Written by Finfun2017

9 Feb 2018

If you’ve read my previous true accounts then you’re aware that up to joining SH, sex with another man had never entered my head.

I’m an anal virgin and exploring whether I have a bi side or not.

From my two previous encounters J has taken the lead. This time, I had a few surprises for him which happened because he has also posted our story which has allowed me to understand his wants, needs and desires better.

So, we meet at J’s friends house as he is house sitting. ‘‘This gives us some quiet time.

After our cuppa to discuss life and stuff I ask J where we are going to be today. He suggests his friends bedroom but I turn it down as he wasn’t sure whether it would be ok.

We decide to remain in the middle room of the house leading to the lounge or kitchen. There’s a small couch, rug, coffee table and tv. We move the coffee table to make space.

J reaches over, feels my leg and runs his hands over my chest and loins. I’m stirring and stand up to face him. Whilst he’s touching me I unleash surprise number one and kiss him for the first time.

This starts a more passionate response from J who is shocked and also loving the extra tongue action.

Our hands are everywhere and soon we are stripping off. J is only semi erect so I drop to my knees and take him in my mouth. It’s a different feeling to feel a cock grow whilst sucking on it. I know J likes this from his reaction.

I suck hard and long and can hear J gasping and moaning, enjoying the moment, whilst I cup his balls.

I soon stand again, playing with his nipples and wanking him whilst kissing again.

J is also playing with my nipples and wanking me before taking my cock in his mouth and pleasuring me. He mixes wanking and sucking so well and I ask him to ease off to ensure I don’t cum too soon.

The next 45 minutes is an exchange of cock sucking, wanking, nipple sucking and kissing for both of us.

I expected this third session to lose my anal virginity. I moved to the couch and knelt for J and he immediately went to rim me. I thought he was preparing me to be fucked before announcing he hadn’t brought condoms. So, another story must be told and I have to be patient.

I stood again and continued our kissing until J dropped to his knees to give my cock the final attention it needed.

My excitement was rising as J furiously wanked and sucked me until the point of no return. For the third time I blew my load in J’s mouth. He continued sucking to clean me up before kissing me again.

This time I was ready to return the favour. I began increasing the pace on J’s cock and paid more attention to the head. With thumb and fingers working hard and lots of sucking, I heard J gasp before feeling his hot seed hit my throat for the first time. I don’t think he expected that!

J’s cock was twitching so much and I continued my play with fingers and tongue until he withdrew.

We held a long last kiss before breaking free. Time to get dressed and think about getting to work.

There are lots of feelings going through my head at the moment. Despite all I have pushed myself to do, I see these as new boundary experiences without saying I am bi.

I still miss pleasing a woman to orgasm with my tongue and fingers. But, at the same time, I will not make a decision on whether I am bi until I have fucked J and he has fucked me. Maybe I will even try a threesome as there is someone interested in joining us.

The thought of spit roasting a guy and maybe being spit roasted is one I may need to explore too.

J was challenged to write his version of today’s events but I decided not to wait and write mine first.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting and hope it isn’t weeks away.

There’s a need in me at the moment to test myself and discover more about me. J has been amazing and I’m not particularly looking for anyone else to take his place unless they are much younger than me and can possibly add a different dimension.

I hope J likes my version of our third time together and can add more insights for you in his story, which I hope will follow soon.

In the meantime, J get your diary out and be prepared!