Written by miss upmyass

28 Apr 2007

after my fiancey wrote on this site about me getting fucked in the ass by a freind of mine.i thought id tell one off my own encounters

only two nights ago id been at a film shoot as an extra and was due home at midnight. but the shoot finished early and id been flirting with the crew all day and was feeling hot. so i thought id text my boy freind who ive been seeing for a couple of month as its been a fantisy of my fiancey for ages for me to have sex then come home and tell him all about it.

its been goin on for a while and we both get a great kick out of it and our sex life has gone up a few notches.

so i text my boyfreind (hi on my home just wondering if i could stop off for a fuck). i didnt get an instant reply so i called at my girl freinds for a brew. on leaving the phone rang he said (hi sexy so you want to fuck me do you my phone must of been out of range) (of course i said).

(he said come streight round ill be up stairs waiting).

when i got their the house was quite dark as it was being done up. i went up stairs and found him on the bed.

we started to kiss instantly all the time he was undressing me my stomack was in nots. he slid his hand down into my knicks ans started caressing my pussy it feelt so good.

he then went down on me his tonge licking and probing my clitty, he`s much better than my fiancey at licking pussy.

i came within a few mins.i then told him to stop as my pussy was to sensitive, he layed me down and got on top of me then slid his now huge cock deep into my very wet pussy.

we continued to fuck for at least an hour in every position

he pulled out and i sucked him, "i love sucking his cock"

he said he wanted to come so he stuck it back in for a few more pumps then pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my stomack. i wiped my self down with my knics and put them on.

on leaving, very satisfied by the way. i said is it ok to ring you again? he insisted i did.

i got home with a big smile on my face and my fiancey was in bed half a sleep i went over to his side of the bed with just my knicks on and said ive got a supprise for you hun! smell me and then lick me clean! he did just that! all the time saying i love you you little slut he then grabbed hold of his big cock and wanked he lasted about 30 seconds and came all over my stomach again. he loves me very much and lets me have all the fun i like, thats why i love him too.