Written by jane

18 Mar 2007

im recently out of a relationship which our fantasy was him sharing me with another man which never happened but here the story begins we always used to get off with me blindfolded and pretending there was another man with us god that thought used to make me so wet well we split up and i was on a girls night out and got talking to a couple of men i knew we talked about fantises and i told them mine well the drinks where flowing i was getting drunker and my male friend said we can make this happen for you so we left the club clive(names change here) took us back to his place where we drank some more they started to kiss me taking it in turns when clive said im going to sit back and whatch you and neil for a while with that i took neils cock out of his pants and started licking him and then slowly putting him into my mouth and wanking him and licking him god he tasted so good out of the corner of my eye i could see clive he had removed his clothes and oh my god ive never seen one so big i was so excited knowing i was going to have that cock so big deep inside me tonight i was so horney i was sucking neil and i could feel he was so no near to comming which made me suck even harder until i heard his groan and then he shot his load into my mouth and i just love the taste of come i swallowed him and at that point clive came over and layed me down he started to caress my tits and slowly he moved down my body until his tongue reached my clit my god that must have been the best orgasm i ever had i dint have time to recover clive was straight inside me with his big cock and by now neil had recoved and was putting his hard cock into my mouth again i had both my holes filled my fantasy come true finally well we had a great night lots of fucking and sucking and boy i cant wait until the next time may be i will share the next one with you