Written by sadphil

29 Oct 2008

I have just found out my wife is a slag. I as usual am the last to know. Apparently everyone else seems to know what a dirty whore she has become over this year. I think it started when I took a job up north and after 8 years of marriage she refused to move with me. So I would come home as often as I possible could.

Jan, my wife is peitie blonde siae 8 big boobs and veryattractive and bubbly. She go a job in a architects office as a secretary for these blokes. I noticed she dressed differently, short skirts, tight low tops showing her bra. then I caught her. Iknew she worked late and came home a day early and decided to pop toher work around 7pm. The cleaner let me in and I wandered around to see if she was there. i walked passed one of the PC's and noticed a screensaver of a naked women on it. When I looked again it was my mrs. I was shocked. Iwalked thorugh further and saw another one this time she wasnt led out she was naked with her legs wide open posing like a top shelf mag. I couldnt beleive it. I then walked to the bosses office and heard noises. I pushed open the door and there they were. I have never been so shocked my beautiful wife naked knelt on the floor with her head in some guys lap sucking his sock. At first I thought it was just them, but on looking around there was two other guys in the room. One naked the other was there trousers around his ankles and wanking himself. I shouted her name. They all looked at me and she looked worried. I didnt think people did this sort of thing to be honest not really. I was shouting at her I cant remember what, then as she stood up she had bite marks around her breasts and cum was running down her thighs. She had obviously been having lots of sex with these guys. She told me to fuck off and proceeded toclimb on the cock of the guy she was fucking and started to ride him, telling him to fuck her hard and not to stop. They all carried on like I wasnt there. She looked across and smiled at me. Then one guy put his cock in her mouth, he said to me shes a dirty cow she cant get enough we've all done her more than once and laughed. Iwalked away. I packed my bag and havent been back. Friends tell me she is known in Southampton as an easy shag now. Half our old pub we drink in have had her, even my old mates have admitted they have too.