Written by Guilty Ann

30 Aug 2007

My husband Colin was working in a German shipyard at Bremerhaven, and was away for three or four weeks at a time. Yes, I missed him, but never felt sexually frustrated, and the quick pre-'good-night' shag we had when he was at home seemed to keep us both ticking over.

Dear friend Connie felt I needed some social life during Colin's absence and enrolled me at the local Line dancing club. (What she did'nt know was that I had latched on to SH when Colin had left it on-line one morning....boy, has my education advanced!!). We always finished at 10pm, and I usually walked home, but this particular night it was pouring with rain, and I was contemplating calling a taxi.

'Hello...can I give you a lift...?' It was Frank, a widower in his early fifties who was a keen dancer. 'Just waiting for Paul...where abouts do you live?' I told him, and he assured me it was on his way, and he would be happy to drop me off.

Paul was more of an extrovert than Frank, and breezed toward the car with various light-hearted remarks about a better class of passenger: When he introduced himself he kissed my hand and said he noticed how well I danced. Noting my surprise, he said 'Oh yes, I can always spot the good-looking movers! Mmmm, I thought, got the gift of the gab, this one!

Within minutes we had stopped outside my house. Having got out of the car and thanked Frank, almost as an afterthought, I asked if they would like to come in for a coffee, expecting them to make their excuses and head off to the local pub.

'Thank you....that would be a nice end to the evening' said Frank. 'You all right for time. Paul?' Paul was already getting out of the car...'It would be rude to say no!'

Within minutes I had served three of my best coffees. 'Anyone like a little stiffener?' I asked, moving toward the cocktail cabinet. 'Brandy it is, then' as I bent down to retrieve the bottle from the lower shelf. My line dancing skirt is just about knee-length, so I should'nt have been surprised by Paul's remark: 'You have incredibly nice legs, Mrs.Ann...in fact, if you don't mind me saying so, you have a lovely body'. Now, I'n not good at receiving compliments - I blushed, straightened up, trying vainly to counter Paul's remarks with some composure, when rather surprisingly, Frank added: 'yes, Ann, you really do radiate a sensuallity...I find it quite stimulating'.

Paul stood up..'Come here, let me dance a little with you...' Straight into a slow smootch, his right hand moving slowly up and down my back, then under my blouse, until I could feel his warm hand dwelling searchingly round my bra clip. I should have stopped him there and then....but no, what did I do? Whispered into his ear 'You've got 5 seconds to get it undone'..in fact it took him 10, but in that short time I knew I had crossed the boundary. The smootching stopped while he undid my blouse, both that and the bra landing on Frank's face. 'Ye Gods, what gorgeous tits!' said Paul, the last syllable lost as he buried his head between them. He was nuzzling and sucking when I felt Frank come up behind me...Naked! First his bare chest on my back, then the unmistakeable touch of a hard cock against my skirt...which, with an expert unzipping was soon round my ankles, leaving just my best black frillies between me and my destiny...Paul, still fully dressed, retreated to allow Frank full access to my upper body...mmmm, what a touch, gentle carressing, licking, sucking, his hands vanishing down my knickers and gently levering them over my bum...then his first probing, fingers exploring first my anus, then the lower lips of my cunt...I could feel my own wetness, and became aware of the tip of his cock brushing against my clit.

All this time we had been standing; Frank led me to the sofa where a very naked Paul was removing his last sock (yes, he actually took them off!!). Colin's dick is ok, sort of average, I suppose: Paul's was long and somewhat thinners_with a fairly small tip, but what a sight when it was really hard...it stuck out like a pencil!

At this point I got my first view of Frank's willie: Parallel to the ground, it was shorter but much thicker, with a gorgeous purple knob, but strangely small balls, almost hidden in a crop of black hair. Paul, I noticed, was shaved.

I half-sat on the sofa with both men exploring my body: Paul slowly worked two (or was it three)fingers inside my cunt lips, while Frank made slow, circular movements on my lower belly with the palm of his hand, both mu breasts being attended to with warm, wet tongues.

I was so mesmerised by this new pleasure that I had forgotten my duties: Thus I should not have been surprised when a hand guided mine onto Frank's cock; Paul shifted his position so that his was moving dangerously close to my face. Yes, I was soon sucking it; I took as much as I could, but there was still a lot left, enough to start a gentle wanking movement. Now Colin, when he starts breathing heavily, is usually about to cum, and will whip his cock out quickly - Paul kept his deep in my mouth, but sensing my uncertainty, whispered 'It's ok, love, I'm not going to cum yet'.

My eyes were closed, gentle waves of pleasure were washing slowly over me, so I missed the signal between the two men that firmly turned me over: Frank appeared in front of me, his large purple head soon lost in my mouth (boy, did it feel big)....then that lovely thrill as I felt Paul enter my ripe fanny...gently at first, then all the way up..well, nearly all the way, I took as much as I could and had to push him away a little...for a minute he just stayed there, not moving, letting me feel the long hardness deep within.....then a moment of panic...Colin and I used condoms, I was still fertile, yet here was a strange guy about to unload! Everything stopped. 'Sorry fellers, you need protection...I can't risk a baby!' Niether Frank or Paul carried them, so a hasty break while I shot upstairs to retrieve our lat two from the bedroom. All the way there and back I kept asking myself 'What am I doing?' but was'nt going to stop now.

It took a few minutes for us all to get back in the groove: Frank showed me the best way to roll on a condom (Colin always did his) before beating Paul to the draw and entered me from behind - ouch...his big knob-end was stretching me a bit, but he repositioned himself, added a little saliva, and in it went. It was at that point I had my first orgasm; the second came just as Frank very noisily filled his condom, coming out with some real naval language, until he eventually subsided; I felt almost sad at the feel of his softening cock slipping slowky out.

Paul, duly condom-ed by yours truly, wanted to do things differently; laying on the floor, he pulled me on top, tickling my fanny with his dicky until I was comfortable and ready to take him again. 'This way you're in control, honeybun!' Well, I was soon well out of control...I was pumping up and down like a madwoman before having the orgasm to end all orgasms...and still he lay, urging me for more.

I never felt him cum: Having pushed him off me when I had exhausted myself, I saw him take off the empty condom, and advance gleefully towards my face....a few wanks and then he came...the first spurt shot over my head and landed on the carpet, the second straddled my face and hair, the rest went over my tits, which he gleefully rubbed in. Then into my mouth, where the thinner residual dribble was still oozing from his cock.

A silence, then two very appreciate guys kissing me quite tenderly before taking it in turns to visit the loo and dress.

I see Frank and Paul most weeks at the dancing, and we do have our little saucy repartee, but I still feel very guilty at having let two men into my body while Colin was away. I think I can trust Frank and Paul to keep quiet......if only I thought Colin would'nt go bananas I would'nt mind him in a mmmf! Oh well, dream on.....