adamant that I would not let another man between my legs or cum in me and was even more determined to end this relationship but now realise that they own me. How I didn't turn the car round so I could have him again I don't know.

When I got home I looked at my husband and wanted to confess but thought better of it, instead we went to bed and I rode him, feeling his thin cock inside me with his little squirt of cum entering me and even then thinking of how my husbands seamen would be lost in the sea of cum from my lover. He looked at me concerned and touched my shoulder asking what this was. I went to the mirror and saw a bite. I honestly was close to telling him that I didn't know if it was my well hung lover or his beautiful full breasted adorable wife and that the reason I don't know is that they both have me regularly. But instead i just said I caught it on the car door.

The poor bastard believed me and turned over and went to sleep, and so did I.

I have had messages from couples wanting to fuck me and maybe one day I will answer but for now I'm they're slut. I know I'm not exclusive to them and that they fuck another couple other than his brother and his wife becouse they told me. They said that they loved me so much that maybe one day they will share me which made me feel cheap.