Written by Shalamar

19 Nov 2009

To cut a long story short, I don't get enough sex. Don't get me wrong - I'm very happily married and have no real desire to cheat on my wife, but for one reason or another, things have dried up in the bedroom. I'm not really sure why - she enjoys sex and I'm a considerate lover, but she hasn't shown any interest in my cock for the best part of a month now. In fact, you can count the number of times we've had sex in the past three or four months on one hand.

So as a red-blooded male, I've found myself being drawn to the internet and all it has to offer. After filtering out all the freaks, fakes and weirdos, it doesn't seem as though there are many genuine women out there who are looking for sex (someone prove me wrong!) but there are definitely thousands of men who have only one thing on their minds - cock.

Over the course of time I've become a regular on various websites and forums, and for some reason I've only ever been able to get any sane answers from men. So eventually I plucked up the courage to visit a gay/bisexual sauna, mainly out of curiosity after hearing some of the stories about what goes on in those places.

After a lengthy drive during which I got lost several times, I finally found the place and sat outside in the car to gather my thoughts. In a funny way I probably wouldn't have had the balls to go in had it been a straightforward 15-minute journey, but after pissing around for the best part of an hour and a half, I was of the 'well I've come this far' mentality, so with some trepidation I dragged myself inside.

Not knowing what to expect, I shoved my clothes in locker, donned a towel and went for a wander. I could feel eyes looking me up and down - I was clearly younger and slimmer than most of the guys there, and it wasn't long before I'd attracted the attention of an older man in the jacuzzi. As he sat there rubbing his cock up and down, I felt a real clash of emotions. On the one hand, this seemed utterly wrong, yet on the other, I couldn't help myself getting aroused - my cock was slowly rising and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I couldn't get my head around what was happening so I jumped out, grabbed my towel and went to explore the other facilities. Pretty soon I realised the guy was following me. Everywhere I went, he was a couple of paces behind me. Eventually I ended up back at the jacuzzi, where three blokes now resided. Sensing some sort of sanctuary, I hopped in and laid back, enjoying the feeling of the jets of water and bubbles.

After a minute or two, my 'stalker' duly turned up and squeezed himself in, sporting a considerably larger cock than previously. He positioned himself opposite me and continued to stroke himself suggestively. I put my head back, closed my eyes and relaxed with a feeling of 'safety in numbers'.

Then I felt a hand on my thigh, which quickly made its way to my cock and balls. It wasn't him - it was the guy on my right. My mind raced and again I couldn't quite take it in. However, I felt myself getting harder and harder as he slowly started to wank me. It was around this point that I decided to just let things happen and, for want of a better phrase, took leave of my senses. It was almost as though it wasn't me in there - that I was in 'auto-pilot'.

Before long there were hands and feet stroking me from all directions. The guy on my right placed his hand underneath my arse and pushed me upwards so my rock-hard cock was sticking out of the water. Quick as a flash, yer man opposite got his mouth around my bell-end and started sucking like there was no tomorrow. I don't know of anyone that doesn't like their cock being sucked, so again, I let it happen, especially as it felt so good.

The other blokes in there also wanted their two-pennoth, and they were almost fighting over themselves to grab a piece of me. In less than an hour, I had gone from bi-curious to having my cock sucked by four men in a jacuzzi.

Sensing that I was close to shooting my load, I raised myself up and nodded in the direction of the 'play rooms'. Needing no second invitation, all four of them got up and started following me. It's a big, dark maze of a place, and after a few minutes of largely uncoordinated wandering, I found myself in a room with the original older guy (who wasn't about to let me off the hook for any money) and - bizarrely - a fat bloke who wasn't even in the jacuzzi in the first place. The other three had become lost in transit!

Very quickly he had my cock in his mouth again. The other guy stood behind me caressing my arse and nuzzling my back. In for a penny, I thought, and grabbed both their cocks, one in each hand, wanking them slowly.

The fat guy had a small cock and didn't seem to be able to get it up, so he became something of a sideshow as the older guy and I made our way onto the bed where, for the first time, I took a cock in my mouth. Again, it seemed as though it wasn't me in there, and even now I'm struggling to work out whether it really happened or not.

The feeling of his bell-end in my mouth was a new one for me, and I was surprised at how it felt hard and soft at the same time. I licked the top of his cock and wanked him, and although a total novice in this area, it was clearly having the desired effect.

The other guy positioned me so I was kneeling on the bed - I thought he was going to try and stick something up my arse (which I'm not into at all) but he just wanted a better view of what was going on. My fellatio-loving friend grabbed my cock again and made a decent attempt at deep-throating it while I wanked him off. Without warning, he began to shoot his come - for a split-second I didn't realise as it was dark in there - and I continued caressing him as his spunk finally stopped spurting onto his chest. Then it was my turn. As the guy behind me carried on rubbing my back and squeezing my arse, I grabbed my cock and shot spurt after spurt of come over the wall, his chest, the bed, everywhere.

"That was lovely." said the fat bloke.

They left very quickly, leaving me to contemplate what had just happened, with vague feelings of guilt that have subsided over time. As I drove home, I wondered whether what I had done was really 'me' or whether it was through desperation. I decided that I probably would do it again, but also pondered why there aren't 'unisex' saunas that men and women can go to in search of a good time. If anyone knows of such a place, let me know!