Written by butch

1 Jul 2010

Good morning this is my first ever post

It all started by chatting to a couple from another site about having our first 3sum, so arrangements where made for them to come visit me one morning in the week .The day arrives i get ready shaving all the vital areas lol .1O O'clock they arrive K(f)and J(m) as we knew what we was all after we went straight upstairs where i left j&k to get ready ,after 5 mins they are ready and waiting on entering the bedroom i was met by an amazing site as j hadn,t told me he likes stockings and was standing there in stockings and knickers that matched k,s .It was a very horny site to see .

W e all got on the bed and both me and j started to touch k all over k,s tits where both kissed and nipples sucked hard my hand went down to here very wet pussy and i easily manged to put 2 fingers in straight away mmmmmmmm tasted very nice . I got into a69 with k and boy could she suck cock just as i was getting into a good rythum i felt a tongue and lips kissing my ass knew wasnt k as my cock was still deep in her mouth ,as i was enjoying my self so much i let it carry on after another couple of minutes i rolled over and both j nk both sucked my cokc whilst i played with k,s pussy and then slowly moved my hand to j,s 7in cock . i was close to cumming and told them , with this j took my cock to the back of his throat and sucked so hard i could nt hold any longer and he took all my cum in his mouth then kissed k and swapped my cum between them before swallowing it all.

after a few mins i recovered my hardon with the help of k,s warm mouth she know wanted to fucked in both holes at the same time as j had fucked her ass before i was given the pleasure of fucking my first ass .

more to come if u want to hear the rest xx