Written by Diane

3 Oct 2017

It was lust at first sight when I saw K in the pub with his lovely girlfriend. A few weeks later I heard they'd split up so I made sure he noticed me & knew that I fancied him. I've never considered myself to be anything special but the skin tight crimson velvet mini sheath I was wearing ensured his interest. He took me back to his place where we swiftly became a co-joined pair. After a couple of weeks K had fotos of me stripping, posing & masturbating with various sex aids, a salami, items of fruit & veg & even some bottles. (Shampoo & wine.) Naturally next he wanted fotos of us together so we did all sorts of things in front of his camera using a self timer but upon seeing the results he proclaimed himself unhappy with what he described as the stagnant looking poses. "They look too forced, as though they've been set up," which of course they had. "We need help to make them look more realistic." I assumed he meant someone to take the fotos of us & after my first shocked refusal to pose in front of a stranger his laughing & wheedling got me to agree to it. (I admit thinking about doing it aroused me enormously.) A few days later he bathed & shaved me then Immaced my already hairless mound so it was shining baldly before presenting me with a miniscule set of purple satin & lace underwear which he wanted me to don for the evening at the pub. I covered up with a tight, short, scarlet & gold silken Chinese style dress with a vent up the left hand side so my stocking top was exposed with every move I made. Needless to say I drew a lot of attention when we entered the pub but I didn't care. I was feeling terribly sexy & very very randy. An hour later Zero walked in & came over to join us. We were introduced then K told me this was the chap who was going to help us with the fotos. I was dead flustered coz not only was he terribly handsum, he was also very big & very very black! I nervously quipped something about hoping he was good with a camera because knowing K he'd have to quick & wouldn't get a chance for second shots. K laughed & said, "No no Di. You don't understand. I don't let anyone mess with my camera."

The penny dropped & I nearly choked on the gulp I'd just taken of my VAT.

The next hour passed by in a haze with me gazing at Zero like a lovelorn schoolgirl & quaffing vodka like it was going out of fashion. The two men just chatted quite normally except that the subject of their conversation was me & the sort of thing K wanted to photograph. My eyes were glued to Zeros handsome face, his high sloping brow, gorgeous smiling eyes crinkled at the corners, his short turned up nose with flaring nostrils & his full purple lips & pearly white teeth. I was so on heat it was embarrassing. On the way back to the car K had his arm around me, (a good job if the truth be told coz I was so drunk with the combination of vodka & lust my trembling legs may well have given way without his support,) & he asked me if I was alright with the arrangement. I turned to him & crushed his mouth with mine for a few seconds then looked him in the eye & croaked, "Yes. If that's what you want."

He smiled & pulled the zip at the back of my neck down about a foot then said, "Take your dress off before you get in the car darling."

Right there in the street I looked at them both watching me as I unzipped it the rest of the way then shimmied it down over my hips & stepped out of it. Luckily I don't think there was anyone else out on the street at that time but I wouldn't have cared if it had been thronged with people. I stood there breathing hard with one hand on my hip, the dress hanging over my wrist, my small bare breasts, (34 b,) heaving on the shelf of my cupless wonderbra & their rigid nipples bursting with desire, my long stocking clad legs quivering with nervous tension as I slowly spread my feet in their high heels, & my other hand slid down over the narrow suspender belt & further on down to finger my oily clit which was plain to see jutting out as she was through the gap in the crotchless g-string.

Zero guffawed. "Man I'm gonna enjoy ruining that pussy for you tonight."

I gasped & started to orgasm but K barked, "Wait Di. You'll enjoy it more if you wait till we get home. Get in & keep it warm until we get there."

I lay on the back seat & played with myself all the way, (a 10 minute journey,) while the two men sat in front & laughed about my obvious eagerness, K watching where he was going obviously, (a few quick glances in the rear view mirror now & then 2 check I wasn't actually cumming,) & Zero half turned in his seat so he could watch me caressing my titties, pinching, tugging & wanking my humungously stiff nipples & groaning helplessly when I put a hand between my wide open legs & splayed the greasy, glistening, butterfly like labia of my drooling vagina.

They both helped me from the car into the house then Zero began to kiss me as K started taking fotos.

"I want a close up of you licking his lips Di."

With one hand on his face & the other on his waist I poked out my tongue & sensuously licked the width of his mouth.

"Look into his eyes & speak to him with yours telling him that you want him to fuck you."

Stupid bastard! I could think of nothing else.

"Open your mouth mate. Let her get her tongue in there."

I moved my hand to the back of his head & closed my eyes as I began to flick my febrile tongue in & out of the warm cavern.

His huge hands on my waist squeezed me & pulled me closer. For the first time I felt the thick ridge of his penis against my tummy. God! It felt like it was a foot long & unless I was very much mistaken it wasn't even fully erect yet. The orgasm took me by surprise. I yelped & drew back a little then stared into his eyes as my whole body jerked spastically & I tried to thrust my bucking hips against his loins.

"I'm sorry," I gasped over & over again. "So sorry. Can't help it. Can't stop!"

Zero was watching me with a look of astonishment in his eyes. None of my erogenous zones were being touched, (other than my waist which can be classed as erogenous I suppose coz I was certainly receiving electric shocks from where his hands were resting,) yet here I was experiencing an earth shattering orgasm in his arms.

"S'ok Di! That looks great!" K enthused as he clicked away.

After I'd finished I lay my head on Zeros chest & blushed while I listened to K saying, "Fantastic darling. Now let's see those big black hands on ur lilly white flesh. Cup her tits mate."

"Get behind her & reach round. Yeah that's good. Take her nipples between your fingers & thumbs. Wonderful. Wank 'em a bit. Yeah fantastic! That's it Di. Let me see you loving it."

I raised my arms up & back over both our heads so my breasts were pushed right out then clasping my hands together behind Zeros head I groaned once more as I started to come again.

He kissed my neck & laughed, "My God. She's a fucking orgasm machine ain't she."

I was still coming when directions were given for him to slide a hand downwards.

I began to cry when I felt his hand on my tummy & juices dribbled out of my by now gaping cunt & began to trickle down the insides of my trembling thighs. "Oh fuck!" I wailed. "I can't stop! I'm sorry! I just can't stop!"

His finger reached my clit & I jerked forward bending double & screaming.

They both laughed & K carried on recording my reaction for posterity.

Eventually I fell to my knees & would've keeled right over if Zero hadn't been holding my head.

K just crowed, "Well seeing as how you're down there...... get it out Di there's a good girl."

I turned my face & looked up. Zero let go of my head & pulled his t-shirt up & off over his head then threw it onto the couch. With shaking hands I reached up & unzipped his fly then undid the button at the top of his jeans before beginning to tug them & his boxer shorts down.

His beautiful ebony penis swung out & slapped me in the face. My God it was magnificent! About 8 inches long, (yes I know it felt larger under his jeans,) & as fat as the salami I'd used previously. Its purple plum like head begging to be kissed, licked & sucked.

"Take it in your hands & kiss it Di," instructed my director. It grew under my little fingers & butterfly kisses.

"Great. I got sum terrific close ups of that. Now lick it from stem to stern & Zero, keep your hands out of the way so I get an unimpeded view. Yeah ok. One on that side of her head doesn't block anything."

With my soon to be lover stroking the side of my face I licked his inflating monument up & down until it was covered with saliva.

"Now suck that fat knob & wank the stem with both hands darling," encouraged my fiancee.

It became fully erect so I had to stand up & bend over to get his knob in between my pursed lips & it was a tight fit I can tell you,

I sucked & Zero moaned, "Oh yes. She's good. A natural born cock sucker."

A wave of saliva was dripping off my fist & down my wrist as I wanked & nodded my head back & forth. I used a hand to cup & tickle his testes then I squeezed them when I heard him grunt, "I'm gonna cum."

"In her face," K yelled. "Let's see it! She looks so slutty with a face full of spunk!"

Zero grabbed a fisful of hair & pulled my head backwards so I looked up at him & smiled as I licked my lips & dropped into a crouch in front of him. I watched him staring down at me as he wanked his monster off until he hissed, "Yes! Here it is you skanky piece of cunt! Get this lot! Love it!" & he exploded. Ejaculating mightily, stream after stream of warm thick sperm splattering against my brow & cheeks. I fingered my clitty & came with him.

K took dozens of fotos of those few seconds & a load more of my face afterwards as I rubbed myself & allowed the semen to run down my face & drip off my chin onto my juddering boobs.

Afterwards K said, "Best we take a short break until you're ready for more mate," to which Zero replied, "Won't take me long with a bitch like this as incentive."

& it didn't. But I'm sure you're read enough about my first time now. Anyway I have to go & get ready for tonights guests. Yes you guessed it. Friends of Zero. Once you go black, you never go back.