Written by manoman1

10 Jul 2010

this goes back a few years mid 70,s. i was out at the disco with a few of the lads,they were all up and dancing,me i was not feeling too good ,so i was sat at a table just haveing a drink,after a while a couple of women asked if they could sit down,of course i said yes, we got chatting asked me if i was by myself i told them what was going on ,and said proberly wont see mates again tonight, one [sue]said well if you dont mind can you see us home, ok so off we went got back to there place, me expecting a quick kiss and then being sent on my way, but no sue invited me in for a coffee,after a while mary [the other women]said well im off to bed, see you in morning,we both said ok,so off she went,so there we are having a kiss and cuddle on the couch, me with roaming hands,sue then stopped me, [thought id blown it]and said i thought you werent feeling too good, come on if your poorly up to bed,with that she got my hand and led me upstairs, we went into the bedroom and sue just stripped me off,pushed me down onto the bed and told me to relax, i watched as she got undressed, my cock getting harder by the second,she came over to the bed and started to suck my cock,within seconds she had my 7.5 cock all in her mouth, i asked her to turn round so i could suck her as well, so she did we got in the 69,we sucked each other for a while then she came and sat on my cock and fucked me,fucked me hard till i shot my load up her, so there we are just layed there haveing a cuddle when the door opened, im came mary nothing on and said well can i have a go, sue said help yourself, me im laid there thinking id gone to heaven, if i get a good responce i,ll carry on